Andy Session's "The Shadow People" - Human Existence is Pointless

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Throughout the intriguing poem, "The Shadow People," Andy Sessions constantly expresses several varying satirical thoughts concerning human society, all of which exemplify the weaknesses of humanity and the asininity of our fatuous lives. Yet in the end, all of these notions which Andy Sessions articulates refer back to the concept that a simple life is a benevolent one. Additionally, throughout the course of the poem, there is a constant satirical tone and structure which illustrates that discrimination, bigotry, and oppression will always be present in our society, and although we despise it, it will forever remain as a fundamental entity of our lives. Thus, these two notions further lead Andy Sessions towards the conceptualization that the human existence is a torpid and pointless. Andy Sessions intriguing poem, "The Shadow People," is a satirical text which exemplifies the notion that an ascetic lifestyle is a benevolent one, oppression is an intrinsic propensity of our society, and ultimately, it portrays how the human existence is both flatly prosaic and asinine.

An ascetic lifestyle, one which is mundane, simple, and carefree, is exemplified as a benevolent experience, as portrayed throughout Andy Session's poem, "The Shadow People." The shadow people in Andy Session's poem "work long days in the rice fields" and merely return home in order to eat, sleep, and cover their wounds. This same routine is perpetually repeated, as shown by the last line and the first line of the poem stating the same thing, "these are the shadow people." Thus, Andy Sessions is illustrating the continuous lifestyle of these shadow people, for the end of one day, much like the ending line of the poem, will repetitiously lead towards the beginning of another day. The only significant aspect about their lives, one which gives the shadow people any pleasure, is when...