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Do UFO's Exist?

ly discussed because of publication world wide. Many things support this concept such as sightings, crop circles, encounters, and abductions.At least 90% of UFO sightings can be identified as conventi ... ell victim to a lie and a cover up it was able to maintain without challenge for over three decades.Crop circls Have been found to occur mainly in corn and wheat, but have also been found in other cro ...

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"The Wheat Field" by Steve Thayer.

Kicapoo Falls, was the first to the scene. The two bodies lying in the middle of a manually crafted crop circle were brutally murdered. The man, who was Michael Butler, died from a shotgun blast to th ...

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Are Crop Circles A Hoax?

If you have an interest in the crop circles that have been appearing around the world for the last 30 years, you're not alone. The ... which, much like in real life, tells the story of the mysterious appearance of odd patterns made in crop fields. Fueling debate that has endured the last few decades, many skeptics have discussed whet ... tion of humans, supernatural forces, or aliens. As England is one of the most popular locations for crop circle sightings around the world, it leads the way in popularizing and glamorizing this seemin ...

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Exploring the possiblity of Extra-Terrestrial life.

est within. The two major battles over alien solidity are the Pyramids of Giza, and the omnipresent crop circles. So let's jump in.For centuries now, many a crop circles have appeared in various farml ... r centuries now, many a crop circles have appeared in various farmlands around the world. Up to 300 crop circles appear each year, and up until 1996, the only explanations were "earth energy", small t ...

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Causes of Crop Circles : with view point (80% manmade)

The Cause of Crop Circles There are many theories attempting to explain the occurrence of crop circles thr ... earch I have done on the subject, I argue that beings of higher intelligence than humans create the crop formations. However, I am not denying the fact that humans make some crop circles as well. It i ... recreate authentic circles, and many people are capable of doing so. I allow that humans make many crop circles, but extraterrestrials create them authentic circles. Man-made circles are simply copie ...

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Causes of Crop Circles : with out view point (most possible explanations)

Crop Circles and their Unknown CausesSince I saw the movie ?Signs? a few years ago, my interest for ... nds for their opinions, I was surprised to find many conflicting theories in attempt to explain the crop circles occurrences. The reasons for creating the pictograms vary greatly because of different ... y because of different evidence found by researchers. This paper discusses the different causes for crop circles that people have made and the evidence which leads to their conclusions. Even though ma ...

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The Truth about "Signs"...a review of the movie "Signs"

an especially unique hidden theme dealing with coincidences. The main focus of the movie deals with crop circles myth versus reality. The theme is portrayed by the characters throughout the movie, but ... o questions his faith and leaves the church after his wife dies in a freak car accident. When a cut crop circle appears in the Hess's cornfield, Graham is not sure what to think; however, he does not ...

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Philosophy Essay on Irrational Beliefs: Should We Believe In Them or Disregard Them?

ns, extra-terrestrial activity or supernatural happenings, for example, the belief that aliens make crop circles.Some people feel that these beliefs should be disregarded, for they cannot be proven by ...

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Silence, What Do You Hear?

My best friends Bob, Bernard, Frank, and I decided one night to go out to the country and create a crop circle. A crop circle consists of large designs on farmers properties by pressing down the tall ... ng down the tall grass or wheat in certain areas. We had recently seen a documentary on how to make crop circles which really came to our attention when we realized how simple it was to make one. We s ...

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Understanding and Evaluating the Arts

Crop Circles are a two-dimensional form of art work. The people who create crop circles are known as ... mensional form of art work. The people who create crop circles are known as circle makers. Creating crop circles is fairly easy. Most circle makers come up with their idea spontaneously. They use rope ... come up with their idea spontaneously. They use ropes, poles, and boards to create the image in the crop fields. To create crop circles, there’s usually a team involved. The team uses a long piec ...

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