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is able to maintain its solid state until very high temperatures, melting at six hundred and forty degrees Celsius, and boiling at three thousand four hundred and sixty degrees. The density of Pluton ...

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Ozone layer

e thus acts as a kind of blanket: without its presents the earth's average ground temperature of 15 degrees Celsius would fall to -28 degrees Celsius. The termed greenhouse effect implies that a compa ... in the stratosphere, approximately 10 km - 50 km above the earth. The density of ozone gas at zero degrees Celsius is 1 ATM. The Ozone is relatively unstable form of molecular oxygen containing three ...

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-5. It is easily magnetized at room temperatures and this property disappears when heated above 790 degrees Celsius.. Metal iron occurs in a free state in only a few localities, notably Greenland (Enc ... weight 55.847, it's atomic number is 26, it's specific gravity is 7.86, it's melting point is 1535 degrees Celsius, and it's boiling point is 3000 degrees Celsius. It burns in oxygen forming ferrous ...

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Chocolate: the historical background of the cacao plants origin.

re with bright green pigments. The tree needs a consistent climate that is never lower than fifteen degrees Celsius and one hundred to two-hundred and fifty centimeters of rainfall distributed evenly ...

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Greenlake, Seattle Report: life formes, dissolved oxygen, coliform, BOD, nitrates and phosphates, etc.

d diatoms, mainly because they are already so small. Daphnia can withstand temperatures up to forty degrees celsius, but after that, their enzymes break down and they die. Daphnia probably affect Gree ...

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Short story.

The sun was at the peak of noon with temperatures rising over 25 degrees Celsius. It was Daniel's 3rd day at Brisbane Grammar School. He sat on the bench in front of ...

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I am going to investigate how the temperature affects the catalyse enzyme on hydrogen peroxide, using potato discs for the catalyse.

discs for the catalyse.HypothesisCatalyse is a biological enzyme which works best between 30 and 40 degrees, like most enzymes. It also has an optimum pH.Catalyse breaks down Hydrogen Peroxide into wa ... yse enzyme found in the potato will break down the substrate (Hydrogen Peroxide) quickest at 37- 40 degrees Celsius because enzymes work best at certain temperatures, usually body temperature. If the ...

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Iron- about its elemental properties and history of the metal.

iodic table is Fe. Its atomic number is 26 and its atomic mass is 55.845. Its melting point is 1535 degrees Celsius and its boiling point is 2750 degrees Celsius. It has 30 neutrons and 26 protons and ...

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Butterfly Garden: A tragic story that looks at a life of a teenager struggling in her own country with her family.

as prisoners in the Army Barracks in the middle of the desert, where the temperatures climbed to 55 degrees celsius, and with this dry season brought thunderstorms. The gales shuttered the window pane ...

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The Aztecs: Culture, Religion, and Lifestyle

xpected, which would be nice in the hot summers. The average temperature of the region is around 12 degrees Celsius. These lower temperatures allow for only a one-crop growing season, and often this i ...

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Development of the Testis

termed the scrotum (Fig. 3a), located outside of the body because they require a temperature 2 - 3 degrees Celsius lower than the rest of the body for gametogenesis. The role of the testis is to prod ... re required to produce an affect. Not until the intratesticular tissue reaches a temperature near 0 degrees Celsius or bellow is any damage to levels of fertility.NutritionThe human male suffering fro ...

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Lithgow- A typical Australian town

industrial base of Lithgow.Lithgow has a cool mountain temperature climate with temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius in Summer and 12 degrees Celsius in Winter. The annual rainfall is 863 millimetres f ...

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A written account of Laboratory work: Body Temperature.

ptimum functioning, the body needs to maintain a core temperature within the ranges of 36.1 to 37.8 degrees Celsius (Marieb, 2000). The purpose of this laboratory report is firstlty to describe the no ... y is homoethermic, having the ability to constantly maintain a core temperature of approximately 37 degrees Celsius in health. Core refers to the organs within the skull, thoracic and abdominal caviti ...

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All About England

has a moderate climate rarely marked by extremes of hot or cold the temperature ranges from eleven degrees Celsius in the south and nine degrees Celsius in the northeast. England also has agricultura ...

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The structure and composition of the atmosphere

phere is the densest. As you climb higher in this layer, the temperature drops from about 17 to -52 degrees Celsius. Almost all weather is in this region. The tropopause separates the troposphere from ... t of the atmosphere is dry and less dense. The temperature in this region increases gradually to -3 degrees Celsius, due to the absorption of ultraviolet radiation. The ozone layer, which absorbs and ...

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History Of Titanium

ement in the Earth's crust and makes up a massive 0.57 percent of it.It has a melting point of 1668 degrees Celsius and a boiling point of 3287 degrees Celsius.Titanium has a hexagonal crystal structu ...

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The Greenhouse Effect

t will be too coldfor any type of life to be able to be preserved. Temperatures will be as lowas 15 degrees Celsius.Ozone is a gas that is present in the atmosphere. It sort of resemblesthe Oxygen gas ...

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This is a Biology Report that includes a hypotheses, thesis statement, materials, problem, data, conclusion, research, and procedure.

hed to the fishing line near the fishhook. Many of the Washington State rivers are between 2 and 10 degrees Celsius. The marine waters of Puget Sound are often between 6 and 9 degrees Celsius.HYPOTHES ... d then the glow stick will be bright because background information indicates water heated above 37 degrees Celsius the glow stick won't work properly.MATERIALS:2 Glow Sticks2 Beakers2 Celsius Thermom ...

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urable quantities.3.2. Temperature, internal energy and heatTemperatureThis is ususally measured in degrees Celsius or oC where the freezing point of water is 0 oC and the boiling point is + 100 oC. W ... re in the universe (more about why it is that later), about - 273 oC is 0 Kelvin = 0 K (not called 'degrees') and 0 oC is 273 K.ex. 25 oC = (25 + 273) K = 298 K and 400 K = (400 - 273) oC = 127 oCThe ...

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Scientists during wartime: Is it their duty to do everything in their power to aid their nation?

of using high pressure (approximately 3000 pounds per square inch) and high temperature (about 500 degrees Celsius) with iron acting as a catalyst to combine nitrogen and hydrogen in their gaseous fo ...

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