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Seperation of Church and State

l versus Vitale went all the way to the Supreme Court whose verdict came to be an overruling of the district court. This case dealt with the public school district of New Hyde Park, New York. The prob ... nt is drawn from the First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment. The Board of Directors of the school district of New Hyde, New York held firm to the prayer they wanted to say at the beginning of school ...

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How is the independence of the judiciary guaranteed in Australia?

courts become binding precedents on inferior courts and judges cannot ignore them. For example if a District Court judge ignores the legal principle made in the Supreme Court, then on appeal it certai ...

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The independence of the judiciary in Australia

courts become binding precedents on inferior courts and judges cannot ignore them. For example if a District Court judge ignores the legal principle made in the Supreme Court, then on appeal it certai ...

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Nixon v. The United States

Special Prosecutor argued this claim successfully. The President then appealed this ruling from the District Court to the Court of Appeals. In the Appeals Court, the Special Prosecutor filed for a wri ... he Supreme Court, the basic arguements were as follows. President Nixon's attorneys argued that the District Court was out of its jurisdiction when it issued the subpoena to Nixon, making the case voi ...

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"Wicca" a research paper I did about the religion.

is still considered by many to be a Satanistic practice.In the 1985 case of Dettmer vs. Landon, the District Court of Virginia pursuant to rule 52 (a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, ruled th ...

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Prosecuting Criminals.

ries of Federal offenses such as drugtrafficking. Among persons whose cases were terminated in U.S. districtcourt in 1990, 996 were prosecuted using the racketeering statutes and128 were prosecuted us ... e main findings from an analysis of matters concluded by U.S.attorneys and cases terminated in U.S. district courts, from mid-1987 tomid-1990, include the following:*In 1990, 2% of Federal offenders w ...

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The Judicial Branch and its Supreme Court History.

of the government is made up of the Supreme Court, Circuit court of Appeals, Specialized Courts and District Court. The Supreme Court was created by the constitution to try cases but, it did not elabo ...

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Plessy v. Ferguson

whites only car. Plessy was arrested and brought to court before Judge John H. Ferguson of the U.S. District Court in Louisiana. Plessy then attempted to halt the trial by suing Ferguson on the ground ... by suing Ferguson on the grounds that the segregation law was unconstitutional.Plessy argued to the district court that the Separate Car Act violated the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Co ...

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District Court Judge Selection

em are the men and women who serve as judges and justices. Virtually anyone in America can become a District Court judge. There are no constitutional or statutory qualifications stipulated for serving ... and no requirement that judges even have a law degree. However it is not as easy as one may think. District Court judges in the United States are an elite within an elite that go through a strenuous ...

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Torte Law Gregory Langadinos, Plaintiff, Appellant, VS American Airlines, Inc. Defendant, Appellee.

was intoxicated and his behavior was "erratic and aggressive". Gregory Langadinos appealed from the district court's order dismissing his amended complaint alleges that AA violated the Warsaw Conventi ... er alia) that the Warsaw Convention count was based on unsubstantiated, conclusion allegations. The district court granted the motion to dismiss, pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 12(b). We VACATE and REMAN ...

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Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union

was employed challenging the sanctions that were approved. The argument was heard by a three-judge district court. They felt that protecting the welfare of the children had authenticity and importanc ... he freedom of speech protected by the First amendment. For the forgoing reason, the judgment of the district court is affirmed" (Cheeseman 2004).The computer information transactions involve licenses, ...

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Jackson, Roderick v. Birmingham Board of Education

against him, and that such retaliation violates Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.'4 The district court dismissed petitioner's complaint, holding that Title IX does not create a private cau ...

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The primary source under analysis was a libel to the district court of the United States in and for the district of Connecticut. A libel is a written cla ... ken hostage by the slaves, all were taken by the brig. This document is Thomas Gedney's plea to the district court that he and his men are owed a salvage reward for "rescuing" the schooner and all tho ...

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Texas Court System

courts consisting of the municipal court, justice of the peace courts, county-level courts, and the district courts. The appellate courts consist of fourteen intermediate courts and two supreme courts ... ession of marijuana, and other class A and B misdemeanors.The last of the trial courts would be the District Courts. Texas 385 district courts have original jurisdiction in both criminal and civil mat ...

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Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative violated the Controlled Substances Act in distributing marijuana. The District Court found the accused guilty. After the Cooperative continued to distribute to people it ... necessity is a legally recognizable defense. However, the Supreme Court held up the decision of the District Court. Marijuana is classified as a schedule I controlled substance, which says there is on ...

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State Comparison

that consists of 1 judge and 6 magistrates. The next division is the circuit court that contains 27 districts in 36 counties and is home to 166 judges. The circuit courts deal with cases such as: some ... es and lawyers. The Courts of Appeal are California's intermediate courts for review. There are six districts located throughout California. People who are not satisfied with the trial court's decisio ...

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in cold blood

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