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How do Frank Capra's "Prelude to War" and John Huston's "Let There Be Light" differing purposes/points-of-view/approaches to the subject shape each film's form and production method?

In the era preceding, during, and after World War Two, documentaries and real-life depictions about the war, veterans, patriotism, post-war trauma...etc., ... ry different angles. This paper will attempt to explore and compare the differences of both wartime documentaries, and evaluate the effectiveness of their balance between artifice and authenticity.Hus ...

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Jean Rouch uses his films to gain a better understanding of Anthropology.

ed anthropology" in his films remains a unity of contradictions. In his collection of psychodramas, documentaries and caricature portrayals, Rouch asks some very important questions about cultural tre ... ology"- as this is surely what the concept of "shared anthropology" should be perceived as.Rouch' s documentaries are often inspired by a precise context that he wishes to capture; while in Chronicle ...

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Non-Indian literature.

ians, a young reader in a library somewhere in the Midwest navigates between the rows of histories, documentaries, and narratives about this unknown and intriguing culture. But as he dives into the sh ...

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Mass Media.

also used for entertainment purposes - watching movies, entertainment shows, children's shows, and documentaries about our world. Newspapers on the other hand, are solely mass-produced to advertise t ...

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Agent orange the chemical used in the vietnam war.

published in magazines and newspapers, talked about on radio and television. It was the subject of documentaries, legal battles, and in Australia a Royal Commission that lasted some two years and cos ...

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Comparing two documentaries,One day in September and Nanook of the north (modern and old)

These documentaries were produced in different decades, firstly One day in September was released on the 4 ... up so we understand what is happening. There was no sound in this documentary, although sound make documentaries more interesting and dramatic/emotional, Nanook of the north still achieved this by em ... views, archive material, sound, sound effects, imagery, a narrator and eye-witness accounts.In both documentaries there is a good range of visual effects, these included emotional chronological images ...

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The Suffering Of the Jews in World War II according to the book Night by Elie Wiesel

this is perhaps its greatest claim to our attention. There are countless books, articles, films and documentaries on the subject, but few are written by people who have suffered directly in such a way ...

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Assess the role of filmaker Leni Riefenstahl as a Nazi propagandist using source analysis

fenstahl herself has denied being involved with propagating for the Nazi's, stating that she filmed documentaries of a perfectionist nature. The effectiveness of her film in Nazi propaganda can be deb ... Long Knives' in 1934. But her next film 'Triumph of the Will' is one of the most discussed piece of documentaries ever made and debates of it being just art or overt propaganda remain. But under the d ...

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Computer literacy

eded to know about these machines: they purchased them for their homes and businesses, they watched documentaries about them on television, and they began thinking that their children should learn abo ...

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The Diesel Gas Chambers: Myth Within a Myth)

here is a vast literature, based in part on those trials, including many "eyewitness accounts" and "documentaries" covering the most diverse aspects of the holocaust story, nonetheless, as far as the ...

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The Downfall of Communism: Hypocrisy Destroying Credibility

y and Diego Rivera is more deeply rooted than what is laid out to us in historical case studies and documentaries. Either Nelson Rockefeller was a communist sympathizer who wanted to make a martyr out ...

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US of Guns

Most documentaries can use a certain viewpoint to present a negative or positive view of the topic to the ... ertain viewpoint to present a negative or positive view of the topic to the viewing audience. These documentaries viewpoint may be determined by the viewer first assessing the selection of detail, sec ... and the people who were either injured or dead were made to look small, vulnerable and unimportant.Documentaries use statistics in backing up the points presented. Due to this the viewer can construc ...

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How did Leni Riefenstahl contribute to the values and culture of Nazi Germany? Was Leni Riefenstahl a Nazi?

ni Riefenstahl.Her job was to make films for Hitler, which she did successfully, but were her films documentaries, Nazi propaganda, or something else?There are two dominant definitions of the term pro ... " VI - as American Joseph Farah writes in his article. She did this through consistent and accurate documentaries about the Nazi Party. Therefore, her impact on Nazi Germany was huge, but also legal, ...

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Muhammad Ali: Hero or Villain?

fame, he is still one of the most recognised figures in the world today. Countless books, articles, documentaries as well as blockbuster films have featured the great boxer. The fact that Ali will be ...

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Television and our Children

people tend to enjoy relaxing after a rigorous day by observing the television. Sports, movies and documentaries provide a temporary escape from reality. However while adults are usually able to dist ...

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The war of man against himself

old war and measure the tensions of that period so what we can do is to read books, watch films and documentaries regarding the cold war. Dr. Strangelove directed by Kubrick, reflects the anxieties, v ...

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'Documentaries, like plays, novels and poems, are fictional forms'. What do you think Wiseman meant by this statement? Discuss with reference to a range of documentary material.

with Wiseman to a great extent in regarding the documentary as a fictional form. He is saying that documentaries, although purporting to be truthful, are in essence fictional in a similar way to play ... ed topic, there are always methods used in production to emphasise or get across a point.In lighter documentaries there are a multitude of narrative devices in play. The format is very smoothly presen ...

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Frida Kahlo and her wonderful works of surrealism

he is world know and celebrated, she even has a motion picture out about her life and also numerous documentaries. In the majority of her work she painted herself. She showed everyone the "Hispanic" i ...

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The documentary "The Corporation" by Mark achbar, Jennifer Abbot & Joel Bakan.

The Corporation-Long Essay.The function of documentaries is to present real life issues or subjects to the general public. As they present fact ... als. This negative representation of corporations is merely a one sided view of corporations. Other documentaries may present corporations as being great institutions, which can serve the public and b ... any ways, depending on the values and attitudes of the documentary makers, it can be concluded that documentaries are not necessarily completely true but rather offer its representation of reality.

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How is the real world 'constructed in discourse', and how does the construction of the "real world" differ according to differing news styles and different media?

oid and a broadsheet paper. There will also be a brief discussion on how television news, radio and documentaries construct reality.News discourse constructs the "real world" in so far as they relate ... nt reality through representing objects or events which it claims to be objective and true to life. Documentaries carry a variety of meanings and visualisations which allow us to feel closer to realit ...

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