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Ethical issues with drug use in the sports world

Ethical Issues in Contemporary Sport: Major PaperDrug Testing should be abolished for athletes in SportAustralian distance runner Ron Clarke argues t ... ld be abolished for athletes in SportAustralian distance runner Ron Clarke argues that there are no drug screening tests available that can catch all those athletes that use performance enhancing drug ... as the solution. It is true they will never catch all athletes, however, if they were to get rid of drug testing this may in a way condone the use of performance enhancing drugs in the highest level o ...

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When is drug testing not nearly enough? This essay is about the pre-employment tests that are being used in order for an applicant to get a job. It focuses on drug testing and psychological testing.

When is Drug Testing Not Nearly Enough?It seems that it is getting harder and harder to get a job. From goin ... it is getting harder and harder to get a job. From going through many interviews, to having to take drug testing and psychological tests, companies are making it extremely difficult for the "wrong" ki ... les out of the Occupational Hazards magazine. One article that I read talks about the importance of drug testing in the work place. It talks about how effective drug testing really is. It also explain ...

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Public High Schools: Your Childs New Parent?

this essay talks about the contraversial topic of tandom drug testing in public highschools. It uses San Luis Obispo High School as an example. This paper ha ... hschools. It uses San Luis Obispo High School as an example. This paper has a negative bias towards drug testing, and comes from the perspective of a parent.Public High Schools: Your Childs New Parent ... ral others over the intercom asking them to report to the high school auditorium where they will be drug tested in association with their involvement in one of the school's extracurricular activities. ...

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This paper is a detailed example of the 4th amendment.

right to confidential medical care for all Americans, the United States Supreme Court struck down a drug testing scheme targeting pregnant women developed by local police and prosecutors in collaborat ... on in Ferguson v. City of Charleston, the Court found that the Medical University of South Carolina drug testing scheme was in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment, which provides all Americans wi ...

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Is your company requiring drug testing?

Is your company requiring drug testing? Some of you may not like the procedure very much. So what's the best possible attitude ... t would probably mean:Firms that do not test these days tend to end up with a greater percentage of drug users, since word gets around about which companies test and which do not. This increases the c ... "high" and not able to maintain work quality, safety and production levels.A typical "recreational" drug user, compared to a non-drug user in today's workforce, is three times more likely to injure hi ...

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Case Study: Issue: Wagner Act, Wrongful Termination Act.

gns of low productivity on its assembly line and suspects an alarming incidence of after work hours drug abuse among its employees which may be contributing to lower productivity and low morale. Manag ... ch may be contributing to lower productivity and low morale. Management also suspects that the most drug usage is occuring among employees on the assembly line who have been actively engaged in seekin ...

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Drug testing

Against Drug Testing of Student AthletesNothing in the Constitution allows random urinalysis testing for stu ... cial to the students or the sports programs. More and more schools are testing student athletes for drug use, and so far, they are divided on the question of when and why schools may test student athl ... ions provide more protection than others do for students' privacy rights (ACLU, 2003). The issue of drug testing has caused a national debate that still persists. The debate hinges on the U.S. Fourth ...

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Just talks about using substances to enhance performance in college athletics

er was on steroids to help him improve his performance while the rest of the runners were clean and drug-free. How is that fair to the rest of the athletes who competed in the race without that extra ... that fair to the rest of the athletes who competed in the race without that extra edge? It is not. Drug testing of athletes would ensure fair competition among all competitors, so certain people do n ...

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Supreme Court cases who's decisions have greatly impacted society. (Veronia vs. Acton (1995), Planned Parenthood vs. Casey (1992), Lee vs. Weisman (1991), and United States vs. Lopez (1995).

onia vs. Acton dealt with the issues of search and seizure, and student's rights. During the 1980s, drug use was rampant. Many people believed that athletes were deeply involved in the drug culture an ... ent increased risk for sports injuries. The school district responded, at first, with classes about drugs, guest speakers, and special presentations. After these efforts failed the school district est ...

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Why should American workers be compelled to submit to drug tests? Removing a part of an employee's body for testing--even so insignificant a part as hair ... -seems to contradict some of the nation's most revered protections of individual privacy. Moreover, drug tests are often unreliable, are liable to be misused for discriminatory purposes, and could be ... ear in certain instances to override the desire to protect individuals' rights to privacy. As such, drug testing would seem to be justifiable for employees whose work performances potentially affect t ...

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Urine-Luck! America answer to its growing drug problem

When you look at drug testing today it seems as if it is just as much a prerequisite to get a job as a degree or even ... search and seizures). Who really wants to challenge the person responsible for hiring them about a drug test? Very few people just apply for a job for the enjoyment of it; it is usually because they ... , very few job seekers 'tip the boat' and just do what is requested of them.In this new millennium, drug-testing companies are not only reaching the peaks of corporate America, they are also scooping ...

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sociation's officials have been criticized for pushing for the lenient version of the sport's first drug testing policy a year and a half ago. Because more than 5 percent tested positive, players will ... 1997 to become the official credit card of the league. "Hopefully, the union realizes that a better drug testing plan will be a lot more valuable to the league's fans and sponsors." David Hill, ...

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This is an essay on drug testing in schools and businesses, and its effects on morale. Fills 2 solid pages. 520 words.

Drug Testing Many people these days are concerned with drug abuse at school and at the workpl ... d at the workplace. For this reason, the trend for many businesses and schools has been to test for drugs in applicants and current employees. Drug use has risen sharply over the past few years, and e ... ty is the well being of their company. An accident or mistake by an employee under the influence of drugs could cost lives, create injuries, cost money, and most certainly tarnish the company's reputa ...

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Drug Testing In High Schools

at his buddies and started smoking marijuana. Thursday, before the game, Matt was chosen to take a drug test. His coach approached him saying Matt could not play because the test proved that he had m ... ere unaware the school had permission to suspend student athletes from athletics for taking illegal drugs. Should drug testing be allowed in school athletic programs? Who should be tested - athletes, ...

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Case Study for ABC Inc.

f the things necessary so that the new hires could begin work. These things included documentation, drug testing, material preparation for orientation, and facility scheduling. Monica Carrolls did con ...

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Under what conditions should a company be allowed to test its employees for drugs.

The problem of drug abuse in the United States has been a dilemma of repeatedly rising proportions. The crisis is o ... it does for law enforcement, health and welfare agencies charged with the liability for controlling drug abuse. As indicated by a study done for the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), three ... er for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), three of four firms with 100 employees or more may have a drug or alcohol abuse problem. Since these drug and alcohol abuses among employees are affecting som ...

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Drug testing in the workplace.

Companies need to have the right to perform drug tests in order to provide for a safe and productive workplace. There are several ways for compa ... es to perform these tests with different levels of acceptance. Companies can perform indiscriminate drug tests that test employees randomly or as a whole. Drug tests may be reserved for those who are ... at test employees randomly or as a whole. Drug tests may be reserved for those who are suspected of drug use based on job performance. Companies may select to test all new hires. A computer test may b ...

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Steroids in Baseball

r second on the all time list to only Hank Aaron. All of the major sports have implemented stricter drug testing programs in hopes of slowing down the use of steroids. However, these drug tests are ou ... y juicing to build more muscle mass or to look better, physically. This reminds us of another LEGAL drug, ciggerettes.Inside their bodies they are actually ruining themselves. Taking steroids is a big ...

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Constitutional Rights in the Work Place

material manufactures. Constitution rights can have an impact on employees as well as employers.Is drug testing a violation of my rights?With dockworkers as well as drivers, is it a violation of empl ... th dockworkers as well as drivers, is it a violation of employee's constitutional rights to conduct drug testing? Some will argue that is a violation of a person's right to privacy, but the answer is ...

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Constitutional Rights Paper

). We will discuss the various impacts certain Constitutional Rights has on employers and employees.DRUG TESTINGIn investigating McBride's website we found no mention of how their HR department handle ... g of their employees or of the processes they go through in hiring an applicant. Many employers see drug testing as a way to increase productivity and decrease liability exposure; however, job applica ...

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