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Young Offenders Act In Canada. Speaks of why it should be changed, and the the reasons and actions taken

directed at one specific culture insociety, the facts remain that it is a problem that is growing inepidemic proportions. Many of the programs that exist in society todaydo not address the problems as ...

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Pedophilia in the church.

Paedophilia has risen to epidemic proportions in Australia. Although there is no hard empirical evidence, the enormous surge ...

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This Essay is based on detailed facts on Cancer.

develop a cancer. For women this risk is 1-in-3. The last few decades, cancer has started to reach epidemic proportions. Just ask around: You'll be astonished by the large numbers of people that have ...

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Anti-depressants and drug companies: what we don't know about them.

treating the symptoms."~ "Sean9", medical health problem is reaching epidemic proportions in the First World: depression, and other associated mental health problems suc ...

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Ethical Dilemma's regarding councling

breaking the law both constitute unethical behavior. The problem of child maltreatment has reached epidemic proportions with nearly 1.9 million reports received for investigation on approximately 2.9 ...

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Hepatitis C

epatitis CI have decided to talk to you today about Hepatitis C, a viral infection that has reached epidemic proportions in Canada and the United States.Like most of you, I knew next to nothing about ... re common than HIV, due to the lack of public awareness, it is sometimes referred to as "The Silent Epidemic".It is the #1 cause of liver transplants in the United States & Canada.Over 4 million A ...

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is a major problem that is not new. Much hasbeen written about this problem but now it has reached epidemic proportions. The reasons for this are varied andincludes new opportunities for women who ha ...

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Stress in the Workplace

Stress in the workplace has reached epidemic proportions. According to a new study by the federal government's National Institute for Oc ...

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The Wonderous World Of Body Art

ding teachers, students, lawyers, and even doctors (Martz, N.Pg). While body art has reached almost epidemic proportions, it's history, types, and safety risks are all of interest to teenagers and par ... all of interest to teenagers and parents alike.Body To better understand why body art has become an epidemic, one must first understand it's history. Getting the lobes of the ear pierced dates all the ...

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Alcoholism is a disease of epidemic proportions, affecting 23 million, or 10% of the American population ("Alcoholism"� ...

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e pathogen to survive and contaminate meat and bone meal in livestock feed, amplifying infection to epidemic proportions. Export of contaminated meat and bone meal and live cattle incubating the disea ...

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Presentation: Teenage Suicide.

ntly the third leading cause of death among teenagers in the United States, now said to be reaching epidemic proportions. It is estimated that 300-400 teenage suicides occur per year in the Los Angele ...

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Understanding the Causes of Obesity

Obesity, which refers specifically to an excess amount of body fat, has become a health problem of epidemic proportions. Sixty percent of the adult population in the United States are overweight or o ...

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AIDS - and the Catholic Church

ntributors to this issue.AIDS has seen the country of Africa brought to its knees as it is reaching epidemic proportions. Even the desperation and hardship brought to this country still fails to shake ... magazine 'conscience' autumn 2001 and is titled 'The lesser Evil, the Catholic Church and the AIDS epidemic'. It addresses the Church's stand on contraception and states, "It is a moral duty to preve ...

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Childhood obesity

ne is interested" (Press, 2006). The rapidly increasing prevalence of childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions and continues to soar, with studies predicting that 50% of North and South Amer ... obesity has become a global crisis and appears to be accelerating out of control, fast becoming an epidemic worse than the gloomiest predictions. Worldwide, 155 million school age children and 22 mil ...

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Obesity - case study and health promotion paper

BackgroundObesity has reached global epidemic proportions, and has become a major health problem of out society. According to Peeters et ... . Retrieved February 7, 2008, from OVID MEDLINE database.Behn, A., Ur, E. (2006, July). The obesity epidemic and its cardiovascular consequences. Current Opinion in Cardiology, 21(4), 353-60. Retrieve ...

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ADHD – Child Abuse By Professionals?

disorder' spread through America slowly, but boomed in the sixties drug-culture. It is currently at epidemic proportions in the Westernised world, but particularly in the U.S.A, Canada and the United ...

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Girls and Delinquency: Different From Boys?

hn, Hawkins, Chiancone, & Whitworth, 2008). Delinquency and youth violence have been growing by epidemic proportions over the years. In fact from 1983 to 1993, juvenile manslaughter and murder arr ...

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Altruism in Society Campaign: Domestic Violence

tics reveal ( that this crisis has reached epidemic proportions:Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 1 ...

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Childhood in Mississippi Obesity

adolescents is one of the top problems of modern healthcare service. Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States: today,more than 23million children are overweight or obes ... ve only increased over the past decades and the problem continues to progress.The childhood obesity epidemic is the common problem, that requires the collaboration of many specialists. Governments, me ...

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