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EnzymesExperiment #1- Effect of concentration of enzyme on rate of reaction.Variables- Concentration.Purpos ... ecomposing.Hypothesis- The higher the concentration of the peroxidase the more gas will be produced.Experiment #2- Effect of temperature on the rate of reaction.Variables- Temperature.Purpose- To dete ... ted with higher temperature will produce more gas until 38 degreesC, then less gas will be produced.Experiment #3- Effect of pH on the rate of reaction.Variables- pH levels.Purpose- To find the effect ...

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The Study of Akali Metal Contamination in Road Side Soil

IL 3; Experiment 1October 31, 1996The Study of Akali Metal Contamination in Road Side SoilAbstractSix soil ... elationship between distance from the point of road salt application and akali metal concentrations.ExperimentalSoil preparation: Six surface soil samples were collected at the intersection of Cold Sp ...

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Measuring the velocity of various objects in freefall

Purpose:The purpose of this experiment was to measure the velocity of various objects in freefall. Upon completion of this lab o ... formatted diskElectronic mass scale, calipersVarious objects to dropProcedureFor the first part of Experiment 1 we dropped three objects of the same shape, but of varying mass. To promote accuracy, w ... ies:mean = 1/N [t1 + t2 + ... + tN] º 1/N S tis = [1/N S (mean - ti )2]1/2For the next part of Experiment 1, we simply conducted three trials for a ping pong ball of mass 20 grams and radius 1.81 ...

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High Level Programming with C++ and Digital Interfacing [A Simple Laboratory Experiment]

Laboratory Experiment 1:High Level Programming with C++ and Digital InterfacingAbstractThe prospect of interfac ... of the software to denote a string of bits which represent an ASCII character.AimsThe aims of this experiment were:*To introduce the concept of programming in a high level language and its compilatio ... dable for people, but can be converted to binary code for the computer to understand.MethodFor this experiment the computer was connected to a panel of eight switches and eight LEDs. The LEDs to provi ...

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John Marshall: Did he change the constitution forever?

ution was established the fight was not over and many still viewed the constitution as an "American experiment"1. What was needed to ensure the longevity of what is possibly the most prolific and inte ... that without him the United States would not be the same. The constitution was considered a failing experiment; it was Marshall who transcended it above and beyond words. There is no denying that he c ...

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Investigating the affect of concentration on the rate of reaction.

nds on the concentration of reactants in the solution. This will be investigated with the following experiment in which dilute hydrochloric acid and sodium thiosulphate solutions are mixed. This forms ... Method:Having set up the apparatus as shown in the given diagram, carry out the following steps.THE EXPERIMENT:1)Get the apparatus together and for the first experiment, measure the appropriate amount ...

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Ethnomethodology Experiment. an essay on an Ethnomethodology experiment, taking people out of their every day norms.

My own personal experiment with "Ethnomethodology", the study of the way people make sense of their everyday surroun ... e study of the way people make sense of their everyday surroundings.My job was to find or create an experiment and break all the conventional norms and observe how people would react.Experiment #1 too ... ce to spend the day at the Museum, and there could not be a better place to try my ethnomethodology experiment than at a museum.My family and I had just finished up looking at Bill Viola's art work ca ...

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The dissociation constants of weak monoprotic acids were determined with the aid of a buffer and pH meter.

Experiment # 4: Dissociation Constant Weak AcidsIntroduction: The dissociation constants of weak mon ... ssociation constants of weak monoprotic acids were determined with the aid of a buffer and pH meter.Experiment: This experiment was performed according to the procedures as provided in the Chemistry 1 ... s as provided in the Chemistry 111B laboratory manual: Po, Henry and Senozan, N. "General Chemistry Experiments Chemistry 111B", 8th Ed., 2004 Hayden-McNeil Publishing, pp 80-88. To determine the diss ...

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Oxidation - Reduction. Range the metals copper, lead, silver and zinc together with hydrogen to find the strongest reducing agent.

EXPERIMENT 1:Aim:To range the metals copper, lead, silver and zinc together with hydrogen. Start wit ... n the plate will be reduced and hence form a deposition of solid metal.e.g. Zn + Pb2+-> Zn2+ + PbEXPERIMENT 2:Aim:To range the halogens bromine, chlorine and iodine, with the strongest oxidising ag ...

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ion is the transfer of energy through electromagnetic waves. In this lab we conducted four separate experiments. The experiments test to see how convection currents cause effects on an ecosystem.Exper ... ents test to see how convection currents cause effects on an ecosystem.Experiment 1 In this experiment, we tested to see if liquids in an ecosystem could cause convection currents. We poured h ...

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Case study: Houses

improve, and reshape the environment with the aid of scientific knowledge, technology and practical experiment.1 However, the rise of architecture in American Modernism was slowed down with breakout o ... fabrication construction could reduce cost. One example is when banks were reluctant to finance his experimental structure for the Stahls. It is still widely perceived as a luxury house.6Chapter 5 - C ...

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Science- Biology Practical Reflex and Touch

Aim: In this experiment we are to test our reflex actions and voluntary actionsBackground:Reflex action also know ... to the effector as quickly as possible. We don't need to waste time to think about what we do next.Experiments:1)"Knee Jerk" response2)Skin and Touch receptors3)Testing responsesMethod:Experiment 1)" ... sponse1)Have your partner sit on a bench2)Gently (but firm) tap just below the knee3)record responseExperiment 2)1)make a 'touch object' which is a ruler with toothpicks at the end2)moving the toothpi ...

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Combustion Etanol

Bunsen burner2Alchohol63,46 grSpiritus71 grWater210 ml( each trial 70 ml) for experiment 1( using alchohol), 210 ml (each trial 70 ml) for experiment 2 (using spiritus)Termome ... ol: 7,32 gr Average change in mass for Methanol: 1,2 grData Processing :Methanol molar mass : 32,05 Experiment mass : 1,2 Ratio : 1,2 : 32,05 = 0,04Ethanol molar mass : 46,08 Experiment mass : 7,32 Ra ...

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