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The ballad of the desert surfer

I'm driving along a deserted road, deserted and dusty,In my four wheel drive, old and rusty,All I see for miles on endIs an infinite expanse of desert and sand.My dog is p ... the wind,All I see in the horizon's eye,A little town,With my stomach a- rumble and my lips a-dry.I drive slowly through the town,No-one to be seen,I feel I am alone and down.I step into an old dirty ...

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4WD's 'The Urban Menace'

ing a variety of problems for the environment and city and suburban dwellers.The term "4WD" means a four-wheel-drive car or truck type vehicle that is designed for at least a small degree of off-road ...

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Heres Your Sign

nses, mainly gas. I thought helping her meant-‘technically working for her.’ She drives a four-wheel drive Dodge truck. Can we say ‘gas hog’?I never said anything to her about my f ...

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The Fate Of National Parks

example used in the article, visitors to Myall Lakes National Park will soon be able to have longer four-wheel drive paths into the Park. This evidently means that road paths will need to be construct ...

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Car Insurance

ecause they are more likely to get in car accidents then adults do. Consequently either teen has to drive an old car to get cheap insurance or pay a lot for insurance and drive a newer car. ... insurance price is the type of car and make of car and if the car is foreign or if it is four wheel drive because if it is four wheel drive you are more likely to drive when the weather conditions are ...

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Value Added Marketing

ducts. This is typical in Automobile Industry. Here there are a variety of products such as diesel, four-wheel-drive, sports and son on. Identifying is the most important marketing function involves e ...

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Supply Chain

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