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Constitutionalism - Philosophical Essay

Phil 2050 Final Essay - Constitutionalism4/5/02It has come to my attention Governor-General Smith, that the recent acquisition of the newfound Charter of Rights and Freedoms f ... t as times, and people changed, so did the law, and the constitution changed with it.As you can see Governor-General Smith, the addition of the Charter may provide some bumpy roads ahead in that the g ...

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What is the role of the Australian Legal System in establishing rights, responsibilities and values? Discuss this in relevence to the Euthanasia debate.

to proceed, must be passed by a majority in both houses. However, special provisions involving the Governor-General do exist when one house rejects a referendum proposal twice. The proposal is then p ...

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The Dismissal of Gough Whitlam.

d supply again in 1975 but the Whitlam Government refused to advise a double dissolution or resign. Governor-General Sir John Kerr dismissed the Whitlam Government and forced them to an election. The ... Kerr advised Mr Whitlam of the dismissal of his Government and the impending double dissolution.The Governor-General's main reason for dismissing the Whitlam Government was to permit the people of Aus ...

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If this Head of State in Australia was to be one with a popular mandate would this be a display of good government or 'entirely out of the question'?

particular debate was section 59 of the draft, and the power that it proposed to transfer from the Governor-General to the President. If this Head of State was to be one with a popular mandate it is ... atute and through 'convention' and are argued to be somewhat the equivalent to those enjoyed by the Governor-General. Of particular interest are the reserve powers. It is at this point where, to use a ...

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The history of chad

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British Colonies in the Future

MR. JOHN C. M. MACBETH: Gentlemen of The Empire Club: Last week, His Excellency the Governor-General addressed us on Imperial Unity, suggesting that the unifying element was a bond of ...

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Does the Caribbean have an independent judiciary?

espects similar to those of Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago. The Chief Justice is appointed by the Governor-General of Belize who, however, is mandatory to act in accordance with the suggestion of th ...

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Comparison of Canada vs USA

an citizen, and leader of a political party to become a Prime Minister- Can appoint Senate, governor-general, and justices for the Supreme Court.- Impeachment of Prime Minister is proh ... and party every 5 years- Very little bureaucracy Government represents the people- Governor-general can call election if he/she feels government is unreliable. - Prime Ministe ...

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"Explain the impact that the dismissal of Gough Whitlam and the labour party has had on the civic life of Australia in the twentieth century."

neral use since 1975, to describe the termination of the elected Whitlam ALP Government by the then Governor-General, Sir John Kerr. The event came as the culmination of one of the most tension-filled ... n election could not be against democracy. The system of government had come to a stalemate and the governor-general let the people decide who should rule. Fraser won the election in a landslide. The ...

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The Significance of Gough Whitlam in Australia

m became Prime Minister of Australia in December 1972 and his political career was dismissed by the Governor-General in November 1975. In this little time frame of 3 yrs Gough Whitlam's Government con ...

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Australia should become a Republic - Persuasive Argument with Pros and Cons

ld be called a monarchy. Australia is a monarchy and the Queen of England is our head of state. The Governor-General is the representative of the Queen in Australia and he or she is appointed by the P ... monarchy. An Australian head of state would continue to use the same offices and facilities as the Governor-General. The currency and stationary will have to be changed eventually when the Queen pass ...

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Nothern America

ecome known as the Seven Years' War was declared. He found New France in an unstable condition. The governor-general, and highest official of the colony, the Marquis de Vaudreuil, had allowed corrupti ...

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Sir John Kerr- Whitlam Dismissal

Sir John Kerr served as Australia's Governor-General from July 1974 to December 1977. He was appointed by Prime Minister Gough Whitlam a ... e Supply. He was highly criticised for this consultation as he went against the convention that the governor-general acts only on the advice of the prime minister.On 11 November 1975, he ended the con ... bills were passed.The Whitlam dismissal sparked up a long and heated debate about the powers of the Governor-General, the nature of the Australian Constitution and the function and future of the monar ...

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Sir John Kerr and the Whitlam Dismissal

mpts by members of the ALP to acquire funding through means such as Loans from other countries, the Governor-General, Sir John Kerr dismissed Whitlam from his position. He appointed the Liberal party ... tlam was.The dismissal of Gough Whitlam was a hallmark in Australia and an example of the power the Governor-General has over the Australian Government. It was one of the main causes for Labour to los ...

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