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Tourette Syndrome: an overview

e who, in 1885, was the first to conduct a systematic study of the motor and vocal tics which are a hallmark of the syndrome. Over a century later the diagnostic criteria for GTS are still being refin ...

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Can Computers Understand? Includes John Searle's arguments

syllogistic sumary of computer's abilities well done.Can Computers understand?1) Thinking is the hallmark of understanding.2) Only special machines can think.3) If something can think it can unders ...

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The Evolution of Emotion, Urge and Behavior

others.' - Stephen Jay Gould, 1981True enough, the plasticity of human behavior is a very important hallmarkof the species; one which has facilitated its spread into almost everyecosystem on the plane ... a group and to define that group in contrast withothers by visual and behavioral style has all the hallmarks of a humanuniversal. Examples of this phenomenon are not at all hard to find in modernlife ...

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dreaming, poor coordination, memory problems, persistent obsessive thinking, and inconsistency, the hallmark characteristic(NIMH) It occurs in both children and adults, and interferes with the persons ...

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The image of the lion in western society: king of the jungle or endangered species?

h Empire exhibition." The Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) trademark, the home of the roaring lion, is the hallmark of Hollywood, symbolic of filmmaking fame and power. The international Lions Rotary club ta ...

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Rights in 1966, in a period of time when the international peace and security were at risk, and the hallmark of regimes were challenging after the Second World War experience.This principle found its ...

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Atomic history

The invention of nuclear weapons is the hallmark of a period of enormous significance often called the "atomic age."(2)The United States beg ...

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ARCHITECT Santiago Calatrava

ctional structure. "Wave" reflects the creative combination of engineering and movement that is the hallmark of Calatrava's great architectural projects.Architect, artist, and engineer Santiago Calatr ...

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Employee Motivation Plan

ch provides customers with completely personalized greeting cards, through an interactive web site. Hallmark alone is in over 42,000 retail store nationwide, and are the leading force in the industry. ...

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Various approaches to ensuring quality within Tesco.

he British Standard Institute has put a simple yet effective explanation of quality:"Quality is the hallmark of every successful company. It is blend of good design, efficient production and reliabili ...

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The National Drinking Age: The lowering of the drinking age from the perspective of a college student.

c policy, there are few if any that concern me as much as this. I am referring to the stereotypical hallmark of the Fraternity and college scene, alcohol, but in the case of public policy, the "nation ...

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Diversity Divided

ica, the celebration of difference, the promotion of a pluralist society -these are regarded as the hallmark of an antiracist outlook. Despite such common view of America's multicultural identity, in ...

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'What does re-invention mean to you?'

. In modern living we are accustomed to rapid change, uncertainty and complexity and it acts as the hallmark of our current environment. It is only with comparison that the human mind becomes able to ...

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Effective Communication

e offended, and therefore, will not be open to information, or vision, that is offered to them. The hallmark of effective communication is the coherent verbal projections of your ideas, so that your l ...

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The role of literature in defining and describing self-identity

ion from the author to the reader. The reader in a sense has limited access to the author's mind. A hallmark of a good author is his ability to make the reader empathize with the characters, share the ...

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Creativity Helps Hallmark “Send the Very Best” Can you motivate

Creativity Helps Hallmark "Send the Very Best" Can you motivate employees to be creative? How? Explain.Creativity com ... o afraid of failure and rejection that they will not even try to be creative.What do you suppose is Hallmark's greatest problem in managing such a large creative staff? One of the major problems that ... if none of a certain individuals ideas get used would the employees get discouraged.Which aspect of Hallmark's creative environment would most effectively stimulate your creativity? Hallmark does an e ...

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Greeting Cards for the Ages

verage of 1.2 million being purchased each year. Birthday shopping is a 10 million dollar business (Hallmark 2005). Greeting cards publishers accounted for over 27% of all publishers in the nation. Th ... Bureau 2002). With such large numbers and statistics it isn't hard to see why many vendors such as Hallmark deal exclusively in the greeting and occasion card business. For the purpose of this assign ...

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Article Review "The Evolution of E-Business" by Cynthia Mackey

"Brochureware" -- websites that provided primarily organization and contact information -- was the hallmark of the Information phase" (Mackey). "To help us navigate through the rapid growth of websit ...

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Harm Minimisation Has Been An Overwhelming Success In Australia. It Would Be Equally So In Other Countries

ith drug use without necessarily eliminating use (Heather et al 1993). Harm minimisation has been a hallmark of Australia's approach to drugs, giving Australia prominent role in international debates ...

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Different Commentators Define 'Harm Reduction' And 'Harm Minimisation' In Different Ways.

drug use without necessarily eliminating use (Heather et al. , 1993). Harm minimisation has been a hallmark of Australia's approach to drugs, giving Australia prominent role in international debates ...

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