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Cyber security

security-conscious culture that includes setting the right tone at the top.According to a survey by Harris Interactive, two-thirds of employees believe their co-workers are a bigger threat to customer ...

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Take a Break

nd one-third get less than seven. Those who get enough sleep do better in school, and vice-versa." -Harris Interactive Inc."Dr. Mary Carskadon, a sleep researcher at Brown University and the editor of ... d that sleep deprived students 'may be in school, but their brains are at home on their pillows.'"- Harris Interactive Inc.As performance increases in all areas of school, a direct raise in student's ...

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Workplace Diversity

organisations perceived as acting socially irresponsible. Another study by Reputation Institute and Harris Interactive showed that a strong organisational commitment to the communities and employees i ...

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Gore Vidal’s essay, “Drugs” mainly discusses his opinions of who

alues. Today most young adults don't share the same moral values as older adults. In a poll done by Harris Interactive, "Only 41% of 18 to 24 year olds, but 78% of those over 64, think it is absolutel ... 4 year olds, but 78% of those over 64, think it is absolutely wrong to smoke marijuana" ( If marijuana is legalized then younger adults morals will drop even lower be ...

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GM case study

rofound affect on the nation and sparked a change in consumer buying behavior.In fact, a study from Harris Interactive and Kelley Blue Book Marketing Research, indicated that after the steady price in ...

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Evaluation of Mobile Commerce

k that they would use their mobile devices in their daily routines (Lahey 2001). According to a new Harris Interactive survey published in 2008, 16% of mobile phone users already use mobile banking se ...

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