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Did you know that all the companies in America have something in common? They are all operating in an environment of forces that create both threats and opportunities for their businesses. These environmental forces, which make up something known as the "macroenvironment", include: demographic, economic, natural, technology, political and cultural. Since the macroenvironment is generally uncontrollable, businesses often must find ways to adapt to the constant changes. For example, over the past few years, the auto industry has been affected tremendously by changes in the technology, natural, and political environments and therefore forced to change their marketing strategies.

The Technology Environment

Kotler identifies the technology environment as the most powerful force affecting and shaping the future (83). The environment consists of: industrial productivity, new manufacturing processes, new products and services of competitors, new products and services of supply chain partners, and any new technology that could impact a company (Environmental Scanning).

Technology has been responsible for developments such as the internet, computers, laser surgery, organ transplants, antibiotics and more (Kotler, 83). While advances in technologies are creating new markets and opportunities they are also replacing older technologies. Companies that do not keep up with these changes will find their products or services become obsolete and not up-to-date with the consumer buying behaviors and preferences.

The Natural Environment

According to Kotler, "the natural environment involves the natural resources that are needed as inputs by marketers or that are affected by marketing activities". Environmental concerns have been increasing over the past thirty years and in many large cities around the world, water and air pollution have began reaching dangerous levels (81). As a result, global warming has become the fear of many scientists who say eventually we could all be buried in our own trash. It is always important that marketers are...