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Unemployment in Australia.

dertake education and training before entering into the job market.Within the last two budgets, the Howard Government have attempted several tactics involving policies and the like to lower the unempl ...

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Description: argues that fiscal policy in Australia is shifting away from being used as a tool of macroeconomic management towards being used as a political tool.

the Commonwealth Government's Budget in order to achieve the Government's economic objectives. The Howard Government's primary fiscal objective has been 'to maintain budget balance, on average, over ... ars, and surpluses during years of higher economic growth. During its first two terms in office the Howard Government used fiscal policy as part of its macroeconomic agenda. However, the last two budg ...

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Classroom struggle: school's out for peace, unity and social justice (article published in the Sydney Morning Herald)

ilitary would be better spent on upgrading educational facilities, public housing and hospitals.The Howard Government is unwilling to say just how much money will be devoted to the war, but it is sure ... he demonstrations confirmed two things. This war is a cutting-edge issue in politics today and John Howard has failed to convince the majority of the population that Australia should be involved.There ...

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Analysis of the likely impacts of the 2003-04 Australian Federal Budget on Australia's economic growth, unemployment and inflation.

changes in higher education. (2003)The budget displayed a departure from the pattern seen under the Howard government in recent years. At first glance the most notable change is a reduced budget surpl ...

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Rolling back the australian welfare state

Since the Howard government and the liberal party came to power in Australia, the welfare state has been rolle ... on for the deserving poor with a parallel distinction being made between the undeserving poor . The Howard government today continues to make this distinction between the deserving and undeserving poo ... ving poor as a key criterion for conditional payments. This is evident in the recent revival by the Howard government in the guise of mutual obligation and the construction of terms such as "dole blud ...

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Study notes on current affairs for the topic "Telling the truth"

stralian's Olympians have changed the Australian Olympic teams image."Pre- election advertising"The Howard government plans to spend $120 million (taxpayer money) in television, radio and newspaper pr ... ey on television, radio and newspaper advertising in support of themselves. The story tells of John Howard "attacking" labour when nine million dollars was spent in the 19962. a) Who do you think is t ...

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Analysis of the Australian Legal System for woman (under representation)

n, the negligible representation of women suggest an undemocratic society. The many attempts by the Howard government to promote equality by positive discrimination have addressed this issue in an eff ... lack of flexibility to compromise with women's needs when they are in the position of a leader.The Howard government has openly admit to wishing for more female politician and by saying that there ar ...

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REPORT: Private School Funding

1. The existing funding system for private schoolsThe Howard Government introduced the existing funding system for private schools in 2001 during an inten ... em for private schools in 2001 during an intense debate. The current funding system works under the Howard Government's socio-economic status (SES) model, which measures the socio-economic status of c ... chools" on the 14th of September.Over the next 5 years Labor will invest $1.9 billion more than the Howard Government in government schools and redistribute $520 million within the non- government sec ...

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t privatisations in the world, a proposed US26 Billion dollar sale for Telstra. Prime Minister John Howard declared that the completed Telstra sale would be a gain for "mums and dads" and "ordinary Au ... the direct expense of Telstra workers and house household phone users.On the 17th of July 1998, the Howard government had a unexpected defect in the Senate last Saturday of its Bill to privatise the r ...

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Timeline of privatision process(eg. on telstra)

May 1998How the rich prospered from Telstra sale.17th July 1998The Telstra vote.Another blow to the Howard government.21st August 1998Australia communication works face new impasse.Telstra demands dee ...

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Youth Homelessness - Structural Factors

established as a result of the initial Youth Homelessness Pilot Program that was instigated by the Howard Government in 1996. Improving engagement between work, family, education, training and the co ...

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Asylum seekers in Australia should be treated with greater respect

is keener in detainingthose in danger rather than those that shouldn't be here. The failure of the HowardGovernment to treat Asylum seeker with greater respect will mean the destruction ofthousands a ... with greater respect will mean the destruction ofthousands and thousands of lives.The treatment of Howard Government toward refugees should improve, asAsylum seekers are already exposed to lose of ba ...

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Australian Industrial Relations Reforms 2005

The current Howard government has been implementing a new system of workplace relations since the first of its n ... stem of workplace relations since the first of its nine years in running this country. In 1996, the Howard government introduced the Workplace Relations Act resulting in wages and working conditions b ... terprise level, either by unions or individuals. Now nine years later (from the first of July 2005) Howard has the power of the Senate and thus proposes to update the current Industrial Relations Syst ...

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Is Political Science Research Relevant?

the broad scope of political science is Lee and Stratchan (1998) research into childcare under the Howard Government. Through looking at key areas of a political science, such as the role of policy a ... 23 Lee, Julie and Strachan, Glenda (1998) "˜ Who's Minding the Baby Now? Child Care Under the Howard Government' Labour and Industry 9(2) pp. 81-96 Lupia, Arthur (2000) "˜ Evaluating Polit ...

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Women In Combat

ary chiefs of staff committee next month and then to the Federal Government.But Prime Minister John Howard was yesterday not as enthusiastic about the plan as his Treasurer was on Channel Seven's Sund ... t the plan as his Treasurer was on Channel Seven's Sunday Sunrise program.Speaking in Melbourne, Mr Howard said 95per cent of Defence Force positions were available to women. "I'm regularly flown by s ...

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Australian Workplace Political Changes - The Industrial Relations Act in 2006

The Howard Government's Industrial Relations Changes The proposed changes by the Howard government in 20 ... to deregulate the labour market and simplify rules relating to pay and conditions of employees. The Howard government believes that by allowing employers a freer hand in determining wages and conditio ... -structuring, as employers are not restricted by various employment protection laws. Currently, the Howard government is defending its new policy formulation, as it has come under severe criticism fro ...

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Public phones doing the deadly disapearing act?

ng around everywhere and fingers are being pointed at everyone, from the aforesaid Trujillo, to the Howard government; from corporate greed to privatisation. Telstra cannot be completely blamed for tr ...

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Trade unions: What they are. Arguments for and against. Affects of changing government. developments. etc

more members they have the greater their bargaining power in negotiations with employers.After the Howard Government took over, the changes in industries are expected to continue to undermine the col ...

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Employment Relationships

ns are necessary to represent the interests of the employees. In recent times, especially under the Howard government, there have moves to weaken collective bargaining and put the focus more on indivi ...

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Human Resources Law - Trace the Historical Tradition of Australian Labour Law Using Relevant Legislation and Case Law to Support Your Analysis. Do You Think the Current Direction of Labour Law in Australia Is Defensible?

On 7th December, WorkChoices was passed by parliament. According to the Howard government, the WorkChoices reforms are all about creating 'freedom', 'choice' and 'flexibili ... of the national industrial relations policies of the last generation and obviously as a way for the Howard government to overcome the compromises forced on it in the making of the Workplace Relations ... choice: accept the terms offered, or find another job. Negotiation rarely comes into it. Under John Howard's views on industrial relations Australia will be more productive and prosperous if employers ...

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