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Phosphates may be created by substituting some or all of the hydrogen of a phosphoric acid by metals. Depending on the number of hydrogen atoms that are replaced ... s described as a primary, secondary or tertiary phosphate. Primary and secondary phosphates contain hydrogen and are acid salts. Secondary and tertiary phosphates, with the exception of those of sodiu ...

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The Atom

ted by an electric field and bent into curved paths by a magnetic field. They weremuch lighter than hydrogen atoms and were identical 'what ever the gas through which thedischarge passes' if gas was i ... one of the most basic harmonies, aformula for calculating the wavelengths of the spectral lines of hydrogen. thesecollectively called the Balmer series.It is not necessary to understand mathematics t ...

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The Alkanes

NESThe alkanes are the simplest form of organic compounds. They are made up ofonly Carbon atoms and Hydrogen atoms. All of the bonds are single and the numberof hydrogen atoms versus carbon atoms foll ... 2-dichloroethane which is adry cleaning fluid. Here is a sample reaction where a halogen replaces a hydrogen.CH4(g) + C12(g) ----> CH3Cl(g) + HCl(g)There are many uses for alkanes, for instance: Pr ...

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Phosphates in Water Pollution

r PollutionPhosphates in Water PollutionPhosphates may be created by substituting some or all of thehydrogen of a phosphoric acid by metals. Depending on the number ofhydrogen atoms that are replaced, ... is described asa primary, secondary or tertiary phosphate. Primary and secondaryphosphates contain hydrogen and are acid salts. Secondary and tertiaryphosphates, with the exception of those of sodium ...

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What you need to know about HYDROGEN.

Hydrogen is a tasteless, odourless, colourless gas and is one of the most important chemical element ... is one of the most important chemical elements. The hydrogen atom is simple and the smallest atom. Hydrogen consists of 1 proton, which has a positive charge, and 1 electron, which has a negative cha ... ll. Hydrogen has a chemical symbol H. Its atomic number is 1. Its atomic weight is 1.0079. The term hydrogen comes from two Greek words meaning water-former. Hydrogen gas and oxygen gas combine to for ...

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Independent Study Assignment Chemistry (SCHOA1)

Identify the following organic compounds:1: Hydrocarbons.Hydrocarbons are chemical compounds of hydrogen and carbon; also called an organic compound. Hydrogen and carbon atoms can be combined in v ... the others cyclic. Paraffins and naphthenes are saturated; that is, they have a full complement of hydrogen atoms and, thus, only single bonds between carbon atoms. Aromatics are unsaturated, and hav ...

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Nuclear Fusion.

"Fission or Fusion"Thousands of hydrogen atoms start to collide together. One after another, they crash at each other with great mag ... veral billion more" ( The Sun is huge Nuclear reactor of fused particles such as Hydrogen and Helium. The Sun's core pulls the atoms together by gravity and creates intense pressure ... and creates intense pressure, which is the very idea of nuclear fusion. Unlike in Nuclear fission, hydrogen or hydrogen isotopes in Nuclear fusion that naturally repel each are two smaller atoms that ...

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Describing how Hydrogen Bonding is done.

This hydrogen bonding is way different from other uses from the word "bond", since it is a force of attra ... is way different from other uses from the word "bond", since it is a force of attraction between a hydrogen atom in one molecule and a small atom of high electronegativity in another molecule. This m ... is an intermolecular force, not an intramolecular force as in the common use of the word "bond.When hydrogen atoms are joined in a polar covalent bond with a small atom of high electronegativity like ...

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Nuclear Weapons.

nts like uranium or plutonium, split apart. A second even more powerful type of nuclear weapon, the hydrogen bomb, and uses the energy released when nuclei of light elements, types of hydrogen atoms, ... exploded that fission weapons could be used to create an even more powerful explosive, now called a Hydrogen or H-bomb. This weapon gets it power from the energy released when atoms of special forms o ...

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Environmental effects.

bstitutes ( transitional compounds)i.HCFCs - one or more of the chlorine atoms has been replaced by hydrogen atoms, lifetime in the atmosphere about 20 years, have a tenth or twentieth of the potentia ... a tenth or twentieth of the potential damage of the CFCs.ii.HFCs - all the chlorine is replaced by hydrogen - not damaging to ozone - lifetime in the atmosphere about 20 years.c.All of these three fa ...

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d found in the penicillin nucleus (figure 2). When undergoing synthesis into Ampicillin, one of the hydrogen atoms from the amine group is replaced with a carbon bond. Ampicillin was one of the first ...

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The Biological Importance of Water.

The Biological Importance of WaterWater is a simple molecule, made of hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms in the ratio of 2:1, yet it is fundamental to life. In active living ... quid and gas (water vapour). This due to the molecule being a polar molecule and so is able to form hydrogen bond between the molecules. The hydrogen atom has a slightly positive charge ,making it the ... between the positive pole of one water molecule and the negative pole of another. This is called a hydrogen bond and is the strongest of intermolecular forces and a lot of these bonds form in liquid ...

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Acid Rain

hat makes up hydrochloric acid as well. The equation is as follows:Sulfuric acid when it joins with hydrogen atoms in the air:SO3(g) + H2O(l) = H2SO4(aq)In the air, the nitrogen ion becomes nitric or ...

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Explanation about the gases, color, and size of stars

the cloud begins to shrink, it heats up and becomes denser. After the pressures build up, the four hydrogen atoms force a "fuse" to become one helium atom. This is also known as the "hydrogen fusion" ... lls in, it could never escape.If the world had not composed stars, we as people would not be alive. Hydrogen and Helium are the main element to construct everything around us. When stars explode at th ...

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An Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry using Porter's Five Force model, PEST, BCG Matrix and predicting future prospects.

fmann created a new industry. He found a way of adding a cluster of two extra carbon and five extra hydrogen atoms to a substance extracted from willow bark. The result is known to chemists as acetyls ...

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Water: The Genesis of Life

rt life on our planet.The simple structure of H2O is the source of all water's properties. With two hydrogen atoms sticking to an oxygen atom in a tetrahedron shape, water is considered as a polar mol ... on shape, water is considered as a polar molecule. Because oxygen is very electronegative, it pulls hydrogen's electrons towards it, causing oxygen to become partial negative. The hydrogen atoms then ...

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Describe The Roles of Water in Living Organisms

A molecule of water consists of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms joined by covalent bonds. Water as a liquid is vital to existence and plays extremely ... nt in which they take place. The polarity of a water molecule as a result of the arrangement of the hydrogen atoms makes water a good solvent. Water also aids gaseous exchange and for this reason the ...

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Water and It's Pollution

n. Physical properties-the result of hydrogen bondingStudied in isolation, the water molecule is deceptively simple. Its tow hydrogen ato ... are joined to the oxygen atom by single covalent bonds. Because oxygen is more electronegative than hydrogen, the electrons of the polar bonds spend more time closer to the oxygen atom. In other words ... lar covalent bonds, with the oxygen region of the molecule having a partial negative charge and the hydrogen having a partial positive charge. The water molecule, shaped something like a wide V, is a ...

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What enzymnes are?

'oxidoreductases' group. The type of reaction catalysed in this group is the removal or addition of hydrogen atoms, oxygen, or electrons from one molecule to another (oxidation or reduction-or in othe ... s from one molecule to another (oxidation or reduction-or in other words redox reaction.):alcohol dehydrogenaseEthanal + NADH + H+ → ethanol+ NAD+In this reaction hydrogen is at the same time los ...

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The Biological importance of water

sms to live in, 75% of the earth is covered in water.Water itself is a simple molecule made up of 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, H20. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms are bonded covalently as show ... ntly as shown in the diagram of water's electron structure. Water is not a linear molecule, the two hydrogen atoms form a bond with the oxygen at the angle of 104.5o.Diagram of water's electron struct ...

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