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Intellectual Decisions

arket), or in rock form which is most commonly called 'crack'. Cocaine is taken mainly in two ways: inhalation, and injection(Encarta '96). When inhaled, cocaine travels up through the nasal passage t ...

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Cigarettes and Their Destruction of the Brain

at the smoker perceives is an illusion. Nicotine begins to act on brain cells within ten seconds of inhalation, fitting into 'keyholes' on the surface of the brain; the same 'keyholes' as acetylcholin ...

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The Alkanes

rt that a 15 year old boy was stricken withhemiparesis 'resulting from acute intoxication following inhalation of butane gas.'Hemiparesis is when half of a person's body is paralyzed. Through reaction ...

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Lung diseases associated with smoking

xpectorate (mucous material coughed up from the respiratory tract).The disease may be caused by the inhalation of irritant vapours or dust, or develop from an upper-respiratory infection. Acute bronch ...

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Why Marijuana should be legalized and also why it shouldn't be.

1930's, after rumor had it that the drug was extremely hazardous. Although no one has died from the inhalation of marijuana, there are many dangerous effects associated with its' usage. Many people be ...

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Standard Analytical Method; Fiber Distribution.


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The Legalization of Marijuana.

y, but the fact that it is a possibility still means that lives will be at stake. Not only will the inhalation of marijuana risk killing someone, it will also begin the negative change of a person's n ...

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en they are exposed to the bacterium. There are three forms of anthrax infection: cutaneous (skin), inhalation (lungs), and gastrointestinal (stomach and intestine). If people have been intentionally ... l, bone, hair, and hide. The infection occurs when the bacteria enters a cut or scratch in the skin.Inhalation - Some anthrax infections occur when people breathe in the spores of he bacteria (a spore ...

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Pulmonary Ventilation or Breathing The way the lungs work

Pulmonary Ventilation or breathing has two phases. Inspiration or inhalation moves air into the lungs, and expiration or exhalation moves are out of the lungs. The lu ...

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ads to nosocomial transmission. And the modes of transmission are listed as respiratory secretions, inhalation of aerosols, indirectly by hands, handkerchiefs and eating utensils or other items freshl ...

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The Respiratory System.

a two-phase process called respiration. The first phase of respiration begins with breathing in, or inhalation. Inhalation brings air from outside the body into the lungs. Oxygen in the air moves from ... er. These cells send simultaneous signals to the diaphragm and rib muscles, the muscles involved in inhalation. The diaphragm is a large, dome-shaped muscle that lies just under the lungs. When the di ...

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Breathing in Humans.

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Effect of Environment on Phenotype

actor and not the genes.Risks Assessment:* Potting mixes contain microbes including bacteria/fungi* Inhalation of dust may irritate the nose/throat/lungs* Direct contact may cause skin/eye irritationS ...

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Everthing about Anthrax

staining. "There are three types of anthrax: coetaneous ("skin"), gastrointestinal ("stomach") and inhalational ("lungs"). Cutaneous anthrax, most (about 95 percent) anthrax infections occur when the ... of cutaneous anthrax will result in death. Deaths are rare with appropriate antimicrobial therapy."Inhalation anthrax, initial symptoms may resemble a common cold - sore throat, mild fever, muscle ac ...

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Effects Of Chemical Warfare

e to come into direct contact with the pathogen. Thecontact must be specific a cut, puncture wound, inhalation, or ingestion,these are the primary routes of infection. Many of the chemicals used inpas ...

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tract anthrax get this kind of anthrax. The other two, the ones you are most likely not to get, are inhalation and gastrointestinal. If in the unlikely event that you do get one of the last two types ...

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, nausea, vomiting, violent choking, and even death. This is a high risk of sudden death from spray inhalation. These sprays can interfere with breathing, or they can produce heartbeats (arrhythmia's) ...

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Ban on Public Smoking in Canada

athe in the smoke. This is known as passive smoking. Passive smoking is defined as "the involuntary inhalation of tobacco smoke by a person, especially a nonsmoker, who occupies an area with smokers o ...

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Emergency Response

f is pressured to discharge patients to accommodate new patients in acute distress related to smoke inhalation, and the school nurse struggles to maintain respiratory patency of asthmatics whose paren ... ay have taken some protective actions but others are left vulnerable to the deadly affects of smoke inhalation, polluted water supplies, destroyed food sources, accessibility to shelter, and the abili ...

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