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The Rape of Nanking

e Diary of Anne Frank. Many are taught about the atomic bombs that the United States dropped on the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But ask them about the horrors of Nanking and they do not ev ... name. Many adults, even educated adults, are not familiar with this massacre.In December 1937, the Japanese army invaded the then Chinese capital of Nanking. They systematically raped, tortured, and ...

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Battle of Midway.

of Midway took place close to the Midway Islands, in June 1942. It was fought between American and Japanese aircraft carriers. American reconnaissance planes from the navy spotted Japanese army ships ... used by this attack wasn't enough to prevent the US airplanes to come back and take off again. This Japanese attack was aimed to prepare an invasion. The Attack of the Americans towards the Japanese w ...

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Justice in Tokyo Trial

1931 to1945, one can only start to imagine the extent of Japan's crimes. In just one winter's time Japanese army had massacred over 300,000 civilians and prisoners of war, and raped at least 20,000 w ... 00 civilians and prisoners of war, and raped at least 20,000 women. Also in the 14 year time period Japanese military massacred over 30 million Chinese soldiers and civilians, which include women and ...

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Events leading up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor

ighly involved in the government, and this began to get them into trouble. In the early 1930's, the Japanese Army had many small, isolated battles with the Chinese in Manchuria. The Japanese Army prev ... Manchuria. The Japanese Army prevailed in the series of battles, and Manchuria became a part of the Japanese political system. In 1937, the conflicts began again with the Chinese in the area near Beij ...

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Description of how the movie "The Last Samurai" portrays the effects of Western Imperialism on Japan

is many victorious battles against the Native Americans was called to Japan for a special task. The Japanese government was looking to make their civilization as western as possible. They adopted West ... t. He was hired to train the soldiers how to use firearms and cannons.In the first battle scene the Japanese army is unprepared even though that had a huge advantage over the samurai as far as technol ...

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inst the "reds" and they were quite successful as they took over most of the land and even joined a Japanese army in vladivostok.There was also quite a number of people whom opposed the bolsheviks par ...

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The Japanese Occupation of Manchuria and the Effects of the Incident.

tralized government and the country was divided into parts; each ruled by a different warlord. Both Japanese and Russian forces were taking advantage of China's weakness to seize land. In 1904 Russian ... vantage of China's weakness to seize land. In 1904 Russian occupational forces were attacked by the Japanese army in Manchuria. A major battle ensued for the next 18 months. In the end the Japanese an ...

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Manchukuo and World War II.

goods the people needed, and a government filled with unstable politics and corrupt officials. The Japanese people were westernizing and didn't have the money they needed. The Japanese army felt it w ... at China was become more aggressive and would hamper their efforts to take new resources. Also, the Japanese feared that the Chinese nationalist party could even ally with the Union of Soviet Socialis ...

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Rememberance of the Holocaust

opulation in the mid 1930s was over one million, mainly because many refugees were fleeing from the Japanese army that had invaded China in 1931. Japan had entered China and other parts of Asia before ... of Asia before World War II began, and didn't stop until the U. S. dropped the atomic bombs on the Japanese in early 1945. It is said that the Japanese military machine was motivated by the aggressio ...

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Hiroshima: Somewhat Justified

war ever fought. Yet even after Hitler's suicide and Germany's surrender, the war was not over. The Japanese army still wouldn't admit defeat. The Japanese were a strong people willing to fight till i ... August 6th, 1945, the United States shocked the world by dropping the first ever atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Though not heavily bombed during the war, Hiroshima had been expecting a ...

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Assess the impact and significance of Chin Peng's Achievements

endent democratic Malaysia. He potentially saved the lives of many by leading guerillas against the Japanese invasion during World War II, and he also terrorized and caused civil unrest throughout Mal ... ich has tarnished his mark.In 1942, Chin Peng saved Malaysia by leading the "Malaysia Peoples' Anti-Japanese army (MPAJA)," in a guerilla fight against the invading Japanese who occupied Malaysia duri ...

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"A Boy No More" by Harry Mazer

eading the historical fiction book "A Boy No More" to an extent. This book was about the life for a Japanese American in America in World War II. The life of a 'Jap' in America was not very pleasant. ... War II. The life of a 'Jap' in America was not very pleasant. Americans were prejudice against the Japanese. They thought all Japanese Americans were spies and criminals that were spying for the Japa ...

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The Similarities and Differences Between the Views of the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Westerners on the Rape of Nanking

emporary relative peace were broken due to the Marco Polo Bridge Incident. Not long afterwards, the Japanese Imperial Army found themselves walking past the city gates of China's capital city, Nanking ... found themselves walking past the city gates of China's capital city, Nanking. It was here that the Japanese Army was convicted of causing one of the most horrendous acts of widespread violence. Named ...

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Movie Review: "Empire of the Sun"

ory about a British boy, Jim, who is separated from his family at the start of World War II after a Japanese army invades British controlled areas of China. This event changes Jim's privileged life as ... rivileged life as he is cast into the dark world of endless bloodshed. Jim eventually interned in a Japanese POW camp for British civilians. When the war ends, Jim is torn from everything he knew in a ...

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Biography on Hideki Tojo (The man behind Japan's war machine in WWII)

n’s most powerful men and through his spheres of influence and involvement within and with the Japanese government, is linked directly or indirectly to the deaths of millions of POWs, civilians, ... r’s eldest son (“Tojo, Hideki” 254). Tojo’s father was a general officer in the Japanese army, where “Spartan life and Spartan conduct were the rule” (Hoyt 9). In school, ...

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Why The Japanese Invaded Manchuria

USA and China put up trade barriers (tariffs) which meant that no one in those countries could buy Japanese goods.•This caused the Japanese economy to brake down. Without this trade the Japanese ... ithout this trade the Japanese could not feed its people. This left the country in crisis.•The Japanese army thought that they had found the solution to Japan's problem- they needed to build up t ...

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Hideki Tojo

kname was “The Razor”His dads name was Hidenori Tojo, who was a Lieutenant General in the Japanese army. Hideki had two brothers unfortunately they died before Hideki could meet them. Tojo a ... Katsuko Ito. They had three sons and four daughters .After his marriage he first started out in the Japanese army as a second Lieutenant in the infantry. Over the years he moved up the ladder in the r ...

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Atomic bomb 7

an. One bomb was nicknamed Little Boy, which killed 70,000 people, including soldiers of the second Japanese Army in a town called Hiroshima. The second bomb, which was called the Fat Man, killed abou ... y defeated, Japan continued on fighting. As a result on December 7, 1941 in Pearl Harbor a fleet of Japanese fighter pilots raided the island destroying dozens of ships and killing military personnel ...

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Kurosawa And Yojimbo

rs? (1964).Akira Kurosawa was born March 23 1910 in Omori, Tokyo. His farther was a soldier for the Japanese army and was a firm believer in the ways of the samurai and implemented them on his childre ... ident in most of Kurosawa?s films. He trained at university as an artist, but in 1936 went into the Japanese film industry as a scriptwriter.He directorial debut was in 1943 with ?Judo Saga,? but as y ...

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Methamphetamine         Methamphetamine a drug that creates a high that makes

he use of the drug; there are three popular ones. One possibility for the use may have started with Japanese soldiers in World War II. The Japanese army made and distributed this drug for their soldie ...

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