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Juvenile Justice in USA

Juvenile JusticeThe Juvenile Justice System as it typically functions in America's thousands of jurisdictions is the subject that will be covered. The Juvenile Justice System is defined as that 's ...

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Non Charitable Trusts Are Purpose Trusts Charitable?

nisation. However he cannot if he chooses, donate money for the upkeep of a family pet. Other world jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and closer to home, Jersey and Isle of Man allow t ... purpose trusts have been considerable. Purpose trusts are now commonplace vehicles in many overseas jurisdictions. Combined with an international business company, they are frequently used for the int ...

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Australian Court System.

ch of the courts within the hierarchy are responsible for hearing different matters, have their own jurisdictions and own presiding judges. In Australia we have state and federal laws. Federal laws ha ...

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English court structure.

tan. In additionsuch geographical distinctions seemed out of place when professionaljudges in other jurisdictions (District Judges, for example) were notrestricted to particular areas for their work. ...

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Double Taxation Relief

untries claim simultaneous jurisdiction to tax the same income. There is some debate in a number of jurisdictions in which every government involved in international commerce act: whether a double tax ...

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Do you think that Dangerous Prisoners Legislation which allows the further detention of prisoners based upon their risk of committing further crimes is justified or unjustified?

re is a 'high degree of probability' that they represent a 'serious danger to the community'. Other jurisdictions have enacted similar legislation to restrict the release of prisoners assessed to be d ... type of legislation has largely been introduced to fill a perceived gap (Field, 2003). Whilst most jurisdictions have sentencing provisions that allow for indefinite sentencing at the time of origina ...

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Ethical Questions Paper

uestion is always why didn't the people there put down their video cameras and help out? Should all jurisdictions have a "Good Samaritan" law requiring an individual to help another if they are able? ...

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Stem Cell Funding Sought.

mimicking the initiative of New Jersey. "We now run a real risk here of losing scientists to other jurisdictions," said Delegate Samuel I. Rosenberg, a Baltimore Democrat who is sponsoring one of the ...

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The useful and important role judicial review plays in the United Kingdom's constitution.

d into "inferior bodies" otherwise known as administrative bodies. These are bodies whose powers or jurisdictions are limited by the terms of parliament statutes, royal charters and prerogative orders ...

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Homosexual Marriages and Civil Unions.

in many states. Eight states allow adoption by homosexual couples, fifteen states allow it in some jurisdictions, four states oppose same-sex parenting, and twenty-three states are currently undecide ...

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Capital Punishment

ribed: Lethal Injection, Electrocution, Lethal Gas, Firing Squad, and Hanging. The vast majority of jurisdictions provide for execution by lethal injection.While international documents have restricte ...

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The Australian Legal System

g from 1066. Law is made in Parliament. We have four sources of law and three courts with different jurisdictions that interpret the law when giving out justice. Important doctrines act as the corner- ... ffences are tried by the judiciary. At State level, there are three levels of courts with different jurisdictions - Magistrate courts, District courts and Supreme courts. Magistrate courts deal with d ...

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The Illegal drug Trade

ries include Canada, the United States, and European nations, although consumption is worldwide. In jurisdictions where legislations restricts or prohibits the sale of certain popular drugs, it is com ...

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Case study on Progressive Insurance's Marketing Strategies

Progressive conducts business in 48 states and the District of Columbia and has organized these 49 jurisdictions into six geographical regions. The Agency and the Direct Businesses are managed at the ...

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Representative Government

t was in this scheme that each group would receive equal powers and have the ability to "check" the jurisdictions of the others. Though there are various similarities, I do not believe that any of the ...

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The Types of Committees within the U.S. Congress and their Duties

ull House. They are also responsible for monitoring agencies, programs, and activities within their jurisdictions. "The Standing Committees have the power to examine and inquire into all such things a ...

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Patent Dispute

n District of Texas' Marshall Division and in the Western District of Wisconsin. Qualcomm said both jurisdictions are known for their speed and expertise at ruling on patent disputes. The lawsuits hav ...

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Natural Crime versus Legal Crime

d arson.MurderMurder is the illegal killing of one human being by another (Wikipedia, 2007). All jurisdictions consider murder the most serious crime and impose a severe penalty for its commission. ...

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because the Congress creates and destroys agencies, controls appropriations, defines the agencies' jurisdictions, approves high level appointments, and places them within or outside of the executive ...

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particularly, should be aware that rules normally allow for variances and/or have exceptions. Many jurisdictions do not act according to the will of God in regard to the defense of the innocent. Oppo ...

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