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The Koran, the most influential piece of Arabic writing

fifth and final prayer is offered before yousleep before midnight. In all prayers you must face the Kaaba in the mosque at Mecca.All of the prayers are to be offered in a mosque but if they can't they ... ate by fasting when they can afford to.The fifth duty of being a Muslim is making pilgrimage to the Kaaba in themosque at Mecca. Every adult Muslim who is physically and economically ableto do so must ...

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Bio of the prophet Muhammad. Info about his life, before and after the rev. in chrono. order

ound the time of the invasion from Yemen, where an elephant was brought along in order to smash the Kaaba. This event happened in 570 AD.Muhammad's family belonged to the clan of Hashim, a branch of t ... While the Quraysh were ruling Mecca, the Hashimis had little but religious status connected to the Kaaba. Muhammad's father, Abdallah, died before Muhammad's birth, and his mother, Amina, died when h ...

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The Culture of Pakistan: An Interview with Sohail Shah

e fourth immediately after sunset, and the fifth before retiring and before midnight. They face the Kaaba, which is a small box in Mecca. No matter where a Muslim is, he will pause, face the East, and ...

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her sanctuary: The Khoda Khane - "House of God" - a square building (which reportedly) imitates the Kaaba in Mecca and where the mosque's Korans are kept.

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ecca prospered as a center of trade and from a constant flow of pilgrims who came to worship at the Kaaba, a sacred shrine that housed the images of many Arab gods. Muhammad's message also angered the ... e First and the Last."Some of the places that Muslims hold as sacred include the city of Mecca, the Kaaba Shrine, Jerusalem, and all the mosques. Mecca is important both because the Prophet was born t ...

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The story of the ka'aba

the House of Allah. Its sanctity and antiquity is older than history itself.Tradition goes that the Kaaba was ordained by Allah to be built in the shape of the House in Heaven called Baitul Ma'amoor. ... p to one God. But within his lifetime people disobeyed his orders and began to put idols inside the Kaaba. Ibrahim had to clean the House of these idols and of Idle worshippers. He told the people tha ...

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Pilgrimage To Mecca

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The Mosque as a Symbol of Islamic Civilization

heir religion.Every mosque has a qibla. The qibla is to make sure that you face the holy city where Kaaba is. The reason for every body to face Kaaba is to show connection between the two. Man and All ...

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An examination of the rationalizing force of globalization and the parochial forces that rise as a result of its diffusion into the Third World.

In the Middle East, Sheiks drive Range Rovers to their pilgrimage. Luxury hotels now tower over the Kaaba of Mecca. Osama Bin Laden himself expressed his disgust at the changing nature of his homeland ...

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