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Provincial Capital of Fars. Altitude 1,600 meters, 500 km S of Esfahan (935 km from Tehran) on a good road. 300 km N-E of Bushehr on a good road in course of completion. 600 km E of Abadan on road in process of being restored. International airport and link-up with Iran Air Internal airline.

An eight-kilometer-long motorway links the airport to the outskirts of the town, eight uninterrupted kilometers of rose-garden, aptly announcing Shiraz, the "City of roses and poets".

Parks with magnificent trees are one of the town's attractions. Long wide shady avenues lead from one side to the city other. They are an incitement to leisurely wanderings during siesta time. Exemplary modern achievements, including remarkable hotels and very striking university buildings are conducive to a pleasant stay. Because of the city's altitude (1,600 meters) the climate is extremely pleasant. It is very mild in winter and not too hot in summer.

Nearby Persepolis and the international fame of its annual art festival have confirmed Shiraz as a tourist center. The Bagh-e Eram, in Shiraz, famous for its gardens, is a typical late Qajar palace, now donated to Shiraz University.

Shiraz, Naranjistan, 19th century. This very beautiful house and garden which originally belonged to the Ghavam family now been restored to become the home of the Asia Institute. A fine painted title frieze borders the roof, while the facade has a dado of carved stone slabs. The high central porch fronts a room lined with mirror mosaic, and the garden has been restored to an original design.

This gives the capital of the Fars region a new dimension, but does not prevent its inhabitants from demonstrating a touching devotion for their leading poets, Hafez and Saadi. Saadi died in 1291 at the age of 100. He...