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An Objective Comparisson between "American Beauty" and "The Sixth Sense",

on of a family that has been suffering subtle build-up for years. It's the story of Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey), a 42-year-old hack writer for a media magazine whose 14-year career has left him empt ...

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American Beauty and Lester Burnham's life.

American BeautyAmerican Beauty, a story about Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey), his family, and his neighbors, is both funny and tragic. In addition to a loveless ma ...

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This is a speech directed to the audience of the 2003 Academy Awards arguing that feature films are made for money, rather than entertainment.

pular or even most interesting character in the movie. The father figure, Lester Burnham, played by Kevin Spacey, begins his journey as a weak and dominated character, before progressing to a marijuan ...

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Analyse Of American Beauty.

round trying to change it.I think this film has heart and it makes you care about the man played by Kevin spacey.American Beauty opens with a girl being filmed as she begins to talk about her misguide ...

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Movie review about "pay it forward".

very distressing tone to this movie.The actors themselves performed remarkably well in this movie. Kevin Spacey's acting in this movie seemed so real and emotional that for a while I was calling him ... uld he ever lead a normal life and have a family of his own to love him for who he was. I felt that Kevin Spacey's acting in this film was very real and made you believe that he became the character h ...

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The Life of David Gale: Fascinating or Flawed? A Film Critique of the controversial movie starring Kevin Spacey. Topics include assisted suicide and Texas death row.

Death Watch, an advocacy group opposed to the death penalty. This all changes when David (played by Kevin Spacey), is wrongly accused of raping a student. David loses everything of importance and turn ...

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American Beauty

Mathew Manos6/16/02Prof. F. ConAmerican BeautyProvoked by forbidden passions, Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) decides to make a few changes in his boring life, changes that are more symbolic of an ...

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AMERICAN BEAUTY (Modern Dysfunctional Culture)

ot really "acting" per se; making the viewer believe that they are the actual character in the film.Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening play Lester Burnham and Carolyn Burnham, a seemingly happily married ...

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"A Time to Kill", directed by Joel Schumacher, based on the novel by John Grisham.

case is made that much harder as he comes up against the ruthless District Attorney Rufus Buckley (Kevin Spacey) who figures that winning this case will be his ticket to becoming governor and who als ... and grief stricken father and really encourages viewers to sympathise to the actions that he took. Kevin Spacey's act as the slimy prosecutor is very convincing. Matthew McConaughey's performance is ...

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"American Beauty" - Film Analysis

rayed as normal but as the film later suggests, things are not always as they seem. Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) at the age of 42 has become negative and indifferent about every aspect of his life. H ...

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Narrative analysis : "American Beauty"

The movie concerns the lives of two families that live side-by-side in the suburbs. Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) is a"corporate drone" whose miserable career has become even moremiserable because of ...

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American Beauty And Buddhism

magine waking up in the morning and feeling emotionally dead. In the movie "American Beauty," Kevin Spacey plays Lester Burnham, a middle aged family man who has no passion, motivation or reason ...

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aced with cruel, comic glibness, come out of their lead character, the very unhappy Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey), a man written off as a loser by both his wife and their daughter.Mendes and Ball (a f ...

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Feelings of Belonging to the o

would have turned out if I had been a man. Would have I turned out to be a powerful sexy man like "Kevin Spacey, Bill Clinton, Simbad or John Travolta," or would I have turned out to be a male me.Ano ...

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A Closer Look At American Suburbia

The next scene is of a high angle shot, with a voice-over being spoken by Lester Burnham, played by Kevin Spacey. The narration reveals that he is already dead, which tells us that the following scene ...

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American Beauty Producer: Bruce Cohen Director: Sam Mendes

the images, symbolism, race/class/gender, etc.? (Spend a little time answering this)In this movie, Kevin Spacey plays a disgruntled middle-aged husband who is dissatisfied with his life. In the begin ...

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