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The Koala

The KoalaInroduction The koala is the Australian jewel. It has very furry, ash coloredhair, a rub ... oredhair, a rubbery black nose, sharp claws, fuzzy ears, and a grizzlypersonality, or should I say, koalality. If you kill a koala, you'll make amillion off their fur! They would sell the fur to coat ... you'll make amillion off their fur! They would sell the fur to coat companies and make coats out of koala fur. Well, sadly enough, too many people are makingmillions on koalas. That's why they're enda ...

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Australias flora and fuana report

raliaAustralia's native flora and fauna is truly unique. Animals such as the kangaroo, possum, emu, koala, frill necked lizard and the platypus are found nowhere else on Earth. Our native flora includ ... he world.Native animals most likely to be seen in the wild are wallabies and kangaroos, possums and koalas. There are also many small, mainly nocturnal animals. Part of the reason for Australia's appa ...

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Information on the best known marsupials - the koala and the kangaroo

The Koala and the Kangaroo are the best know marsupials, meaning they have a pouch in which they carry t ... he Kangaroo are the best know marsupials, meaning they have a pouch in which they carry their young.Koalas' have thick wooly fur that is an ash-grey colour. Koalas' have an excellent balance and stron ... ease. They grow to about two feet long. When they are born they are about 3/4 of an inch. They baby Koala called a Joey lives in its mothers' pouch for six months, then rides on its back for another 6 ...

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Technological advancements that have helped scientists identify the platypus

The Platypus was first described in 1799 in Shaw's naturalist's Miscellany along with the koala, Kangaroo, wombat and emu. The most curious was the platypus. Since its first discovery there ...

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ed marketplace and many competitors having already strongly established. However the 'Larry the fun Koala' campaign will have an edge. It will directly market the idea of both the educational side of ... n and rewarding experience. Then when the parents realise what a positive impact the 'Larry the fun Koala' books are having on their child the product is sure to be promoted through word of mouth. Thi ...

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The Koala site:

The KoalaWhat is a koala?The koala is a small bear-like, tree-dwelling, herbivorous marsupial which aver ... ut 9kg (20lb) in weight. It's fur is thick and usually ash grey with a tinge of brown in places.The koala gets it's name from an ancient Aboriginal word meaning "no drink" because it receives over 90% ... rinks when ill or times when there is not enough moisture in the leaves. ie during droughts etc.The koala is the only mammal, other than the Greater Glider and Ringtail Possum, which can survive on a ...

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I am Australian- What it means to be Australian- Speech

nique features of Australia.We have the world's most venomous snake, as well as the cuddly innocent koala who sleeps all day. Our Flora and Fauna have been evolving since we were a part of Gondwanalan ...

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Australia animals

the Northwest coast and Southeast coast. We would like to introduce you some of not so common ones.KoalasEveryone knows these cute animals, looking like a teddy bear. Of course, they aren't really be ... bears don't have pouches and their babies aren't as big as your thumbnail. The closest relative of koala is the wombat; they both have pouches, for rearing their babies. The largest koalas weight ove ...

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Business Management - Pacific Airlines

f S$ 1000 million which enabled Pacific Airlines to reduce her debtAcquisition & integration of Koala AirExtensive refurbishment of the fleetPublic float of Pacific AirlinesThis was make possible ... sia who holds the same rank.Recommendations :( to adjust Pay Structure equity between Pacific & Koala Airline staff.( to design a customised salary structure to fit your company. The salary struct ...

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Chelsea Swinburne Koalas in RedlandMrs HookerAbout Koalas.The Koala is a well-known and popular animal, endemic to Aus ... colour varies from pale grey in North Australia to grey-brown in the South.Breeding & lifecycleKoalas live for between 10 and 20 years, and usually breed between September and February . Female K ... d from two years of age, and have a gestation period of about two months. They commonly produce one Koala a year though on rare occasions they can produce twins. After the young Koala is about one yea ...

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