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Pacific Airlines revenue for the year ended June 1999 was S$ 5000 million. This was make possible because of;

A recapitalization in February 1999 of S$ 1000 million which enabled Pacific Airlines to reduce her debt

Acquisition & integration of Koala Air

Extensive refurbishment of the fleet

Public float of Pacific Airlines

This was make possible because the airlines enjoy a reputation for customers service and operational excellence and holds an enviable safety records. Was named airline of the year for 1998.

However Pacific Airlines is facing problems in terms of company's organisational climate, rewards system, labour management relations, performance management and other areas of concern.


to assist with the design and implementation of key human resources programmes to improve the focus and productivity of management and staff taking into the consideration Pacific Airline's objectives and culture.


Based on an ISO 9002 robust fundamental system, 6 sigma means Kaizen (gradual progressiveness in improving), thus is a program to measure, analyze, improve and control customer service and total cost productivity and support all programs and services of the company.

Building on the ISO 9002 quality system, the target of Six Sigma is to further improve quality levels through a newly developed methodology, yielding enhanced customer satisfaction and total cost productivity (Kaizen at its best). Quantitatively, this means that the average process will generate less than 3.4 defects per million transactions.

Thus, the Six Sigma quality initiative objective is to achieve near-perfect customer service and performance. It is a strategic focus to ensure that each and every customer is 100% satisfied with the products and services we provide. In addition, Six Sigma is focused on increasing the speed of getting products to market and doing so at the lowest possible cost.

Six Sigma starts with the premise...