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This is a standard informative report on Krill. Everything about this sea species. Size, mating, eating, living locations. Well written.

KrillIf you were to combine all of their weight together, it would definitely out weigh the entire h ... itely out weigh the entire human race (Cordell Bank). These tiny shrimp like crustacians are called krill. Thousands of krill, packed together swim through the ocean like a swarm of bees. Krill someti ... ommonly depicted in books and webpages are artic animals like the whale, seal, and penguins however krill play a very vital role in Antarctica's ecosystem.The Euphausiid shrimp or more commonly known ...

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Escape From Krazniraz: A story about an adventure...

The group was resting quietly in the dungeons of castle Krill, Jango, Bardoc, Touchfire, Doughty, Littlejohn and Athor. The leaders were Jango, a powerful a ... to the exit, where a surprise awaited them...It had been two days since the gang escaped the castle Krill. They were very tired because they had just reached a mountaintop. It was a very thin ledge. T ... ritly. Touchfire and Jango became teachers at the wizardry school and Bardoc, he died when battling Krill's wizards, but he protects Slinsil from 'up above'. In the end Slinsil became victorious, than ...

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Life in Antarcitca

of the ocean freezes and many of the animals leave Antarctica. Most of the small sea life, such as Krill, moves to places where the water temperature is more stable. Animals that eat Krill either cha ... the water temperature is more stable. Animals that eat Krill either change their diet or follow the Krill's movement. The only warm blooded animal that remains in Antarctica throughout the winter is t ...

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Antarctic Animals: The Penguins

eir skin dry and wide feet which they use for swimming.But unlike many penguins, which eats surface krill, Emperor penguins’ diet are fish, squid, and crustaceans that they catch when swimming un ... feet. Dives can last 15 minutes or more until needing for air. Their diet are small fish and squid, krill, and plankton. At sea, the key predators of King penguins are the Leopard seals and Killer wha ...

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Analysis of Whales

e millions of broom-like bristles called Baleen to catch millions of tiny organisms such as shrimp, krill and plankton. The other type of whale is called Odontoceti. These are the toothed whales that ...

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Universe at War

ery sergeant (MGSgt) Banks yelled. As our squad was fighting on the planet of Voultron fighting the Krill, on this corrupted planet that is overflowing with virus canoes, volcanoes that are created fo ... h-white with tentacle like things hanging from his chin."Yes, I did. We have received info that the krill's chancellor has escaped and is joining up with the grubs on the planet Tion, the swampiest pl ...

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eing consumed by other predators. But since the decline of Blue Whales, energy from the Shrimps and Krills that Blue Whales eat are scarce. In fact, the extinction of Blue Whales would leave tons of p ... ic Food Web would be imbalanced due to the fact that Blue Whales consume an abundance of Shrimp and Krill. This means that Shrimps and Krill will be over-populated than average.9) Actions to be taken ...

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