Universe at War

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Universe at War"The year 2150 has come; technology has brought human beings to different worlds living with exotic beings, fighting for power. War has been raging on for a century there is a new breed of soldiers. Specially trained to kill and fight till' death. These soldiers are known as gears fighting along the alien soldiers known as the swarm. The Gears each have unique skills; a birthmark on their left forearm knows their skills. Each containing a different level of super strength, but only one gear is born with the sign of the skull, me, Cpl. Wolf.

"We need to get to the top of that volcano," my squad leader, Master gunnery sergeant (MGSgt) Banks yelled. As our squad was fighting on the planet of Voultron fighting the Krill, on this corrupted planet that is overflowing with virus canoes, volcanoes that are created for biological warfare. The sand is red, dry and hot.

"Give me covering fire!" I yelled over the whistling sound of the bombs containing a virus that will only attack unknown species.

"Ah, crap!" MGSgt Banks yelled, "I'm shot!" I peered over the bumpy edge of the rock to see how bad it was; he was hit in the neck by a sniper. I crawled to him to inspect more closely, where he was shot. It turned out the bullet missed him, but scraped him right across the artery; he lay there holding his neck preventing the blood from gushing out.

"I need a corpsman!" I screamed, while dragging banks into heavier cover.

"I need a dang corpsman," I yelled. Just then, I saw the corpsman covered in blood running towards me. Before he was five steps away from me, his head was blown off by a nuclear grenade. I covered myself with our deployable...