The sorrow of World War 1

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In Adelaide in the fall of 1912, a young man named John who was 20 years and 11 months old was hoeing a field helping his father replant their failed crop. It was to be his 21st birthday next month as his father had said, “he was becoming a man”. They had planted the crop for it to be harvested for his birthdayOn January 22nd 1913 was his 21st birthday thankfully the crop grew quicker and the harvest was ready for his birthday. The guest had a lovely feast. Then when it was time for John to give a speech he announced he would be moving to Sydney to go to university in two months.

The two months went quicker than the automobile his father had bought two years previous. He was going to Sydney and not coming back for a whole two years.

He left for Sydney on the 28 of February 1913, he was travelling first class on the cruise ship “The seven seas” down around the bottom of Australia they stoped in Melbourne for two days.

He would make many new friends on this cruise. One would be Rick Wilson who was also studying to become a teacher.

He arrived in Sydney on February of 1913 he was enrolled at the university to study to become a teacher, after his degree was over he would return to his home state to become a Teacher in his home town of Adelaide.

Rick was a year and a half older than he was. They were to be going to the same university. Rick had come from Hobart and he planed to return there just like John planned to return to Adelaide. The both of them had a little brother and sister. Rick father and uncles all were in the...