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Budget 97 of Canada

Finance Minister Paul Martin unveiled the Liberal government's 1997 budget recently. As most economic and political experts predicted there ... s was a cautious and predicable budget that was every bit political as it was economical. With the Liberal government set to call an election in late May or early June the Party was very reluctant to ... ths of strict financial management. With the Federal deficit dropping over the last few years, the Liberals feel that they can balance the budget in the next two years. This is important because it ...

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The Canadian healtcare system: different strategies that the goverment should undertake.

. The act was originally drafted in 1984 by Monique Begin, then-health minister in Pierre Trudeau's Liberal government. These principles are generally described as*Portability*Universality*Comprehensi ...

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Acheivement of the constitution act of 1982 and the failure of the Meech Lake accord

be transferred from the Parliament of the United Kingdom to Canada" . Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his liberal government revised the 1867 Constitution Act in the 1970s, eventually producing the Constitu ... ederal government viewed the provinces as peripheral colonies. Specifically, the federal government liberally used its centralizing powers enacted by the BNA to reject provincial legislation and "exer ...

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On the Role of Illegal Immigrants in Sustaining a Developed Society

t immigrants we need; illegal immigrants are vital to the sustenance of a Capitalist economy when a liberal government has made an a coerced underclass illegal and a docile underclass impossible.The C ... r painfully politically correct attitudes are transforming our young people into models of Blairite Liberalism, and archetypes of aspiration.But are all aspirations justified? Are there immutable, gen ...

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Australia in Vietnam.

lic 'red tide' of communism was coming to Australia, due to the strong anti-communist policy of the Liberal government. We became so convinced that the Liberal government were in power for 22 years st ...

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The Dismissal of Gough Whitlam.

enging and controversial that Australian Politics had ever seen before, or since. After 23 years of Liberal Government, the people voted Labor and saw a massive change in policy, which was almost imme ... ces were good things for Australians, such radical progress was very expensive and troublesome. The Liberal - Country Party saw such brisk advances as 'waving a magic wand' over Australian problems an ...

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How satisfactory are explanations of the welfare state reforms of the Liberal party in the U.K in 1906-14, which rest upon a 'rediscovery' of poverty coupled with middle- and upper class altruism.

ich rest upon a 'rediscovery' of poverty coupled with middle- and upper class altruism.The years of liberal administration between 1906-14 can now be clearly seen as a period of extensive social refor ... ans. This argument usually involves questions of both altruism and efficiency on behalf of both the liberal government and the individuals concerned with the legislation. The model of the reforms bein ...

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Why did the revolutions of 1848 achieve so little in Germany?

rmed uprising in Baden but this attracted little to no public support and was easily crushed by the Liberal government. The main weapons of these revolutions were not guns nor violence but meetings, d ... the 1848 revolution achieved so little; it was the mentality of the Germanic people that failed the liberals.

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Why did the ALP lose the election of December 13th 1975 so badly?

alian Labor Party came to power in November 1972, it was following almost a quarter of a century of Liberal government, whose policies were becoming increasingly outdated in comparison to the forward ... onomic uncertainty was a realist able to pull the country out of near recession.In 1972 the federal Liberal government was experiencing problems of unemployment, industrial unrest, of how to manage th ...

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A conservative government would effect the engineering (or surveying) profession differently compared to a more liberal government. Do you agree? Provide clear arguments to support your position

Certainly, I agree that a conservative government and a liberal government would effect the engineering profession. Here are some differences:· ... profession. Here are some differences:· Conservatives believe in limited government. Liberals believe in intrusive government when required to achieve societal needs. (Exception: social ... s and pornography.)· Conservatives believe in individual freedom and responsibility. Liberals believe in sacrificing individual freedom for socially desirable outcomes. Liberals believe ...

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The 2004 Federal Budget Report

The 2004 Federal Budget Report The liberal government under Paul Martin released its 2004 federal budget. The budget attempted to cover ... he will also be a ceiling increase on student loans to $210 per week from $165 per week. The Liberal Finance Minister Ralph Goodale announced in his budget that $350 million will go to sites th ... iety, it does make Canada a much better place to live, but many argue it is a problem caused by the Liberal Federal Governments of the past and should not be paid for in such a large amount with tax p ...

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French Revolution (1792-94) foreshadowed the emergence of the socialist movement

t, as Louis Blanc, obviously known for hissocialist views, was at odds with the rest of the ten man liberal government. The bloody June Days gave the Parisiansa chance to battle the government troops. ... he example of Haiti. The spread of nationalism to Latin America was accompanied by some of theother liberal ideas associated with the French Revolution, but not by all.

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Bias of the canadan supreme court

tive Party opinion that the appointment of Louise Charron and Rosalie Abella are just a way for the Liberal government to push forward their agenda.The Star, like this essay, stays outside the issue a ... pen for a sequel. I also give the faults impression that the whole of the elected cabinet, which is liberal of course will have a democratic discussion on the topic, with input from the all party meet ...

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Analyse the reasons for the rise of Fascism

battimento' (fascist movement) in 1919. They were mostly ex soldiers who were dissatisfied with the liberal government and the outcome of the war. Mussolini began to make promises to restore Italy to ... t also used violence in order to convert people into the idea of Fascism and not Socialism The weak Liberal government and the rise of Socialism scared many, allowing the growing support for the Fasci ...

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The 1975 Constitutional Crisis - The Whitlam Dismissal

's Senate leader and Attorney General, Lionel Murphy, to the High Court bench in February 1975, the Liberal government of New South Wales, under Premier Tom Lewis, refused to follow convention and app ... former seat of Bass in June 1975 saw a massive swing against the government and the election of the Liberal Party's Kevin Newman in a seat that had been held by the ALP for 60 years.Rex Connor's autho ...

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Why did Liberalism exercise so little influence in Russia in the period 1856 to 1956?

There are three main reasons why Liberalism did not take root in the period. Firstly the nature of Russia itself was unsuited to Libe ... of Russia itself was unsuited to Liberalism's development. Secondly war often caused extremes that Liberal government wasn't capable of handling and lastly the personalities that ruled and had major ... ussia was and is to this day, to rule Russia efficiently seems to require authoritarian rather than liberal government. The 'Russian' Empire through the Tsars to the Bolsheviks was always made up of a ...

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Why Menzies Committed Australia to the Vietnam War

The strong anti-communist stand taken by the Menzies liberal government in the 1950'2 and 1960's led to Australia taking active part in the politics of t ... World War 2, we were ready to support the US in the fight against aggressive communist behavior.The liberal government was concerned with the thought of the domino theory meaning if one country alls w ... xpected the younger generation to do the same thing. Besides the Returned Services League, both the Liberal Party and the Country Party supported the war.The Vietnam War was widely opposed due to the ...

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Gough Whitlam Dismissal

as seen as a threat to the previous Australian way of life. The changes went against everything the Liberal government, of the previous twenty-three years had sought to protect- the private sector. In ... reased personal rights for the people and previously down-trodden minorities severely unsettled the Liberal Party, and upset the Liberal Senators, who began to make the Whitlam government's term incre ...

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ugh a stability and balance of both ruling powers and their counter-powers (for example "“ The liberal government as the ruling power and the labour opposition as its counter power), A balance of ...

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To what extent should fascism be seen as inextricably linked with the First World War?

919. In the beginning the movement consisted mostly of ex soldiers who were dissatisfied with their liberal government and the outcome of the war. These ex soldiers, mainly peasants had lost their pla ... , were calling for a revolution of some kind within Italy. They were all dissatisfied with the weak Liberal government and the constant threat of the revolution from the unsatisfied working classes; t ...

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