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Justice The topic of justice can be perceived in many different ways from many different points of view. In this essay, the view of justice presented is that of an all-high value that we as people look to too define our standards of life as being just or unjust. Justice may be exercised in the form of criminals being punished, the ideal of equality between all or the right for each and every person to make unbiased opinions. Justice is the trying to set this equality as the status quo. This status quo becomes broken whenever an injustice is performed, and is restored when justice is performed, and the injustice put to rights.

Throughout nations worldwide, governments or ruling powers are present to administer justice in a way as they see fit. Through a stability and balance of both ruling powers and their counter-powers (for example "“ The liberal government as the ruling power and the labour opposition as its counter power), A balance of justice is achieved.

In theory.

In some countries however, this power over the population is severely misused.

In 1993 an International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia was established by the UN Security Council to moniter and bring to justice some of the wrongs that had happened during the three year Bosnian conflict. Since then, it has been estimated that 20,000 people were sexually attacked in that three-year interval. To the UN, the injustice of this finding was colossal.

The assaults on those people were just about all made by militia from Serbian armed forces, which were the ruling or governing power in that area at the time. The whole idea of governance is to protect the people under you reign, providing "peace and justice for all", yet the militia brought with them injustice, robbing...