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These are notes from Abnormal Psychology Class. The notes and definitions would help anyone taking this or a similar class, or even general psychology. Lots of definitions here.

individuals change their thoughts, feelings, and behavior to reduce distress and to achieve greater life satisfaction.PsychiatristHolds and MD degree and has had postgraduate training (residency) in w ... yche. It consists of the basic urges for food, water, elimination, warmth, affection, and sex.LibidoLife force. Eros, and sexual energy.Pleasure PrincipleSeeks immediate gratificationPrimary processGe ...

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Global Human Resource Management

to many people, for some it could be financial advantages, status, social standing, and for others life satisfaction, sense of accomplishment, leading a life with meaning and purpose, professional re ... give a sense of accomplishment. It means opportunity, challenge, psychological rewards and a better life style.A career can be defined as a sequence of positions, roles or jobs held by one person over ...

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Relationship between Optimism and Subjective Well-Being

of optimism or pessimism among a random sample of people. Next, the same people's satisfaction with life will also be measured. The results of these measurements will be pooled, examined, studied and ... d. The relationship between one's optimism versus pessimism measurement and one's satisfaction with life will then be determined. It is hypothesized that people who score higher on the optimism versus ...

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Life Roles

Life RolesSusan L. Stasher June 26, 2012 Running head: LIFE ROLES1LIFE ROLES2Life RolesL ... activities are a major importance in the development and implementation of career goals. Different life roles require discrete basic skills, responsibilities, and expectations because each life role ... xplicit priorities. A college student, a career professional, and a parent will each have different life roles and transitions to achieve balance between responsibilities. Life roles necessitate diffe ...

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