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James Earl Jones: A Voice in the Crowd

stately voice of the majestic Mufasa, the king of the jungle in Walt Disney Pictures" animated The Lion King - people know this deep harmonious voice belongs to this consummate actor of stage and scr ... admissions charge. Before Henry V opened, Jones was also given a job as the leading role in Lionel "bel's play The Pretender directed off Broadway by Herbert Machiz. Jones "fared better with t ...

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Archetypes In the "Lion King"

The Lion King is a story containing many archetypes. Archetypes are patterns or models of literature tha ... tions of water vs. desert. These archetypes can be noticed easily and help things come together.The Lion King has a very evident hero, Simba. Simba meets many of the characteristics of an archetypal h ... returns to his previous life and faces all of his problems.The symbolism of water and desert in the Lion King is very important. Water often accompanies a change in a story. Water can also be a sign o ...

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Consumer sovereignty

tie-in's. With the enormous success of advertisements linked with children'smovies, such as in "The Lion King", which promoted products stretching from dolls toclothing, movies aimed at adults are now ...

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The Lion King compared to human being.

The Lion King-SimbaA hero is one who can look fear in the eyes and laugh. He can tackle any obstacle and ... ugh on top. There are few who can live up to these heroic expectations. Though it may seem silly, a lion from an animated movie is the first character that comes to my mind that depicts the qualities ... the first character that comes to my mind that depicts the qualities of a hero. This is no ordinary lion though; he is a lion that triumphs over many barriers, his name is Simba. Simba's life is full ...

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Lion King: The Musical Review

Lion King: The Musical is the best on stage performance I have ever experienced. Going into the thea ...

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The Epic of Sundiata

l of Ghana, the Mali Empire took its place and rose to power under the leadership of Sundiata, "the lion King." Under Sundiata, Mali expanded rapidly west to the Atlantic Ocean, south into the forest, ... d some animals as gods. For example, Sundiata's mother, Sogolon was the Buffalo and Sundiata as the Lion Child. The Sundiata gives details about the Niger Congo religion by the art of drumming. "The k ...

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External Communications Anaylsis - Walt Disney Corporation

ess in the early 1990's with Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, and especially the record breaking, The Lion King, Disney needed to find a way to keep its momentum going for its next animated feature film ... une 1995. A Disney source says the campaign for Pocahontas "is every bit as great as it was for The Lion King. In some aspects, it's even greater" (qtd in Broeske). Disney went on to fuel the media fr ...

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The Lion King A.K.A Hamlet An essay comparing/contrasting Hamlet and the Lion King.

The Lion King A.K.A Hamlet Watching The Lion King throughout the years, you would never have stop ... times. We must give William Shakespeare credit; for if he did not write Hamlet, the creators of The Lion King would not have been able to base their animated movie off of it. The fun songs placed in t ... enge their deaths and take responsibility for what their uncles have done. The villains in both The Lion King and Hamlet can be similarly compared to one another as well. Both Scar and Claudius are br ...

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Essay on the revenge tragedy present in both The Lion King and Hamlet - similarities and differences

Hamlet and The Lion King: Shakespearean Influences on Modern EntertainmentThere is no doubt that today's entertainm ... , Walt Disney Pictures released what could arguably be the best-animated feature of all time in The Lion King. With a moral base unlike most of the movies released at the time, TLK placed a children's ... r inspection of the characters themselves do we see just how apparent these similarities are.In The Lion King, a cub named Simba, whose naivete procures him more than his fair share of hardships and t ...

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"Hamlet" and the "Lion King".

's murder. A modern day version of Hamlet was made a couple of years ago. This movie is called "The Lion King". "The Lion King" is a cartoon movie expressing a similar plot to the story of Hamlet. In ... used him to want revenge. The sudden shock and his plan caused insanity upon Hamlet.The movie, "The Lion King", has a similar plot, but is in a cartoon version. The movie uses lions instead of people. ...

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"Heroines Are Not Created Equal": Compare and contrast Mulan , Nala, and Snow White.

e for every movie. The difference in female characters is seen in the Disney movies Snow White, The Lion King, and Mulan. When comparing the three main female heroines in these movies--Snow White, Nal ... s from her problems, and she is not brave enough to take any action.Nala, the main heroine from The Lion King, is shown to be slightly braver than Snow White. Her bravery is evidenced in the part of t ...

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Chicago Theatre: The history of and a short guide to experiencing it.

rmer glory. Tickets are not cheap for these theatres by any means. I just searched for Disney's The Lion King and the cheapest tickets were $82.50 each. That would make a very expensive night for a fa ...

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"The Lion King"

Many people think "The Lion King", is one of Disney's most successful movies. It is also a very successful Broadway play. W ... ur attention from the opening words to the final curtain call.There were several hit songs from The Lion King, but none as popular as Elton Johns "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" which he wrote specifi ... none as popular as Elton Johns "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" which he wrote specifically for The Lion King. It is one of my favorite songs. The words pulled me in. The song is both happy and sad. S ...

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Disney's affect on our Children and Culture

word to him.The issue of female subordination does not only apply to The Little Mermaid though. The Lion King is another prime example. All of the rulers in the animal kingdom are men, supporting the ... are men, supporting the idea that leadership is awarded only to men. The dependency that the female lions have on men isn't altered, even after the beloved king Mufasa is killed and the kingdom is tak ...

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Lion king - Heroes

Viewer’s response/EvaluationThe lion king becomes a very touching story in which develops a sense of remorse through the themes of l ... and given a visual sheen that is quite unlike anything that Disney had ever put on the screen. "The Lion King" is a celebration of all things detailed and intricate, capturing the great expanses of la ... s may be, but for everything familiar, there's something very different about the way in which "The Lion King" manages to steal one's heart. Although this may be just another animation in which is for ...

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The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

is is not to say that I am dismissing the Elton John-Tim Rice-Hans Zimmer team responsible for "The Lion King".The incredible sensitivities that Ashman had with his writing was what made the songs to ... songs to "Mermaid", "Beauty" and "Aladdin" so rich and beautiful; John-Rice-Zimmer's music to "The Lion King" worked well because it was supposed to be grandiose and wild. And by roping in Schwartz f ...

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Red badge of courage 4

Courage depicts the evolution of the childish, Henry Fleming, into a grown hero. Like Simba in The Lion King, Henry must conquer a psychological obstacle. Simba had to retrieve his kingdom from his c ... se of deserting his regiment.Henry Fleming overcame a great obstacle to acquire his manhood. In The Lion King, Simba forced himself to believe he was a hero because the "worst critic in life is yourse ...

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ur 2Kathryn TabkeMarch 21, 2008Introduction:The year of 1994 gave birth to a big screen legend, the Lion King, announced the election of George W. Bush as the governor of Texas, and saw a cancellation ... da, and Mexico. The agreement created the largest free trade zone in the world. An estimated 406 billion people are creating eleven trillion dollars worth of materials and services due to the policy. ...

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The Lion King Symbolics

The movie, “The Lion King”, is a representation of people and events from World War I and World War II. Mufasa, ... Scar told lies to Simba to get his way also. After Scar became king he did not do Pride Rock or the lions any good. He starved the lions with no food and Pride Rock was not a good place for the lions ... reign.Simba represents The United States as they joins the Allies in World War I. Simba joined the lions later on after he realized how bad condition was Pride Rock and the lions years later and Scar ...

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Disney Films Should or Should Not be Shown To Children

Disney films are not for childrenWe were a generation that grew up with the Disney films. The Lion King, Snow White, Mulan, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and we could reca ... ositive messages to young children, too. The sense of family, responsibility, and courage as in The Lion King, Mulan, or The Incredibles was communicated through the films. Indeed, and if there were n ...

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