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This essay is a book report of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.

n character in The Outsiders is Ponyboy Curtis, a 14 year-old teenager with light-brown, almost red long hair and greenish-grey eyes. Ponyboy is a 'greaser' and after his parents die, he lives with hi ...

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The Outsiders - summary

Ponyboy Curtis belongs to a lower-class group of Oklahoma youths who call themselves greasers because of their greasy ... to Ponyboy's rescue are Johnny, a sensitive sixteen-year-old; Dally, a hardened street hood with a long criminal record; Steve, Sodapop's best friend; and Two-Bit, the oldest and funniest group membe ...

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Hippies, a generation never forgotten

as being dirty, drugged, and disrespectful to elders and society. While the young men were styling long hair and beards, men and women were dressing in outlandish fashions and passionately publicizin ... on called the hippies? My parents had an active role in this bewildered society in the 60's. They, along with the rest of the hippy generation, were simply unsatisfied with humanity, and thought they ...

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Wrong always.

hot tears roll down my cheeks. It's okay. No one will see. No one can see. My head is bowed low. My long hair screens my face. My hair is my shield.The tears on my cheek freeze, like frozen gems. But ...

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"Wuthering Heights", by Emily Bronte.

ted Heathcliff horribly, he and Catherine grew very close. When Hindley teased Heathcliff about his long hair, it was all that could fit in Heathcliff's capacity of tolerance and a little scuffle betw ... evenge after getting in trouble for throwing hot applesauce at Hindley when he was teased about his long hair (52 - 54). Heathcliff hated Hindley so much that he regretted catching Hindley's son, Hare ...

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Siddhartha: this essay talk about how Siddhartha say that he distrusted teachers and rather learn from himself, but no matter where he goes he learned from the people around him

hartha's interest in obtaining knowledge from the teaching of others. Siddhartha had many teachers along his quest for enlightenment. Throughout his life he denounced teachers and their teachings; but ... Throughout his life he denounced teachers and their teachings; but in his last meeting with his lifelong friend, Govinda, he mentions five people in which he was indebted to: a beautiful courtesan, a ...

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Political: Student Rights Radical activists are taking over our schools

nti-war, anti-government hippies that were so well know in the 60's and 70's have grown up. They no longer look like the typical bellbottom and peasant top wearing, long hair individuals that we have ...

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Anorexia - Eating disorder Works cited

ars, stores, and people around you. In onemoment you notice a nice-looking girl with a skinny body, long hair, and nice dress.Why she is not smiling? Is she worrying abut something? The truth is that ...

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The Recovery of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts.

archers believe that the most impressive item found was a diorite bust of an unidentified lady with long hair. Some believe that it could be the Nile god, Hapy. All of the artifacts that were found ha ... chaeological surveys last month date to the 3rd through 5th centuries B.C..."(The Canadian Press). Along with the statues and busts, the team recovered ancient tools and containers believed to be used ...

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Fashion Tips For Shorter Guys.

to mention insecure.2. Keep in mind that, as a general rule, short hair works best for shorter men. Long hair tends to hide the neck and shoulders, making your head and body look like one body part, w ... surprised by the great stuff you can find!).general styling tipsWear vertical stripesAnything that elongates your height is a good thing. For example, vertical stripes in clothing can help extend the ...

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The Costume of the Victorian Age

AdultsLadies: They have fancy clothes, and they are longer than ours.It was really rude to show your ankle in that time.Rich peoples clothes were usuall ... A fashionable man wore a frock coat, tight trousers, and a waist-coat, all in dark material. He had long hair and lots of whiskers. Gentlemen wore top hats and people with a little less money wore bow ... l skirts and over the skirt a pinafore with pockets. Boys of school age wore shirts, Knickerbockers long socks boots and a cap.

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Search For Self: Zora Neale Hurston's "Their Eyes Were Watching God "

picture and everybody got pointed out there wasn't nobody left except a real dark little girl with long hair standing by Eleanor. Dat's where ah wuz s'posed to be, but Ah couldn't recognize dat dark ... er because the dinner doesn't turn out right, Janie realizes that the spirit of her marriage was no longer there, it was over. After Joe's death, when she unties the head rag, she sees a beautiful wom ...

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Society's Families

n a spotless dress shirt. Your mother, serving pancakes to your father, is wearing an apron and her long hair up in a bun. Your sister, joining the table 10 minutes later, is in a cute dress and her h ... did not have a mother. His father, who was remarried, acquired a stepson that Jack didn’t get along with. Jack, wanting to get away, decides to live with his aunt, Aunt Greta, who was very wise a ...

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"The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton Essay: As readers we empathize with the Greasers but the novel as a whole leaves little hope for them. Do you agree?

e to finish school and have low-paid jobs. They were not accepted by society due to their clothing, long hair, and greasy appearance. Ponyboy is different to other most other Greasers. He enjoys readi ...

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"The Outsiders" by SE Hinton

was called the Greasers. This gang was recognised by the grease which they wore to hold back their long hair, hence the gang name. Greasers came from an unfortunate background, where many families ha ... - these roles are not as important as Ponyboy but they do build a ground for the story line to run along. Most of these characters, except for Cherry were outsiders and were part of the greaser gang.T ...

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The Facility

dark green, military style clothes. The doctor, wearing black, leather shoes, black trousers and a long, brown coat, gestured them to lower their weapons, and the guards obeyed."I want to make a deal ... h. My hands were red, and every limb hurt. I knew I couldn't go back into the human world. I was no longer one of them, but a monster with destructive powers. I looked across the seemingly remote isla ...

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The Feminist Mystique

3; The narrow avenues are filled with hundreds of people, primarily women, both young and old, with long hair and short, different shapes and sizes, all protesting and marching for the a single cause- ... e, in fact, superior to men and that women have been "oppressed and victimized"� for way too long (Harlan 75).As was mentioned earlier, men are also feminists. Some men also feel that they have ...

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Sexual Advertizing

liness. On first glance the viewer would swear that the male in this advertisement was a women. The long hair, the thin body type, the extremely feminine features of his face, are some of the things t ...

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My Thoughts On The Outsiders

ges of society. They have different social and cultural preferences than the insiders such as their long hair. The insiders are society's core within one city. They are the more economically privilege ... lked them into walking to his house to get his car so we could give them a ride home.We walked along, talking about everything and nothing. Pros and cons of being soc greaser, and so on. Two-bit w ...

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Cherokee Indians

se to represent the seven clans of the Cherokee. The seven clans are Bird, Paint, Deer, Wolf, Blue, Long Hair, and Wild Potato. There were two chiefs elected for each tribe. The Peace Chief who counse ...

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