This essay is a book report of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.

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The story takes place in a big city where social class separates two territories. On the West Side, the rich and high class 'Socs' reside and on the East are the poor and filthy looking 'Greasers'. The town is full of alleys and small cramped homes while big mansion-like houses exist on the West Side. There is only one school in the whole area. The setting is what a normal city would look like with movie theatres, small pubs, local gas stations and such. In addition, just like a big city, there are small gangs and groups ubiquitously.

The main character in The Outsiders is Ponyboy Curtis, a 14 year-old teenager with light-brown, almost red long hair and greenish-grey eyes. Ponyboy is a 'greaser' and after his parents die, he lives with his two older brothers- Soda and Darry. He is part of a small group, or 'gang' that stick up for each other in times of need and help each other.

Ponyboy does well at school but knows that he will never get that chance to be going to the good colleges or become successful and just tries to blend in with the crowd. Ponyboy is actually a very easy-going person and does not try too hard to act tough and mean. He sometimes feels unaccepted in the group because he is the youngest and the others only feel obligated to take him in because his brothers were Soda and Darry. I like Ponyboy a lot because he is a person that does not try to hide himself behind a mask. He does not take everything so awkward and get so depressed if people do not like him. Ponyboy also has a kind heart. He saved kids from a fire risking his own life. That quality is something you...