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Civilized By Tony Kellerhuis

r plants have come into play. Things which were never imagined long ago, yet easily obtained today. Machines alleviate us from a lot of hard work, which was completed by hand, so in this sense, societ ... es society. Many specialized weapons have been produced to kill large quantities of people. Such as machine guns, and nuclear weapons. Many people have to live in constant fear of these extremely dang ...

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Mr. Lincoln's "Coffe Mill"

n war" this is because many important discoveries happened during the Civil War. Such inventions as machine guns, hand grenades, land mines, submarines, and ironclad ships were produced. No other war ... nd strategy, such as trench warfare, was centuries ahead of 1861.One of the earlier inventions, the machine gun was first demonstrated to Lincoln on June 24, 1861; Lincoln called it the "coffee mill" ...

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"The Fateful Facade"

5000 Canadian soldiers sent to storm the beaches of Dieppe, only to meet a wall of lead spit out of machine guns from the cliffs above. The young tourist can only wonder what it must have been like on ... ey made their way inland arrived even later, and as a result left the troops running through steady machine-gun fire without any covering fire.Surprise had not been achieved, many troops landed in bro ...

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World War One.

n of modernised battle techniques and strategies such as trench warfare, the use of poison gas, and machine guns meant that the ideologies, concepts and tactical approaches to war had been radically a ... iendly troops, often causing more casualties in ones own trench than the enemy.The invention of the machine gun was one of the most important advances in military technology. The rapid and continuous ...

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Was the German defeat on the Western Front caused by the failure of the Schlieffen Plan?

was that the enemy had come on a long way since then, as had technology, especially rapidly-firing machine-guns which favoured the defenders, and the use of rail for rapid military transport. The pla ... The Germans had always treated the Plan like a beautiful, well-oiled and meticulously manufactured machine: they had seen no need for an alternative one to do the task in question, a backup in case t ...

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WWI Had Many Underlying Causes.

arfare is when troops would crouch in trenches that had rats in them. They would shoot with the new machine guns at the opposing side. The machine guns that they used would fire six hundred bullets a ...

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Social, Economical, and Political Effects of World War I.

d afterthe first few months of the war, since they made whoever wore theminto excellent targets for machine guns. Women's skirts rose abovethe ankle permanently and women became more of a part of soci ... which it has made.The early part of the war satisfied the fascination withspeed, violence, and the machine as manifested in the pre-warFuturists. Many movements shared a resolute "modernist" contempt ...

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Development in weaponry WWI

chnology of weapons eventually inspired trench warfare.WWI was a war of many firsts, the first time machine guns were widely used by opposing armies as well as long range artillery. Generals and milit ... h enough troops, there was a good chance of taking it. In WWI they tried to use this tactic against machine gun positions with very deadly results. Thousands of man ran to their bloody death at the ha ...

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Were the British soldiers lions led by donkeys?

y images of bloody battles such as the Somme and Passchendaele - futile frontal attacks against the machine guns.There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the troops were 'lions led by donkeys'. The ... ttles such as the Somme, and Ypres etc. Events where they drowned in mud, were mowed down by German machine guns, and suffered great losses.All these pressures of the soldiers and their experience of ...

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Life in the trenches

ith open land in between. All the explosions quickly turned the land into a sea of mud and craters. Machine guns were so efficient few attacks on the trenches were successful. Most military attacks en ...

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Is It True To Say That The Soldiers In The Trenches Of WWI Experienced Boredom, Brutality and Comradeship?

one at close range (as had previously been the case), failing to notice that the recently developed machine guns could simply sweep across fields and gun down whole companies of men with ease. The war ...

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"The First World War was the first modern war" discuss and evaluate this statement

rs the new, deadlier weapons that were developed just before and during this war: Tanks, airplanes, machine guns, chemical weapons are the most widely known by the general public.However, "old fashion ... her side took note of it and developed their own design of the new weapon. This was the case of the machine gun which was proposed to the British army in 1884. The British army dismissed the offer of ...

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Poetry Analysis of "Anthem for Doomed Youth"

e that it stands for World War I because of the type of warfare the speaker discusses. He discusses machine guns, rifles, and artillery shells falling from the sky like rain which most parallels World ...

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Tanks in World War I

Tanks did not play a very big role in World War One, but they became a new war machine which proved to be very important in wars after World War One. The caterpillar track ... "motor-war car". It had an engine from Daimler, a bullet-proof casing and armed with two revolving machine guns. However, offered to the British army, it was dismissed as of little use. Lord Kitchene ... ener regarded it as "a pretty mechanical toy". The British War Office lacked interest in the machine's potential. But then a British army officer, Colonel Ernest Swinton, remained enthusiastic ...

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To what extent is it fair to say that World War 1 wasn't worth it?

war people had been excited and thrilled of going to war.The WW1 was the debut of gas warfare. Also machine guns and artillery were established, causing almost 10 million deaths. It might have been po ...

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Infantry weapons of world war 2

Infantry weapons of world war 2The rifles, sub machine guns, pistols, and other weapons of world war 2 soldiersEven with tanks and aircraft, the fo ... ng and firing possible. These quickly became the basic personal weapons of world war 2 soldiers.Sub Machine GunsA german invention from the end of world war 1, these are the small and handy equivalent ... between the front and rear sights, and simpler and less precise production. These features made sub-machine guns the weapon of choice for short-range combat, elite storm troops, tank crews, and it was ...

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Different ways of fighting in WW1

y at you. However, in this war, new weapons were used because of the new technology. These included machine guns that could fire extremely fast and bayonets. Also, tanks were invented which protected ... hes. Planes, which were only invented a decade ago, were first used for spying on the enemy. Later, machine guns were attached to the planes. Canons could fire much farther, and created a much greater ...

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Describe several language techniques used in each text. Explain why they are important.

d was like for the soldiers. Lines such as "bristling fire", makes the readers imagine the sound of machine guns firing and "Tanks creep and topple forward to the wire", creates a powerful image of ta ...

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The Escape

ous crime would be lost. The memory of the incident vividly flashed in my mind... I handed boxes of machine guns to Braxus' men, then, he passed the briefcase to me. Not long after we shook hands, the ...

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World War I From Both Trenches.

y were to be won with increasingly larger and more deadly armaments such as tanks, dreadnaughts and machine guns. Consequently, the ordinary combat soldier was faced with much more deadly and efficien ... n the science of attacking his enemy he loses in strength of nerve" (Junger 4). Snipers, artillery, machine guns and especially gas took their toll on both sides. Junger and Graves both experienced ga ...

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