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ropean Economic Community and was a customs union, which allowed the free movement of goods between member states. On 1st January 1993 all barriers to the free movement of labour and capital were remo ... owned companies that are given subsidies that allow to compete unfairly with private sector rivals members states regional programmes also require clearance under state aid rules in order to avoid fa ...

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United Nations

embly, sometimes called the nearest thing to a world parliament, is the main deliberative body. All Member States are represented in it, and each has one vote. Decisions on ordinary matters are taken ... Occupying a central position in the UN,the Assembly receives reports from other organs, admits new Members, approves the budget and appoints the Secretary-General.The Security CouncilThe UN Charter, ...

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Environmental protection and the limits of Cassis de Dijon

nd is set to remain in this way for the foreseeable future. The Community's influence on individual member states' internal policies has become more evident and community integration is at the top of ... restrictions and barriers to trade. Such restrictions may arise due to the disparity of individual member states' legislation in certain areas. Such an area is that of the protection of the environme ...

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To what degree should audio-visual policy be nationally rather than EU regulated? In answering this question, reflect on the legislation, the codes and the directives that surround this question.

e MEDIA programmes and other external aspects of the policy to see how, if at all, they benefit the member states as a regulatory body.The Audio-Visual Policy developed by the EU had two main objectiv ... ference to the audio-visual division, in stating the Community shall encourage co-operation between Member States and, if necessary, supplement their action in such fields as artistic and literary cre ...

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Leadership in the Global Economy.

thirty years has been crucially shaped by its common commercial policy. The Treaty of Rome required member states to adopt common tariffs, liberalization, export promotion, and trade policies.World Tr ... ational trading relationships which are free from tariffs and from other impedimentsWith fellow WTO members (on the basis of mutual most-favoured nation treatment)With fellow WTO members (on the basis ...

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The Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU at the beginning of the 21st century.

m of it?Since the 1950s the European Communities have developed strong economic links between their Member States and with the rest of the world. Progress in the economic field since the 1990s has ena ... every state´s policy, the Defence and Foreign Affairs policy? Actually, from October 1970 the Member States cooperated and endeavoured to consult each other on major international policy problem ...

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Transportation in the european union.

mportant position in the Community, accounting for 7 % of its GNP, 7 % of total employment, 40 % of Member States' investment and 30 % of Community energy consumption. Demand, particularly in intra-Co ... common aim for each mode was to proceed from the provision of an international service (between two Member States) to cabotage (transport in another Member State).First we are going to examine the car ...

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This report is about IT industry of Ireland.

Ireland has been a member of the European Union (EU) since January 1, 1973. The EU is a customs union having free trade ... European Union (EU) since January 1, 1973. The EU is a customs union having free trade among the 15 Member States, while levying a common tariff on imports coming from non-EU countries. Europe represe ...

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It's a Research Proposal for Societas Europa organization. Details what is needd to be done to complete the research including expenses. It's just a proposal for a research project!

ble to operate on a European-wide basis and be governed by Community law directly applicable in all Member States. This unique European Company Statute has been established by two pieces of legislatio ... tute has been established by two pieces of legislation, namely a Regulation (directly applicable in Member States) establishing the company law rules and a Directive (which will have to be implemented ...

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Precedents and Present Events in the European Union: An Institutional Perspective an Treaty Reform:

the liberal intergovernmental perspectiveThe IGC:-IGC is a conference where representatives of the member states consider amendments to treaties-Outcome must be agreed upon unanimously and ratified b ... the dynamic of European integration is primarily a result of negotiations between the most powerful member states in key bargaining situations2.supranational approach: argues that transformation of th ...

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European egal systems

e objectives of the EC treaty are attained, and to ensure the co-ordination of economic policies of member states".The Council of the European Union, also known as the Council of Ministers, is the ins ... which is the main political institution of the EC .It comprises government from each of the fifteen member states. The Council meets every week in Brussels in Belgium, except for April, June and Octob ...

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The possible effects of the UK entry into the Euro on foreign trade and foreign direct investment in the country.

nuary 1999, when the exchange rates of the participating currencies were irrevocably set. Euro area Member States began implementing a common monetary policy, the euro was introduced as a legal curren ... tary policy, the euro was introduced as a legal currency and the 11 currencies of the participating Member States became subdivisions of the euro. Greece joined on 1st January 2001 and so 12 Member St ...

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Human Rights within Australian Law

which all people have claim. As they are automatic entitlements to each individual who is simply a member of humankind, governments cannot 'grant' or 'withdraw' human rights from anyone. Human rights ... as made, creating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1946, obliging the law makers of the member states to consider human rights factors when enacting their laws, and implying that where hum ...

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Where and how to invest in Czech Republic?

uropean Union are entering their final phase these months. The country considers the prospect of EU membership as the confirmation of its traditional links to the Western Europe that were broken durin ... ublic main goal is to contribute to its prosperity. The Czech Republic will officially become an EU-member in March 2004. This additional step will further enhance the good opportunities of doing busi ...

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European Monetary Union and United Kingdom

e that the EMU's costs outweighs the benefits. The use of the euro currency will unite the existing member states creating a European super nation this will have an effect on individuals, businesses, ... sinesses to make long-term decisions to invest in the UK. The fourth and fifth verify the impact of membership UK would have on the financial services industry, and ultimately, whether the single curr ...

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Citizenship and the European Union

he one hand, new German provisions will be moresimilar than before to the nationality laws of other member states byintroducing a right [as opposed to a discretionary possibility] to citizenshipthroug ... or lost remain matters for national decision-making. Forthose who have been defined as nationals of member states, EU citizenshipis about participation and the enjoyment of 'the good society' in the U ...

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Does the United Nations need reform?

, and in 1945 a new organisation, the United Nations was chartered and committed to by the first 51 member states.The Cold War had begun even before World War II was over, William R. Hawkins asserts o ... taken and a veto means that even one country opposing the vote can cause a stalemate. The permanent memberships of 1945, including only five countries do not reflect the current situation in the world ...

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Write a report on The Treaty of Nice

ional reforms required of the EU for enlargement. The EU machinery was designed in the 1950's for 6 member states and has since risen to 15 member states. The prospect of an enlarged EU reaching membe ... mportant jobs for the present 20 Commissioners. However it would be fair to believe that any future Member States (pre-Nice agreement) would want their own Commissioner and representatives at the Euro ...

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The European Commission had declared that all member states would have to open their markets and guarantee competition in the telephone markets by ...

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Roma Gypsies - A brief overview

f approximately 8-10 million people in Europe. They are to be found in almost all Council of Europe member states and indeed, in some central and east European countries, they represent over 5% of the ... tuation facing numerous Roma/Gypsy communities ultimately represents a threat to social cohesion in member states. Moreover, increasingly active Roma/Gypsy associations repeatedly appealed to the Coun ...

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