Where and how to invest in Czech Republic?

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The Czech Republic is one of the most advanced country in eastern Europe. It has a strategic location in the center of Europe and it has recently known un unprecedented economic growth partly due to the large Foreign Direct Investment that has come into the country.

The preparations of the Czech Republic for the accession to the European Union are entering their final phase these months. The country considers the prospect of EU membership as the confirmation of its traditional links to the Western Europe that were broken during the Communist era. In view of its accession to the EU, the Czech Republic main goal is to contribute to its prosperity. The Czech Republic will officially become an EU-member in March 2004. This additional step will further enhance the good opportunities of doing business in the country and will attract even more foreign investors. The Czech Republic fully supports the EU initiative aimed at enhancing competitiveness of EU member states through extensive use of information and communication technologies.

The Czech Republic has therefore expressed its willingness to contribute to the further deepening of the single market of electronic communications in the European Union. The country also joined, along with other EU candidate countries, the eEurope action plan whose final objective is for the EU to become the most competitive world economy by 2010.

The telecommunication sector is one of the most dynamic services sector in the country. In the period of the last few years the telecommunication networks and services have reached a relatively good level in the country. The networks are equipped with digital technologies and the scope of services is similar to the EU countries. New mobile communication networks are experiencing rapid growth and they cover almost the whole state territory. As for the level of telecommunication...