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s Period 3Grade 8 2/5/97Copper ReportCopper is a mineral. it is not a plant or a animal. Copper is ametallic metal. It can never be broken down into differnet substances bynormal chemical means. Coppe ... never be broken down into differnet substances bynormal chemical means. Copper was one of the first metals known to humans.People liked it because in it's native condition, it could easily be beaten i ...

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About the components, history, etc. of titanium

Several years later, the element was rediscovered by a German chemist, Klaproth. The pure elemental metal was not made until 1910 by Matthew A. Hunter. He then heated TiCl4 together with sodium in a s ... at 700-800°C. Titanium is used for alloys with aluminum, molybdenum, manganese, iron, and other metals. These alloys of titanium are used mostly in the aerospace industry, for both airframes and e ...

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Detailed description on the Element Iridium.

Iridium reportIridium is a metallic element of the platinum group with the atomic number 77 , atomic mass 192.2, boiling point ... and received its name from the iridescent nature of some of its compounds. it is an extremely rare metal, ranking sixtyfirst in order of abundance of the elements in the crust of the earth and is fou ... latinum as platiniridium, or with osmium as osmiridium.Iridium is a white, brittle , extremely hard metal. its specific gravity is exceeded only by that of osmium, which is a fraction of one percent d ...

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ith a mercury-potassium alloy, and strongly heating the mixture, would make a tiny lump of the pure metallic element we now call aluminum. Unfortunately, this sample was too small for an investigation ... scientist named Friedrich Wöhler finally produced grains of aluminum large enough to test the metal's physical properties.Ten years later, a Frenchman named Henri Sainte-Claire Deville entered a ...

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The Age of Metal, The Iron Age, Copper Age, Bronze Age.

o work with, and seemed to satisfy his needs.Finally, around 3500 B.C. man ventured into the Age of Metal. The first metal which he learned to work was copper. This metal is extremely soft, melts easi ... perior to most stone tools, but still not dependable.About 2500 B.C. man moved to the second Age of Metal, the Bronze Age. Bronze is not an element but rather an alloy being made of both copper and ti ...

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THis is a general report on copper. It describes it's physical properties, chemical properties, and its uses.

deg;C and 5301 °F. Copper's density is 8920 kg per cubic m..Copper is one of the most important metals, it is a reddish with a bright metallic lustre colored solid. The reason copper is so widely ... . It's used in outdoor power lines as well as wiring in house lamps. Along with being an attractive metal, copper is a very durable one. This is the reason that it is used for coins, eating utensils, ...

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Biology A level planning experiment of effect of lead ions on amylase

s not remain) and irreversible (Inhibitor does not leave)CompetitiveEA CSNon- competitiveEA SIHeavy metal ions (e.g. mercury and lead) should generally be prevented from coming into contact with enzym ... cause such irreversible inhibition by binding strongly to the amino acid backbone *3Lead is a heavy metal and these are usually non-competitive irreversible inhibitors.*4A number of substances may cau ...

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History Of Titanium

ber of 22, meaning it has 22 protons, 22 neutrons and 22 electrons.Titanium is a hard, silvery-grey metallic element.It is a transition element, which means that in a given electron ring; it does not ...

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History Of Titanium; Speeches

1910 that M.A. Hunter, an American chemist, produced pure titanium.Titanium is a hard, silvery-gray metallic element. Its atomic number is 22 and its symbol is Ti. It is the 9th most common element in ... common element in the Earth's crust. It also is found in meteorites, the moon, and the sun.Titanium metal has a number of useful physical properties. It is very resistant to corrosion, hard, has a hig ...

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Element Mercury

r obtained Mercury from cinnabar ore in Egypt in about 1500 BC. Mercury is member of the transition metals, and is a poor conductor of heat, but a fair conductor of electricity.Mercury is very dangero ... come in contact with it.As number 80 on the periodic table of elements, Mercury is classified as a metal but is actually a liquid at room temperature. Although Mercury is a liquid, it isn't wet. It h ...

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Collision Rate investigation

m:To investigate the rate of reaction in different concentrations of acid to find the best suitable metal from a variety of metals.Plan:In the preliminary work I am going to investigate which metal ou ... rom a variety of metals.Plan:In the preliminary work I am going to investigate which metal out of 4 metals is the best for the investigation. These metals are Mg (Magnesium), Cu (Copper), Zn (Zinc) an ...

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Bimetallic Strip

What is a bimetallic strip made of? A bimetallic strip is two thin strips of different kinds of metal bonded tog ... nt kinds of metal bonded together. It is a thermally sensitive device. You can use any two kinds of metal, like brass or iron. Or any strong type of thing , like masking tape and scotch tape.How does ... bimetallic strip work? "It bends with any change in temperature, since the extent to which the two metals expand in response to a given change of temperature will generally differ." This means ...

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The aim of our lab was to determine the specific heat of copper and to compare with the actual result and then find the experimental error.

al was to rise the temperature of the water to 100ºC. After hitting the goal we pulled out the metal and carefully dropped it into the calorimeter. We watched the temperature going from 26/24 up ... at of copper – X and solved the equation.Calculations:Heat gained by the waterHeat lost by the metalMass of water – 100 Mass of metal (m) – 57.04Initial temperature of water - 26ºC ...

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Copper report

Copper comes from a Latin term cyprium (after the island of Cyprus) meaning "the metal of Cyprus." Copper dates back to prehistoric times but has been mined for 5000 years, however ... ns/electrons (atomic number) and 35 neutrons. It's atomic weight is 65.39. Copper is an orangy, red metal that is found in ores as a solid form. It can be found in such countries as the United States, ... rass and bronze, long used, are still very important; all American coins are now copper alloys; gun metals also contain copper. The most important compounds are the oxide and the sulfate, blue vitrol; ...

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What is an alloy?

s and the proportion of them. The number of possible alloy combinations is almost endless since any metal can be alloyed in pairs or in multiples. Alloys can be classified into two main categories:Int ... er elements, such as boron, carbon, nitrogen, or silicon, fill the spaces or interstice of the main metallic structure or solvent. For example, steel is an interstitial alloy in which carbon atoms fil ...

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Aluminium Extraction from the Lithosphere

Pure aluminium is a relatively soft, silvery white metal. When exposed to air, a thin coating of Aluminium oxide gives it a dull lustre. It is three ti ... t rust and has high electrical conductivity, and Aluminium is also ductile, making it a very useful metal. Aluminium readily makes alloys with copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese and silicon. Aluminium ... th-to-weight ratio), packaging, water treatment, street lighting etc.Aluminium is the most abundant metallic element in the lithosphere, thought to be 7.5 to 8.1%, it is rare to find it isolated. Due ...

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Discuss the importance of predicting yield in the identification, mining and extraction of commercial ore deposits and Justify the increase recycling of metals in our society and across the world

The yield of a metal from a particular mineral or ore is the mass of metal that can be obtained from a particular m ... d is often expressed as a percentage. It is possible to use formulae to calculate/predict yields of metals from particular minerals (pure compounds), for ores we have to measure them experimentally. T ... emely important in the mining and minerals industry because it determines whether extraction of the metal from that ore is profitable or not. Whenever a new ore body is found, samples must be analyzed ...

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Chemistry Study Notes - The Periodic Table and What Its Classification of Elements Tells Us

period-1A-8A are the representative elements-1A elements (except for hydrogen) are known as alkali metals-2A elements are known as the alkaline earth metals-1B-8B are the transition elements-B elemen ... n as the alkaline earth metals-1B-8B are the transition elements-B elements divided into transition metals and inner transition metals (located at bottom of PT)-7A are the halogens and 8A are the nobl ...

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Formal Lab Report Rates of Reaction Alkali Metals and Alkaline Earth Metals

AbstractThe rates of reaction of Alkali metals and Alkaline Earth meatals are compared in this lab. The pH of each of the resulting metal so ... e tested with litmus paper. There were more steps for caclium because it is the only Alkaline Earth metal. For calcium, the gas produced in a test tube by the downward displacement of water was collec ... tested by bringing a burning splint to the mouth of the test tube. It was concluded that the Alkali metals were more reactice than the Alkaline Earth metals. When the active metals reacted with water, ...

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