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Using the public transport. The environment is deteriorating with every passing day because of the smoke by thousands of cars.That is why we should use the public transport to protect the environment

ttle bit. It is much more convenient than concentrating your mind on the road to avoid accident.You might argue that the car can take you everywhere in the countries and public transport is not as con ...

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Is Hamlet's View Of His Father A Believable One?

grieve about. Hamlet feels that everyone else has forgotten about the death of his father but some might argue that they have faced facts and moved on. Evidence for this is when the king saysHow is i ... s Claudius as a "satyr" which is a bad creature.Hyperion to a satyr; so loving to my mother that he might notbeteem the winds of heavenHamlet seems to believe that his father was a God and loved his m ...

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"When Wind Blows" Aviation Safety essay about loss of control during takeoff or landing. Major cause of aviation accidents

ily on landings, with takeoff being the second most likely phase of flight for wind accidents. Some might argue that wind isn't "weather" in the traditional sense of the word, but rapidly moving air m ... mensions, you should be able to handle surface winds up to 15 knots. The actual crosswind component might be around 7 or 8 knots. Defining reasonable is one of those details, and it seems that pilots ...

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Grammar in Monolingual English Dictionaries - What kind of grammatical aspects/information can be found in monolingual dictionaries and why is it included

mmatical aspects and information can be found in almost every monolingual learner's dictionary. One might argue that it is not necessary to include such points in a publication whose main purpose is t ...

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Arugmentive essay on "Corportate America"

The consideration of how this will affect my husband and my children are very important to me.Some might argue that it is easier for men to make a cognate decision of relocating the family then it is ...

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Articles of Confederation DBQ

f territory, in the sense that it stabilized the northwest areas, if not the entire country. Others might argue that the Articles were lacking in the most basic constructs of a government: economy, mi ...

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Luther's effect on Christian Jewish Relations

e a subtle and gradual shift in attitudes causing an improvement in Christian-Jewish relations. One might argue that Martin Luther and the Reformation had the most significant impact but there other f ... em if they did not want to convert. Luther naively hoped that if the Jews were treated kindly, they might embrace Christianity. Once Luther realized that this was not going to occur, he began writing ...

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The preservation and repetition of musical sounds through recording technologies has changed the social significance of music for the better"

hange in the social significance of music. But is this change for the better or for the worst. Many might argue that the invention is of great importance as it is credited to have recorded some of the ... approaches to passing on tradition are both valid. However, without the recording medium jazz music might have developed much differently than it has.Perhaps the most interesting point of comparison b ...

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Does Belief In God Make Sense In The Modern World?

he world is just too complex to have been created by chance: this points to a Creator. They further might argue that the Big Bang is not proven, but just a Theory. Professor Verna Wright, on being ask ...

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Who shoud survive?

has a farming background, Father Frans has the ability to produce food for the people. Some people might argue that Father Frans should not be chosen because he is a Catholic priest, and he would not ... s an electronics engineer which she can contribute to the society by improving its technology. Some might argue that Mrs. Clark should not be chosen since she is a member of Zero Population Growth, wh ...

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Is Arms trade Immoral? By Muad MZ Word Count: 1564

th the leaders of the world making the rules, and arms companies carrying out orders. However, some might argue that it's the other way around. That it's actually the arms companies which has an influ ...

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Bacon's Rebellion

Some might argue that Bacon's rebellion was the first American Revolution for liberty. Long-standing tens ...

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An Online Community

One might argue that it is an unfortunate sign of our fragmented and anomie-wracked society that we are ... e periods during which they tend toward the authoritarian) is generally fairly lax in allowing what might well be considered to be "off-topic" comments - or issues that have only the slightest connect ... selves. One member of the list, for example, doesn't announce that she is deaf (something that one might learn in private, off-list exchanges with her) because this and other listservs allow her for ...

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Perverseness in the "The Black Cat"

st cat or rapping with his cane upon the plastered-up wall behind which stood his wife's corpse. We might argue that what the narrator calls "perverseness" is actually referring to the conscience. Gui ...

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Women On Submarines

ed crew submarines will sacrifice mission readiness and effectiveness for equality. (Gerber 9) Some might argue that a seemingly obvious solution to this problem would be to have crews consisting enti ...

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Moral Politics

life. Doctors in a society such as ours, should hold life as sacred.But the advocates of euthanasia might argue that the people who would want euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide, are those suffe ... hat any sort of peaceful death would be an unrealistic prospect. So he allows euthanasia because it might be the only way that will restore dignity to one's death. Callahan, in a sense, supports passi ...

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