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Guideline document for current trends in market segmentation and customer dynamics, marketing research techniques as well as consumers' attitudes for board games and puzzles market.

rends relevant to marketers, such as shifts in age (CIM study text, 2002). For example according to Mintel's report for toys and games for UK on July 2003, the traditional toys and games sector is bei ... ctor, it does play its part in parents' ability to purchase such products, especially at Christmas (Mintel's report, July 2003). Appendix 2 illustrates changes in personal disposable income during the ...

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The Role Of Information Technology on Travel Agents

y on, encouraging the customers to travel just for few days a year especially on the summer season (Mintel, December 2001).On the other hand nowadays the introduction of more efficient information tec ... within the year in various seasons as the cost of different types of holidays have been decreased (Mintel, Independent Holidays, Sep.2002).Additionally the need for travel agents to collect, store an ...

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Marketing Plan for Insurance Company

ap year adventure travel, which translate into increased satisfaction for the customer.According to Mintel, the student travel market is worth 4.2% of the overall travel market and is unlikely to incr ... rease and the total number of students taking a gap year is expected to increase to 90,000 by 2005. Mintel estimates the outbound travel market to be worth £17 billion for 2002. Of this figure, ...

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Market Report on Tesco- a Grocery Retailer

rong national coverage, but most of its superstores are in South and Southeast England. ( way of segmenting the market is by using the ACORN ( =A Classification Of Residen ... arket share is low. As a market leader, Tesco also has a very strong national coverage. ( uses a differentiated market strategy. The company targets several m ...

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Secondary research.

tion. This means that, in 2001, Muslims in the UK had an estimated spending power of $20.5 billion. Mintel puts the overall Halal market in the UK, for both in and out-of-home consumption, at around $ ... , for both in and out-of-home consumption, at around $700 million, with extensive market potential (Mintel reports 2002).The Muslim population of Bradford and surrounding areas is 75000 people (UK Cen ...

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Advertising Plan for Orange Mobile Phone Network directed at the UK student Market.

ree, but is not as good as the deal offered by Orange. The details of these are shown in appendix 1.Mintel (2005) helps us to understand the segment.Segment SizeTable 1Table 1 obtained shows that in 2 ... t in 2004 there were 5.2 million students in universities out of a total population of 59.3 million.Mintel (2004) tells us that 93.2 per cent of adults aged 18 to 24 own a mobile, that 23 per cent of ...

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The Tyre Industry

driving conditions have also been produced, 'Wet weather tyres are offered by most manufacturers' (Mintel 2001). Amongst these developments are also tyres invented with; low-noise, better grip, durab ... pments are also tyres invented with; low-noise, better grip, durability, lower lolling resistance' (Mintel 2001). Tyres for high performance have experienced consistent increase due to the increase in ...

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Organic Farming

Punts. Organic fruit and vegetables accounted for 6% of the 220million fresh fruit and veg sector. (Mintel 2001)Fruit and Veg 40%Meat/Fish 20%Dairy 19%Other 25%Consumers PerceptionsBord Bia published ... in IrelandLe Guillou (2001( Organic farming guide to community rules Luxembourg : European CommunityMintel (2001) Healthier foods in Ireland London :MintelTate W.B (1994) The development of the organi ...

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Market Trend

ts, washes, colours, finishes and construction add to a 40% rise in UK jeans sales, as mentioned in Mintel's 2005 report on the jeans market.Despite a decrease in the women's jeans market at the end o ... ler brands has seen, for women, the £30 to £40 price point become much more significant.Mintel's research shows that Levi's has been the leading UK jeans brand with a 15% market share and, ...

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French beans

he sales of frozen vegetables has risen 8% during 2000 to 2005 to $1.41 billion (figures taken from Mintel, 2005 - see appendix 1)This would say that the greater number of people who like to buy froze ...

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Marketing concept and Marketing & Communications: 7-Eleven and Coca-Cola

tated that it intends to address customers' need states rather than adopt traditional segmentation (Mintel, 2007).It is can not be denied that Coca-Cola has the strongest brand awareness in the carbon ... ple to feature Coca-Cola-sponsored content on iTunes; consumers were also offered iTunes discounts (Mintel, 2007).Advertising for every carbonate brand is regarded as a vital tool. It was always succe ...

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Customer Trail On Restaurant Operations

t the cost of the meal will be and will also alleviate any concern about the total cost of the meal.Mintel (1989) said staff employed by a restaurant operation should complement the meal experience of ... tempo of service. Coco's staff are in fact multi skilled and have the various elements mentioned by Mintel. Staffs in Coco are mainly ladies blended with few men who are either in the kitchen or behin ...

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Market analysis C & J Clarks Ltd

in providing detail on the range of products, as well as providing a brief history of the business.Mintel is an online resource which has up to date information on different industries and this has b ... K are through retailers. A third of women admit to buying shoes and accessories on impulse (source -Mintel). Only a small number of people buy over the Internet.Parents tend to take their children to ...

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Gay tourism

A Mintel's holiday market report produced in 2006 'Gay Travel- UK' highlighted that 1.25 million overs ... ificant number of female respondents to the surveys maintained Hughes (2004). However, figures from Mintel (2006) show that lesbian and gay people make up an estimated 2 per cent of the Great Britain ... l, K and Waitt G (2006) 'Gay tourism. Culture and context.' The Haworth hospitality press. New York.Mintel (2000) 'Gay holidays-UK' ...

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Segmentation criteria for 2 products bottled water and breakfast cereal.

e a fashion icon in France.Here are examples of the way two different products could be segmented. (Mintel,Bottled WaterIt is a growing market in the UK and has more potential growth.There is more tha ... -bottles with sport caps.Wealthy achievers are more likely to buy a UK brand over a foreign brand.(Mintel, Bottled water, 2005)Breakfast CerealThere is more than one way it can be segmented -Multi-va ...

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EasyJet Marketing Research

chment for the full version.Airline industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world (Mintel, 2007). It is also one industry under many impacts and influences. Range of scholars ( Dobbie ... t is one of the largest airline operators in Europe airline industry in terms of active aircrafts. (Mintel, 2007)Chart 01Also from Chart 01, that EasyJet has the youngest fleet in average age in UK, w ...

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Financial Analysis of Marks & Spencers Plc.

stent focus on product quality, value for money and customer services (M&S, 2008).According to (Mintel, 2008) M&S accounts for about 10.5% of total clothing spending by consumers and 43% of th ... rbishing and modernizing city centre outlets, aggressive advertising campaigns and store expansion (Mintel, 2008). It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a part of the FTSE 100 Index.Account ...

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ing launched by lower cost operators such as fast-food brands represents a threat to the industry. (Mintel, Oct 2013)Socio-CulturalStudents and Faculty are the majority of coffee drinkers. (Bpla ... o date)Consumers become more price and value conscious with their changing lifestyles patterns. (Mintel, June 2012)TechnologicalTechnologies of vending machines allow selling food/drinks with ...

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