Marketing concept and Marketing & Communications: 7-Eleven and Coca-Cola

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1.0 IntroductionIn the range of marketing, there are numerous theories and models. Each of them has similarities because of being part of the same field. The marketing concept and marketing communications are two focal points in the marketing which have far-reaching influence for a company or organization. Inevitably, it is easy to be confused between the marketing concept and the marketing communications in such a wide scope of marketing and it is important to clearly understand the different between them. In fact, although the concepts of the marketing and marketing communications are different, they are relative to each other closely.

The essay will evaluate the target subject which is clearly define the marketing concept and marketing communications by analyzing two companies (7-Eleven and Coca-Cola) which have successfully used these concepts into their business and the recommendations will be outlined at the end.

2.0 The Marketing ConceptIn every market or industry, the common objective of every organization is to satisfy the customer needs and it is said that a satisfied customer is regarded as a constant source of profit for an organization.

There are many definitions of the marketing concept and most of them are focused on meeting the customer needs. It can be clear understood deeply by following theories form different researchers.

According to Malcolm (2002), the marketing concept is referred to customer orientation which implies that all the activities of an organization are driven by a desire to satisfy customer needs and the customer orientation has become the determinant of implementation of the marketing concept (Satyendra, 2004) which aimed at customer satisfaction as the key to satisfying organizational goals (Kotler, 1972) due to a number of organizations provide similar products and services at very competitive prices within the same market.

All theories above focus on the customer...