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Freedom and reason in Kant

Morality, Kant says, cannot be regarded as a set of rules which prescribe the means necessary to the ... A principle that presupposes a desired object as the determinant of the will cannot give rise to a moral law; that is, the morality of an act of will cannot be determined by the matter or content of ... by the matter or content of the will for when the will is materially determined the question of its morality does not arise.This consideration leads Kant to one of his most important theses. If the mo ...

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Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.

opic: In the Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger, Holden continually and progressively shows his good moral character with parallels and symbolic reference to Christ, developing the theme of holding on ... y did well because it contained numerous examples and discussed a topic often ignored.A character's moral nuances tend not to affect the structure of a novel. Whether the character is good or bad, the ...

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Japanese suicide ritual

rai actually performed seppuku it was clearly a demonstration of their honor, courage, loyalty, and moral character. The reasons for seppuku could have been ordered by their masters as punishment or c ...

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"Killings" by Andre Dubus's,.

n's murderer. Both men experience a loss and subsequently act out in revenge. The difference in the moral character of these two men is what appears to determine the fate of their consequences.Richard ... o men is what appears to determine the fate of their consequences.Richard Strout, a man of inferior morality, commits a crime of passion. He murders a man who is having a relationship with his estrang ...

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"What dreams may come" .

View on Moral CharacterEveryone's moral character changes over a period of time, as Annie's did in the movie ... consequences affect themselves and others around them.When Annie took her own life, this shows her moral character changes after the death of her loving husband/soul mate and her adoring children. He ... s is how humanity in the real world change, taking in the occurrence of death of a loved one. Their moral character changes drastically, both in their lifestyles and their conscience.Sometimes occurre ...

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Q- what were the reasons for the establishment of the UAB?

orge: 1973, p.20).The poor law was ill-favoured as it deliberately casted a negative image upon the moral character of aclaiment todeter idleness (DWP). It was originally established to deal with only ...

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A charactor study of Cordelia from Shakespeare's KING LEAR

h words, nor does she try to flatter or manipulate. This helps the audience to distinguish her as a moral character.It's all about Cordelia!...In the first scene of the play, Cordelia is caught up in ... e in the play and they help the audience to define characters as good or bad, by portraying them as moral or amoral. Cordelia's death shows how the king has newly established morals, and this opens a ...

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Aristotle's Theories of Responsibility and Choice

For one to develop moral character, one must rely on the praise and blame of other individuals and use this feedback to ... se with a virtuous character while we blame characters without such virtues. Aristotle examines the moral evaluation process by introducing identifiers that distinguish that which we can truly hold ot ... actions. Through the praise and blame that is given properly, one can use this feedback to monitor moral character, and this process of evaluation is what brings about the moral education that human ...

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Parental Directed Marriage

arriage. Parental views on the suitability of the chosen girl, expressed in terms of the health and moral character of her own family, still tend to outweigh the selection of the young man based, perh ...

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Pip's paternal changes

e three foster fathers that Pip's had, Joe was probably the one that most benefited and built Pip's moral character. He was an amazing, honest, straight-forward character, which not a lot of people ev ...

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Real Man!

and "How to tell a true war story" by O'Brien, authors indicate that manhood must be earned through moral character, Patriotism and hard work..In the essay, "Giving Up the Gun," Dubus recognizes the n ...

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The Damned Human Race

formed experiments. He states that "man is the cruel animal," and that we can attribute this to his moral character. However, there appears to be another side which contradicts his findings. Perhaps m ... mony with one another.Twain ends his paper stating that the cause for man's cruelty is that of the "moral sense." Man is the only animal that owns it, yet it is the primary cause for his degradation. ...

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et up a system of social and ethical philosophy known as Confucianism. This system of belief taught moral character to everyday life. There are many aspects of Confucianism including beliefs and pract ... This is just one of the many practices that Confucians believe in. Most of the practices deal with moral obligations to others, which in turn fulfills Confucius' original idea for his belief system.C ...

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Successful Ethical Leader.

ou win you lose. Every time we say or do something unethical, we cut away at the foundations of our moral character and the reputation of our organizations. If we're going to make a difference, we mus ... ief employees will continue to deceive, put themselves ahead of others, and abandon any practice of moral behavior.Employees desire to work in a trustworthy, friendly, and fulfilling setting with lead ...

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Credibility Analysis: The Dalai Lama

references of his teachings and work. Credibility is demonstrated through three main qualities: (1) moral character and integrity, (2) intelligence, and (3) good will (Foss, 2004). I believe that thes ... China, making sure that their interests were accommodated as well.The first quality of credibility, moral character and integrity can be demonstrated through the emphasis that Tensyn Gyatso has made o ...

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"The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn" - Are the decisions Huck makes moral and just?

As people grow, they go through experiences and make choices that build their moral character over time. These experiences shape a person's qualities and expresses who they are a ... s where he must look within himself and use his own judgment to make decisions that will affect the morals of which Huck will carry with him throughout his life and can be proud of. He must decode whe ... f. He must decode whether or not it is worth it for him to sacrifice his pride to make the just and moral decision.Huck looks up to a boy named Tom Sawyer who has decided he is going to start a gang. ...

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Are tragedies more interested in making us accept hard truths about the nature of life or are they designed to reassure us that they can be overcome? Consider this question in relation to "Hamlet".

e the two premises. On one hand is Hamlet a victim of his preordained disposition, an individual of moral character prone to procrastination or is the construction of Hamlet designed to reassure us th ...

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Evaluation Of Leadership In Somalia: MSG Gordon And SFC Shughart

ment. Upon examination of the four Army values and the actions of these men, it is clear these were moral men who made effective decisions and promoted unity and trust in their unit.Values are what pe ... nce, and commitment. Courage, as described by FM 22-100, Military Leadership, is defined as that of moral character. When challenged by others, a person should do what they believe is morally correct. ...

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Virtue In The Canterbury Tales

Virtue is simply a value that someone posses or a moral that one may abide by. The Canterbury Tales clearly set out a very moral outline through which ... The Knight's tale, the Pardoner's tale, the Franklin's tale, and the Man of Law's tale all describe moral actions or " virtues" that people should implement into their daily lives. Chaucer regarded vi ... ould implement into their daily lives. Chaucer regarded virtue in the sense of staying true to ones morals and being " virtuous" in the face of temptation. Chaucer believed in honesty and good moral c ...

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Atticus's Success As A Parent In "To Kill A Mockingbird"

is one broken by the death of a mother. In such a situation, the responsibility of the endowment of morals lies solely with the remaining parent. Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird tells of one man's ... with the remaining parent. Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird tells of one man's struggle to impose moral character upon his children being raised in a community of malevolence. Atticus Finch strives ...

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