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Fon is spoken by over half the people of Benin and it is the mother tongue of voodoo. In Fon the root word for voodoo is vodoun that means spirit or god. Voodoo ...

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This is a summary for Amy Tan's "Mother Tongue".

Summary for Amy Tan's "Mother Tongue"The essay is chiefly about the writer's own rumination and judgment about how "broken ... d this concept until she realized that she has never appeared eloquent and rhetoric in front of her mother.She once again consciously aware of the "type" of language she used on daily and intimacy bas ... acy, the familial English.To demonstrate this kind of family talk, Mrs. Tan quoted a story that her mother had told her. It was a very trivial story but the thing that worth looking at was her mother' ...

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fore; has the greatest influence on their children in their early stages of acquiring knowledge and mother tongue. This kind of learning takes place in national setting-non-formal. Parents have to pro ...

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Bilingual education

and learn the English language. Often such students, who may be very skilled and talented in their mother tongue, experience difficulties due to their language deficiency. Thus, a few different types ...

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Mother tongue

her make fun of that person or were most be likely to brush aside those individuals In Tan's essay "Mother Tongue" she talks about how her mothers displeasing experiences trying to communicate with ot ... displeasing experiences trying to communicate with other people. She explains how no one takes her mother seriously, for her inability to speak perfect or fluent English. I strongly believe with Tan ...

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Improving My English

ner of English.Second, it was hard to express my thoughts to others in English. When I speark in my mother tongue, I can express myself freely and my hands move like birds through the air. In contrast ...

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My father's words

In the two essays, "Mother Tongue" and "Silk Parachute", two authors, Amy Tan and John McPhee, respectively, both write ... uthors, Amy Tan and John McPhee, respectively, both write about the experiences they had with their mothers, who had strong influence on their lives, especially on their writing career. In my case, th ... son why I have to study hard.Tan and McPhee both had many unhappy memories associated with their mothers. And because of those incidents, they have a lot of troubles when they were young. Tan's mot ...

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The Polish Language.

Polish originates from the group of the Slavonic languages, such as Croatian, Czech and Russian.Our mother tongue is said to be one of the most difficult languages in the world. Its grammar, spelling ...

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Diary entries by a bilingual person, good sides and bad sides

rather know one language thoroughly than speak two languages so that I can't call either of them my mother tongue.Dear Diary,28.4Granny Julie just phoned! She wants me to go over to her house in the s ... ter grades. It's unfair, all my other grades are really good... It's embarrassing that my so-called mother tongue is pulling my grade average down so much! And it's absolutely no consolation that I ge ...

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Compare Amy Tan's life to my life - Compare and contrast Tan's different works of literature.

o the expectation" (Tan, Joy 131). Amy Tan tells the tales of her childhood, and the history of her mother and grandmother through her works, particularly her most well known The Joy Luck Club. Furthe ... he describes feelings about her life, her faiths and most importantly her relationship with her own mother. There are also many similarities and differences between her personal essay "Mother Tongue" ...

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Comparative Essay for Poetry Unit: "Search for My Tongue" by Sujata Bhatt and "Half-Caste" by John Agard

l conflicts.In “Search for My Tongue,” Bhatt’s poem encompasses the conflict between mother tongue and the foreign tongue. These very physical objects replace her native language of Gua ... eans both tongue and language. According to Bhatt, if “you had to/speak a foreign tongue,/your mother tongue would rot” (10-12). The conflict between languages continues in the subconscious ...

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Quality Assurance In Education

 can have a different meaning and/or status in different countries, even where English is the mother tongue. Of course, there are also other terms for the same sort of process - chartered, state ...

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How Amy Tan Relates The Immigrant Experience With Her Mother’s

push acceptance away lacking the communication that could bring them together. In Amy Tan's essay, "Mother Tongue,"� she tells about her mother's immigrant experience and her feelings towards h ... challenges they are faced with, the language barrier is one of the hardest to break through. Tan's mother has gone through many experiences that shows how hard it is for immigrants to communicate wit ...

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The issue of the L1 is fluid in many African societies. Comment on this in relation to a multilingual community like The Gambia.

be coming across is that of L1 or first language. First language (sometimes called native language, mother tongue, or vernacular) is the language a person learns first. Correspondingly, the person is ... e essential for further learning, as native language is thought to be a base of thinking. The term "mother tongue" could be misleading. In some paternal societies, mothers are from different places an ...

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Critically assess the view put forward by linguist Noam Chomsky that children are "predisposed", to learn language with ease because their brains contain "language acquisition devices".

a tremendous advantage over all other animals (Miller 1981 cited by Kagan & Segal). Acquiring a mother tongue seems come naturally to each individual, regardless of culture and nationality. Compar ... lanation of why children develop language in the way they do?Language here, we are referring to the mother tongue of human beings. A baby will try out his vocal organ by making some basic sounds, know ...

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English in the Community

lesson? Commonly, English language educators draw attention to cultures which have English as their mother tongue and address such issues as holidays, clothing, food and concepts of the sort. These no ... as in other Spanish-.speaking countries, I'm sure students would be pleased to know that their own mother tongue is also a widely spoken language- (I'm guessing third place on the list). I think this ...

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Content and Language Integrated Learning

d the simultaneous learning of a foreign language.In CLIL, language means a language other than the mother tongue that a person uses for public communication, especially in higher education, trade, an ...

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Comparative Essay of "Mother Tongue" by Betty Quan, and an excerpt from "Jade Peony".

meer Dhar, Karan Seth, Taj Madebattula November 17, 2008Collaborative AssignmentThe Power of StoriesMother Tongue vs. "Jade Peony"Stories are more than a simple communication of events. They are a con ... oken emotion: they have the power to bring people together regardless of distance, time, and space. Mother Tongue, by Betty Quan, and "Jade Peony", by Wason Choy, both use stories to illustrate the re ...

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Comparison of SSE and Scots

ontinent having in almost every continent a considerable number of people who have English as their mother tongue and containing a high number of dialects and accents. English is considered today as t ...

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What is Literacy in Preschool Children

sic, movement, mathematics, rhythm and more. Developing an understanding of and competence in their mother tongue is a major task for children. Not only are they learning to communicate with others in ... we should help children maintain bilingualism by encouraging them to first develop and speak their mother tongue, and helping them with their English later in their development. Teaching literacy in ...

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