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Anton Chekhov "Three Sisters".

d you haven't the power to stop them." (Tuzenbach, IV).DRAMATIS PERSONAE:Prozorov, Andrei SergeevichNatasha (Natalia Ivanova) - his fiancée, afterward his wifeOlga (Olga Sergeevna, Olya, Olyush ... Masha has an affair with Vershinin, Olga becomes headmistress of a local school, and Andrei marries Natasha. Their lack of action has now tied them to their small town and they remain even after the a ...

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Natalie Wood Biography Brief Biography of Life Includes most of the movies she satrred in

e words of Maria Gurdin talking of her daughter. On July 20, 1938 a star was born in San Francisco. Natasha Nikolaevna Zacharenko (later changed to Natalie Wood for easier pronunciation) was born to R ... ck together with Robert Wagner and they married in July of 1972. Later on Natalie had two children; Natasha Gregson Wagner born in September of 1970, and than Courtney Brooke Wagner born four years la ...

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War and peace, leo tolstoy

hter Helene. We are introduced to the Rostovs, a noble Moscow family, including the lively daughter Natasha, the quiet cousin Sonya, and the impetuous son Nicholas, who has just joined the army led by ... olas's army career continues, and he witnesses the great peace between Napoleon and Tsar Alexander. Natasha grows up, attends her first ball, and falls in love with various men before becoming serious ...

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Tragedy or Comedy

ral place. But this dream would be a bit changed by their brother Andrei because he married a girl, Natasha, who lives in that rural place and will soon begin to lead the house towards her own directi ... efficient doctor already forgotten all of medicines he knew.As time passes, Andrei who married with Natasha begins to be interested in gambling. While he does things, Natasha has babies and get the co ...

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Short Story

"It's Friday!" I and my best friend, Natasha, yelled in unison. We had plans to go to a live play tonight but Natasha's parents presented ... edy. As we were getting ready to start the movie, smoke billowed up in the kitchen. "Oops, popcorn" Natasha said as I gave her my most incandescent glare. Natasha kept complaining that the movie was k ... are and let me tell you, it's not as lucid as it sounds! We worked on it for at least an hour until Natasha finally gave up and begged me to let her plagiarize my work. Anyways, she was my best friend ...

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If only you could see me now, mom.

I miss you do you know that? Why did you leave mom, why did you have to go? We were only young mom, Natasha, Chris and I when you left us on that leaf all those weeks ago. Were you ashamed or angry be ... g friends ,but I always felt something was missing and didn't realise it was you until I was older. Natasha and Chris did fine, both were very independent and full of confidence but I could see the pa ...

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Three Sisters

the audiences' eyes. Andrei is a very intellectual man and gifted violinist who falls in love with Natasha. After marrying Natasha, Andrei separates himself from his family and looses his dreams of b ... en by several characters: the old doctor, Chebutykin, has a drinking problem; Masha, Vershinin, and Natasha have all cheated on their spouses; and all characters lied at one point or another. The old ...

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