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Accidents in Pro Sports

d the parents as well. Hockey is a very popular and fun game to play (it is now considered Canada's national sport, along with lacrosse) but it can also be very dangerous. As players become better edu ... 's body ends up getting bruised, injured and banged around. A hockey injury report done by the International Hockey Centre of Excellence has statistics on the most common hockey injuries and how they ...

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This is an essay illustrating the enculturation of a Brazillian sport/martial art, Capoeira, into a commercial society

from the depths of the Amazon jungle. It faded almost right out of existence before spreading as a national sport suddenly in the early 1900's, and bursting onto a world scene even more rapidly. I gu ... yet legally acceptable guise at an academy. Not only did this act save capoeira, it vaulted it into national recognition. The fascist who was in power at that particular juncture saw the power of capo ...

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is what you hear in a typical bullfight in a place such as Madrid or Andalucia.Bullfighting is the national sport of Spain. It originates back in the 18th century in village squares. But in the 18th ...

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AFL - Australian Rules Football - Aussie Rules

The Australian Football League is considered a national sport in Australia. It is very popular and very traditional. The sport dates back to nearly ... player of the year; past winners are Mark Riccuito, Adam Goodes and Nathan Buckley. They also have National Draft Pick. Which is when all the recruiting staff from all the clubs get together to pick ...

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Soccer (football)

, but the United States was one of the most reluctant, and one of the last to implement soccer as a national sport. The North American Soccer League (NASL) was formed in 1968. But it didn't gain popul ... hirt, and gloves to protect his or her hands. A standard field, as regulated by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (or FIFA), has a length between 100 and 130 yards, and a width of ...

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Sports in India

like hockey, where everyone needs to have a hockey stick.Though we won 8 Olympic gold medals in our national sport -- hockey -- the first in 1928! The first hockey gold as an independent country was i ... men and women3. More advertising coverage for sports other than cricket4. More International coaches and trainers5. Participate in more international tournaments in all sports6 ...

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Disillusionment of the American Dream in "The Razor's Edge" (W. Sommerset Maugham)

y having a picnic. American flags surround the people and there are men playing baseball (Americas "national sport") in emphasis of America's vitality. The community is praising the departure of two m ...

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The importance of being a visionary individual

ility and their potential to reach a higher level. There are many countries where football is their national sport, but they fail to achieve what they are supposed to because they have no vision. The ...

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The History of Football

t. Also football became a big sport! Unlike Rugby that was played in collages football became a big national sport. Football had changed from rugby to a professional sport. At the year 1920, there wer ... different leagues. Most of them were unsuccessful and had to stop. The 2 main leagues were the NFL (National Football League) and the AFL (American Football League). These 2 leagues were huge competit ...

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