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Dangerous driving and the effects on Youth.

ctive, the social control theory and the power control theory.These theories have been applied to a news story in which two young teens from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Renee and Danielle Orichefsky, were ...

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Why is there so little international news in the American media?

the hijacked Cuban airliner that was escorted to land in Key West, Fla.? No? Well, blame your local news for not informing you.A usual afternoon. Your usual routine of watching the nightly news. The u ... forming you.A usual afternoon. Your usual routine of watching the nightly news. The usual layout of news; local, state, national. No big deal, right? Well, I must ask you, haven't you ever wondered wh ...

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Purpose and Effectiveness towards an emotional response.

m Foreign Correspondent." Selection of Detail, Emotive Language, proximity and the structure of the news story create the opportunity of emotional response.The process of adding, cutting and editing t ... motional reaction from the viewer through the selection of detail. From the opening statements, the news story only presents sympathetic information that may appeal to a viewer."Here, desperate hope m ...

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Describe in your own words how the deviancy amplification spiral operates to produce a 'moral panic'. Illustrate with two examples.

eyed to the public.One recent example of this process is the MMR vaccination jab. The opening major news story appeared in The Sun on June 14th, 2000. The first headline, "Jab 'link' to autism", spark ... body was found in a field, the 'amplification' of the story began to spiral out of control. The Sun newspaper offered a £50,000 reward to "catch the 'beast' who had snatched Sarah Payne" . Four ...

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Durable Goods, Postponability, and Economic Recovery

GoodsTopic: National Income AccountsKey Words: Durable Goods, Postponability, and Economic RecoveryNews Story: Orders for durable goods, which include items that range from washing machines to civili ... f decreasing demand, jobs may be lost as firms adjust to the lower demand for their goods.Some good news still exists for the economy. Orders for computers and other electronic products increased 4.1 ...

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How to prepare a report or write an article you've been assigned to do.

was assigned to interview the Winnipeg singer Ed Evanko. I had never heard of him so I checked the newspaper's archives for articles. I took such copious notes that I had the first eight paragraphs c ... I now knew what sort of questions I should ask him.You might wonder how on earth can anyone write a news story by devoting the first eight paragraphs to archived material? I decided it wasn't going to ...

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Stupid People in the News. A real life news story that shows how people loose sight when they have been drinking

If you have ever wondered how stupid people can be. Here's a news story about an actual stupid person, which happened in May 2005 in Foreman Arkansas. Seems that ... a cigarette, jumped out of the car window and sustained minor injury for being a stupid person. The news paper reported - "Nelson said Foran was smoking a cigarette when it blew out the window and For ...

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Media Bias

Introduction The information we receive from television news media has a direct impact on our lives, whether we acknowledge it or not. As our world constant ... continues to change the media information we receive changes as well. We rely on the reporters and news anchors for much more than events and happenings; we also depend on their assessment of the wor ... their assessment of the world that we live in. Years ago the information we received on our nightly news was simply accepted as truth and not carefully monitored or checked. Now the media is being hea ...

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Construction Of A News Story

In this essay I will discuss how news values, ideology and culture can affect the construction of a news story. Firstly, what is news ... t from significant), stylized and prudent (Breed, 1956). According to Greg Philio, "˜"�News"� on television and in the Press is not self-defining. News is not "found"� or ev ... creation of a journalistic process, an artifact, a commodity even' (Fowler, R. 1991, p10). However, news is not a piece of history (although it may record history), gossip, of human interest, free of ...

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The effects of Media and Televison on todays society

vie or show can also be a great topic for weeks on end, as can a large scale, or even close to home news story. A television screen can be a means of something that is highly regarded in today's socie ...

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All The News Thats Fit To Terrify

into the full circle section of the magazine. What caught my eye was the title which reads "All the news thats fit to terrify" By Joanne Cantor Phd. I immediately started to read the article. The auth ... . The authors point of view of this author was that she believes that children should not watch the news. The Authors point of view would be that some children are to young to ...

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properly enforced.Teen dies as friend flips SUV: Driver drinking, say cops. (From is about a teen who was drinking and due to wea ... Tanyanika; Yaniv Oren. “Teen dies as friend flips SUV: Driver drinking, say cops.” Daily News November 11, 2005 < >

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Steps to writing a news story for the Journal News!

How is a basic news story written? Well, like many other pieces of writing, a news story follows a basic formula th ... re of the story. Case in point, a features or opinion piece may differ greatly from the cut and dry news article. Being that news articles typically follow a general mold, that will be discussed first ... red correctly and coherently, the "Who, What, Where, When, Why and How" questions should shape your news article, creating a firm foundation that gets the news across to the reader. There is no clear- ...

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