All The News Thats Fit To Terrify

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I was flipping through my family circle magazine. I ran into the full circle section of the magazine. What caught my eye was the title which reads "All the news thats fit to terrify" By Joanne Cantor Phd. I immediately started to read the article. The authors point of view of this author was that she believes that children should not watch the news.

The Authors point of view would be that some children are to young to watch TV. I disagree with her point of view, some children may be affected by it and some are not affected. I think that if children are not seemed to be bothered by it they should be able to be alerted of the news but not watch the actual news. I think that because some of the pictures and the reporter exaggerates the stories, and make it ten times worse than it is and some children may take reaction to that, but they have the right to know, and should know.

Then again, some kids get emotionally distraught. I think it sound be the kids and the parents decision on watching the news.

In this article she included a survey of parents with children in kindergarten through sixth grade. The results of the survey were that 37% reported that their children had been frightened or upset by a television news story during the proceeding year. This survey proves my point of view on this article. That number shows that those kids are a small number of a minority.

My point of view on this article is that I disagree that censorship is the way out of this problem. I believe that its the parents and child's discretion on this topic. There are different opinions always in life. There will never be a median, for the main reason that there are different opinions and everyone entitle to them. Her point is that she thinks that their should be censorship. Censorship is not the right way out.