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My Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is Chinese Super Ninja. The movie has characters who combine fighting with a lot of gymnastics. In the movie the ch ... different clans and fighting styles. There are some small clans such as Lama, Tai Chi, Mings, and Ninja. Another clan is called the Wu Tang Clan and they're known for using the Lightening Sword Sty ... o are known for using the Chinese Finger Jab, Eagle Claw, and the Iron Fist Style.Chinese Super Ninja is my favorite because of the skill of the Martial Arts and knowing the different clans and th ...

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English translation to the 3rd and 4th song on the mandrin singer Jay Chow's 'Fantasy' CD.

tami's straw while meditatingOver there ~ wishing in the temple, a scenario flashes byOver here ~ A ninja covers his face, while blowing his secret weaponsIn the heart ~ Images of shogunates appearThe ... ate line in ancient Tokyo is like a nostalgic silent filmHe~~~ He~~~ Hei~~~The ideals of the Igaryu ninjas ~Hei~Only knowing how to fight with a katana ~Hei~I stay at home alone and obediently learn t ...

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Creative Narrative Essay

ated for him. The irony of the situation had to be ignored because that was part of my job, since a ninja shows no emotion other than strange serine peacefulness. This was no regular camp, since it wa ... ranking prisoners like military officials and government officials. It was a job that no one but a ninja could perform and I was honorably chosen for the task. I knew exactly where Lin Tse-hsü w ...

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Bee season by Myla goldberg question: Discus The intertextuality in the novel bee season by Myla Goldberg and how it gives the reader a better understanding of the novel

's character makes a reference to star wars; "Aaron pictures his father by his side as he, the Jedi ninja, attacks a legion of Marvin Bussys." (32). This Quote allows the reader to appreciate the emot ... that is everything Aaron wants to be but is not. The novel adds reference to Eliza being "head Jedi ninja."(34). This positions Eliza as 'great', which Myla dose to intensify the out-come of the novel ...

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Forgotten Allegiance

Many years ago, during the bloody era known only as the Second Great Ninja War, the hidden village of Konoha had a policy of capturing live prisoners and keeping them in ... he Coal country and its only village, the village hidden in diamonds.That was until the Third Great Ninja War began. Remembering the old prison, Konoha quickly swept in and cleaned up their shameful m ... of their captains to the letter.’ and he had made an oath with himself that he would do as the ninja rulebook demanded. So he reached over his shoulder and quietly drew his chakra blade, the one ...

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The Way Of The Wind

as on a TV show at one point, but he had never seen it, not being really interested in that sort of ninja show."Hello." Jeff said to Fox. "And please, call be Jeff. When people call be Mr. Galvano I f ...

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History of the Ninja

The origin of the ninja is hard to trace because there were not many records kept. It is based on spies and assassins ... spies and assassins that have existed throughout Japanese history. A lot of what we know about the ninja is taken from stories that have been passed down through generations. Nonuse, or the art of st ... ant they needed to get rid of anyone who might be a threat. The practice of nonuse was used and the ninja was born.Women were also an important part of the ninja clans in the past. Known as Kunoichi, ...

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