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Organizational Change: Article Review - MGT 331: Organizational Behavior. (A brief review of 3 related articles, see references for article links)

Organizational Change: Article ReviewIn a business environment that is struggling to recuperate afte ... ds. With this in mind, a review was conducted on several articles that discuss the current trend in organizational change, including the reasons for the change, how the change affects the employees an ... anization. The final quadrant, quadrant four, deals with the collective/external aspects, including organizational design, technology workflow, policies and procedures (Anderson, 2000).It is within qu ...

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Managing human resources in a cross cultural context: A case study of South Africa

atised enterprises which are in the process of refocusing as a result of downsizing and other major organizational change. It is likely that when western companies try to implement 'western' human res ... mber 2002)Power distance scores relate the degree to which a culture believes how institutional and organizational power should be distributed (equally or unequally) and how the decisions of the power ...

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Leadership, a consulting company in Greece

ices2. EXERGIA' s inputsEnvironmentResourcesHistoryMain Strategies3. Concepts for the management of organizational change4. Restructuring the Management Plan5. Conclusion-Exergia6. References1. Introd ... to present and evaluate alternatives and delivery of substantiated final results. A client-oriented organizational structure has been established enabling the provision of energy and environment-relat ...

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Planned Organizational Change.

AbstractPlanned organizational change can be defined in many different ways, and characterized on many different lev ... tates that change must also be accepted and embraced before the desired outcome is achieved.Planned Organizational ChangePlanned organizational change can be defined in many different ways, and charac ... aced before the desired outcome is achieved.The first Internet article reviewed was titled "Planned Organizational Change as Cultural Revolution" (Izumi and Taylor. n.d.). This article was particularl ...

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Consolidated Merger/Acquisition Plan.

Introduction:The challenges inherent in any organizational change can be viewed as problems to be overcome or as opportunities for enhancing suc ... ch enhances the potential for the success, health, and continued prosperity of our new organization.Organizational Behavior Issues:The issues to be addressed by one department in a business merger sit ... to these concerns, both at the department level as well as the company level, fall into one of four organizational action categories: building trust, encouraging employee buy-in and commitment, effect ...

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Critical Thinking Styles and Forces of Influence Paper.

AbstractThis paper will discuss an organizational problem that occurred in my workplace. The problem is inventory disappearing, and con ... rkplace (MCUSA) has been involved with projects that fall into the area of organizational change, organizational design, and organizational effectiveness. These projects have ...

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Motivational Theory.

nt team to mitigate these issues before they become major factors in this merger.IntroductionDuring organizational change we will be faced with maintaining productivity throughout the transition perio ... hen undergoing a merge/acquisition. The factors that are most important are outlined in this paper. Organizational behavior issues, mostly dealing with motivation, motivational theories, human resourc ...

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will be proposed for merging or synthesizing identified.IntroductionThe challenges inherent in any organizational change can be viewed as problems to overcome or as opportunities for enhancing succes ... awk Communications. All rights reserved- Burns, B. (2000). Managing change: a strategic approach to organizational dynamics (3rd ed.). New York: Pearson Education.-Colsky, Andrew. (2003). Thoughts on ...

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The most critical concept that I learned

this concept is to look at the three different roles a leader will bring to an organization during organizational change. The three roles a manger can choose are: charismatic leadership, instrumental ... nary leader's vision can be communicated throughout the corporation.Leadership during all phases of organizational change is the key to employee consent. One would be mistaken to assume that preparing ...

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Organizational Change

Organizational Change Analysis PaperIntroductionThe organizational structure of Lincoln Financial Gr ... mpetitors all over the world, future threats and the like have also been answered in this paper.The organizational structure of the Lincoln Financial Group has been formulated in such a manner that th ... uch a manner that the implementation of their strategies has become profitable for the company. The organizational structure of any company depends upon the framework on which the authorities run a co ...

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New Ford Focus comes to Vlc.Workgroups the new approach.

INTRODUCTIONFirms nowadays are called upon to abandon the emphasis on lowering cost, rigid organizational structures and "command and control" management styles. Instead, they are urged to di ... ged to direct their attention to value creation for the customer, to innovation and flexibility.Organizational change, within this context, is not just an option; it constitutes a fundamental nece ...

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Communication and empowerment during change.

Communication and Empowerment during ChangeOrganizational change is a complicated process that requires the individuals involved to consider ma ... empower them in order to increase their acceptance and commitment to change.First, a definition of organizational communication is necessary, "it refers to information dissemination (downwards, upwar ... sed comprehension and retention. (Wallington, 2000) Information via email has become a huge part of organizational culture within the IRS. J. Schrmack (personal communication, April 25 2003) mentioned ...

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Migration of Windows NT to Windows 2000

ven years ago, moving to client/server represents a dramatic transition involving technological and organizational change that can often be far more complex and costly than many vendors or pioneers ad ...

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FedEx: Organizational Change

FedEx: Organizational ChangeFedEx Corporation, one of the world's leading courier and express logistics com ...

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Management of Change: Charles Handy.

f uncertainty? The following essay will give an insight into the complex world of the management of organizational change with a more detailed view of the ideas of the Irish management thinker Charles ... nts. In this case, LEWIN'S stage of refreezing would be the implementation of the newstreams in the organizational mainstream.Resistance to changeAlthough the management of change seems to be very sim ...

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Culture, leadership, and power: the keys to Organizational Change. An idea behind the success of IBM.

Culture, leadership, and power: the keys to organizational ChangeGeneral Motors, IBM, and Sears: three companies facing a need for dramatic chan ... es in the business press recently, I'm inclined to believe they are unaware of the current ideas on organizational change--including the successful efforts of many large corporations---that have been ... ture.The most important idea of all for companies like GM, IBM, and Sears is that those pushing for organizational improvement--whether they are external members of the board, major investors, or top ...

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Outsourcing- using IBM, world's largest computer company regarding the practice of outsourcing and offshoring.

ctiveness of organizations can be influenced by human resource management, the relationship between organizational culture and human resource management. The principle elements in human resource manag ... ess of the organization is been evaluated and finally the analysis of major HRM problems arising in organizational change and methods of resolving them.2. IntroductionOutsourcing is nothing new. Outso ...

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Digital China

o accomplish a reengineering endeavor of such magnitude.These factors are:- Tradition of continuous organizational change- Extensive experience on large IT projects- Sufficient capital to support a pr ...

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Leaders and Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is basically the personality of a company. Culture is comprised of the assump ... nalities such as; Sports, Clubs, Academy's, and many others. If a leader is unable to adjust to the organizational culture they are in than there is no need for that leader; therefore, causing the org ... nization disaster. When managing a company it is very important to know the culture of the company. Organizational change must include not only changing structures and processes, but also changing the ...

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Change Management - Theories of Changes

Organizational change is usually triggered by relevant environment shift, either internal or externa ... t Lewin's Three-StagesChange ModelKurt Lewin's three stage force field theory provides guidance for organizational change which involves unfreezing, movement and refreezing. The first step in this pro ... management plans and implements the move including making modifications and educating staff on new organizational behaviors. Refreezing is defined as a new behavior in conjunction with the old behavi ...

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