Consolidated Merger/Acquisition Plan.

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The challenges inherent in any organizational change can be viewed as problems to be overcome or as opportunities for enhancing success. The transition plan we propose for the acquisition of JTRCD Corporation by Merger, Incorporated builds on the positive aspects of both organizations, while mitigating the deficiencies of both entities. The important aspects of our plan are to emphasize strong leadership and direction from each organization's management, establish clear and thorough conduits of information related to the transition throughout the organization, and take every opportunity to make positive change which enhances the potential for the success, health, and continued prosperity of our new organization.

Organizational Behavior Issues:

The issues to be addressed by one department in a business merger situation largely mirror the relevant concerns for the company as a whole. The answers to these concerns, both at the department level as well as the company level, fall into one of four organizational action categories: building trust, encouraging employee buy-in and commitment, effective communication, and providing leadership.

Any anxiety, apprehension, misgivings, questions or concerns an employee has as a result of the restructuring of a business can usually be addressed by the organization's commitment to these organizational actions. This section will highlight some of the concerns employees might have as a result of structural changes at the department level resulting from this company's acquisition by Mergers, Inc. Included in this discussion will be issues specific to the departmental restructuring of job tasks and assignments as a result of the acquisition of this company by Mergers, Inc.

In any situation where two businesses are joined, whether by merger of two entities or by acquisition of one company by another, organizational change is virtually assured. At no more crucial time in the history of any given organization are attending to the...