Organizational Change

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Organizational Change Analysis Paper


The organizational structure of Lincoln Financial Group will be observed and analyzed. The goals and achievements, including a number of other most important aspects have been thoroughly discussed in this paper. Various questions concerning Company's meritorious progress, its numerous achievements, future planning, and current position as compared to its competitors all over the world, future threats and the like have also been answered in this paper.

The organizational structure of the Lincoln Financial Group has been formulated in such a manner that the implementation of their strategies has become profitable for the company. The organizational structure of any company depends upon the framework on which the authorities run a company. The structure consists of goals and achievements thus the measurement of achievements and goals help the authorities to analyze the position where they stand (Lincoln Financial Group).

Over the past few decades large-scale organization change has become a way of life in American business.

TQM, cycle-time reduction, process re-engineering, theory of constraints, and general flattening of the organization have, at various times, led the parade of favored approaches to organization change. But many organization change initiatives, in these or other forms, have failed to deliver promises of increased productivity and morale, decreased costs, decreased waste, and increased customer satisfaction. A sad result of these failures has been to reinforce fear, defensiveness, and cynicism among people at work toward organization change efforts.

The Goals Of The Company

Since its inception, the Lincoln Financial Group is working on the following methodologies, which are, beyond all doubt most suitable to achieve their goals:

· To attract more and more customers

· To hire more employees and provide them suitable jobs

The organizational authorities have decided to expand the Lincoln Financial Group.

Role Structure

The study...