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Increased Canada-US Border inspections and their affect on the economy.

This paper examines how post 9/11 increased security at the Canada US border has negatively affected ... S from Canada (and vice versa) are being held up at the border, which is costing businesses greatly.This issue is affecting small and large businesses alike. Gas stations close to the border have seen ... ple have money to spend. The problem will continue to compound unless measures are taken to curtail this issue.Although not as seriously affected as small businesses, larger companies are feeling the ...

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The Relationship between Critical Thinking and Decision Making.

tical thought and sound decision-making key the success and dominance of leaders and organizations. This paper examines the relationship between critical thinking and the decision-making process, expl ... mation gathered through observations, reasoning, discussions with others, reflection or experience. This disciplined analysis guides critical thinkers to construct rational beliefs or substantiated op ...

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From Racism to Slavery. This essay argues the enslavement of Africans in America was indeed caused by racial prejudices against blacks.

er or not the racism and discrimination of African Americans were a precursor to their enslavement. This paper examines this concept and concludes that the enslavement of Africans was the result of ye ... e English colonies to mention the issue of slavery in their statutes. Evidence suggests that during this period, the status of a Negro deteriorated, to the extent that they were being regarded as infe ...

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Determining price levels and pricing policy

nticipation of competitive reactions to price changes and its economic effects on supply and demand.This paper examines the effect of a price reduction strategy on product X given a hypothetical busin ... prior discussion focused on how a price reduction strategy might affect the company internally. In this section, we evaluate competitive response by asking three questions:1)What would be the change ...

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Does God Exist? In what way can philosophy help to understand His existence?

In my life on this planet I have come to question many things that many take on as blind faith. We all know that s ... tion of humanity and the religious teachings received from our parents, our church and our society. This paper examines the many rational arguments for and against the existence of God. It is based on ... ents for the existence of God. Some people search for eternal peace through the beliefs in God; but this is an impossible belief because of the chances, the plausibility, and because of science. ...

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Motivation Research Paper; motivating workforce through application of the four Content Theories (Hierarchy of Needs, ERG, Acquired Needs, and Two-Factor theories).

AbstractThis research paper analyzes the motivation processes in place at Hewlett-Packard Corporation. Speci ... ion of the four Content Theories (Hierarchy of Needs, ERG, Acquired Needs, and Two-Factor theories).This paper concludes that there is no single content theory that can successfully stand alone as a s ... ent that responds positively to individual needs" (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborne, 2002, p.147). This paper examines whether Hewlett-Packard is successfully motivating its workforce through applica ...

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Drug Laws of The Netherlands

here. Rather, cannabis and its by-products, marijuana and hashish, have merely been decriminalized. This means that the sale and use in moderate amounts of marijuana and hashish is not prosecuted.This ... n: Is a permissive legal system more effective than a restrictive system in the case of soft drugs? This paper examines the attitude of law enforcement in The Netherlands regarding soft drug use and a ...

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Can relationship marketing be applied to all service businesses?

Can relationship marketing be applied to all service businesses?Executive SummaryThis paper examines the applicability of relationship marketing to all service businesses. Throughou ... to the marketer to decide to how they integrate relationship marketing into their firm.IntroductionThis paper examines the applicability of relationship marketing to all service businesses. In curren ... creasingly accepted by scholars (Gummenson 1997, Palmer 1996). With the aid of a literature review, this paper will define the notion of relationship marketing and consider the current theoretical imp ...

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Analysis Of The C++ Programming Language

the early 1980's and has taken it's place as one of the premier programming languages in use today. This paper examines the history, purpose and expectations of the C++ language and emphasizes the Obj ... oup of scientists in developing a radical new programming language (Holmevik, 1995) for simulation. This was to be "a precise language which allows a description of a network in terms of standardized ...

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Why Random House was worth more with Bertelsmann

dom House was purchased by Bertelsmann, it became the largest book publishing company in the world. This paper examines why Random House is worth more as a subsidiary of Bertelsmann than as an indepen ... dom House is worth more as a subsidiary of Bertelsmann than as an independent company. In our view, this is mainly because there are clear synergies and resources that can be exploited by being part o ...

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Job enrichment: Managerial Tool in the 21st century

and the employee if the manager wants to achieve improved satisfaction and increased productivity. This paper examines the evolution of job enrichment, some of the critical areas for successful imple ... of one worker may be the motivator for the next employee (Newstrom & Davis, 2002, p. 107-111). This area is a common problem in many organizational development (OD) theories. It is often believed ...

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Work Teams: Three Models of Effectiveness

ages and disadvantages of having teamsin organizations? What does it take to make a team effective? This paperexamines the theme of effectiveness in teams. A work group is defined as agroup of individ ... ations. In recent years theuse of work teams in organizations has been increasing substantially, andthis trend is expected to continue (Katzenbach, 1998). Eighty percent oforganizations with over 100 ...

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Organisational Behaviour:A new Magazine in Nigeria

t and detrimental impact upon member satisfaction and group performance throughout the organisation.This paper examines the nature of group dynamics as it operates within and between the formal and in ... erformance and member satisfaction; two topics that are of major importance to group effectiveness. This definition is primarily concerned with the functional understanding of group dynamics in a mana ...

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Functions of management

AbstractThis paper examines my thoughts on how the term "management" is linked to the United States Navy tha ... zing intellectual and knowledge-based assets, and are focused on specific and clear goals. Further, this process includes provisions to allow employees to become actively involved in knowledge managem ... to include more and more employees who know more, do more, and contribute more to the organization. This is called the management model, which is based on the belief that people, who have greater invo ...

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Ethics and ethical behaviour.

ABSTRACTThis paper examines the four philosophical viewpoints that underpin an understanding of what constit ... Declaration of Human Rights (to which Australia is a signatory,) are central to an understanding of this perspective. A moral rights view leads to an increased focus on health and safety in the workpl ... eloping integrity within the organisation is the development and introduction of a code of conduct. This is a document which articulates the company's business values, principles and standards (Waddoc ...

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Black Holes

AbstractThis paper examines a phenomenal event of space that astronomers commonly refer to as a black hole. ... onal information about black holes is presented. Sources utilized for research data encapsulated in this paper are largely current articles and papers found on the World Wide Web as well as a student ... can be proven by several forms of evidence. It is believed that black holes emit X-rays. Presuming this is true, the detection of X-rays in space can lead finding a black hole. Also, it is proposed t ...

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ng that Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung differed dramatically in their readings of what the dreams mean.This paper examines the theories that Freud and Jung developed to explain what it is that our dreams ... ion was in fact an obvious for Freud who was considering them not from a theoretical perspective at this moment but rather from a therapeutic one.Freud began to believe that it was possible to find th ...

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The Egoism of Jonathan Edwards

ints that reflected the late colonial period of America, Edwards ethical philosophy is branded with this stereotype, not allowed to fully reveal the preacher's thoughts. This paper examines the ethics ... tlined by Thomas Hobbes in his Leviathan. Comparing advocates and opponents of an Edwardian egoism, this paper reveals the similarities between the egoism of men like Hobbes and the righteous piety of ...

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Defining Public Relations -- Definitions from 3 sources.

roles both in societal processes and in the minds of those who study and practice public relations, this paper examines several popular definitions of public relations as well as a personal definition ... lic relations as well as a personal definition derived from a workplace experience. Most important, this paper explains that regardless of how public relations is defined, it is an essential element i ...

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Motivating Employees.

Managing employees is known to be one of the biggest problems businesses have to face. This is mainly because employers often don't know how to handle employees. Employee motivation is th ... als and the perception of job satisfaction, often leading to increased motivation and productivity. This paper examines employee motivation at the workplace.What is Motivation?Motivation is based on e ... If they aren't born with it they can be motivated since motivation is a skill than can be learned. This is extremely important for any business to survive and succeed. There are two factors which ope ...

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